Jupiter stations Direct August 11th

August 2nd ~ 9th

“In the Orchard” by Franz Dvorak (1912)

“In the Orchard” by Franz Dvorak (1912)

You were born with potential

You were born with goodness and trust

You were born with ideals and dreams

You were born with greatness

You were born with wings

You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.

You have wings, learn to use them and fly…

~ Rumi

Mercury has only just stationed, and will soon appear to be moving direct once again. It will still be a few days before Mercury picks up speed again. Nonetheless you may already notice the shift in perception. Stationing at the same time as the Leo New Moon, this could feel like a whole new beginning, when things will finally begin to make sense. Hopefully we will soon regain control over our daily routines and get a handle on our schedules. Tending to these mundane details in our lives will help to get a more stable footing going forward. Mercury will soon emerge as a morning star once again by the end of next week, and should be pretty visible for the next two weeks after that. And this is just the sort of time for creating some sort of order in our lives again. 

Just as Mercury is now Direct, Jupiter is slowing for its station on August 11th. An interesting phenomenon occurs at every Jupiter station in that just before Jupiter makes its station it will first perfect a trine with the Sun. What this means is that the Sun is almost always in the same element as Jupiter, when Jupiter makes its stations. This year, with Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius, a fire sign, Jupiter stationed retrograde in April, when the Sun was in fiery Aries, and is now stationing direct, while the Sun is in Leo. All fire signs. Jupiter is also in domicile (in its own sign) in Sagittarius, making it that much stronger and grander. When the Sun is trine Jupiter, as it is this week, we are invested with hope and anticipation that something exciting is about to unfold. Jupiter is speaking to us through the heart, and you can just feel that excitement growing , as humanity as a whole will be moving forward towards their goals and aspirations. 

That hope, that emerging enthusiasm is also a hallmark of the fire element, which super-charges our lives with dynamic energy and a zest for life. As the Sun invests Jupiter with its light this week, we are filled with inspiration while also being asked to pay attention to our big vision for the future, whatever that may be for each of us. When Jupiter stationed retrograde last April, we were also invested with hope for the future: a chance to expand our vision, and opportunities to improve our lives in some way. However at that time it was evident that there were still some essential things that needed to be taken care of first before we could fulfill the promise of our dreams. 

Now that Jupiter will soon be direct, it should finally begin to feel as if everything is coming together in order to allow us to follow through with our high hopes and aspirations for the future. The world is about to get that much larger.

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