Shifts: Jupiter Direct and Uranus Retrograde

August 9th ~ 16th

Man on his Own

Man on his Own

Don’t become something just because someone else wants you to, or because it’s easy; you won’t be happy. You have to do what you really, really, really, really want to do, even if it scares the shit out of you. ~ Kristen Wiig

It has always been the rule that Eclipses can and will be triggered by transiting planets. We are warned to keep an eye on these degrees that have become sensitized by the Eclipses. On July 16th, there was a Lunar Eclipse at 24º of Capricorn quite close to Pluto. Recently trickster Mercury stationed for its direct station at 24º of Cancer, directly opposite the Lunar Eclipse degree. When planets station, they linger at that degree and dig in. Both were engaging Pluto currently at approximately 22º of Capricorn. I was hoping that since Mercury would not perfect its opposition to Pluto that we might skirt a disaster. We didn’t. There were two mass shootings just days after the Mercury station, as Mercury appeared to stand still at 24º of Cancer. This is also near the degree (22-23º) of Capricorn where the Saturn/Pluto conjunction will occur next January. We will need to keep an eye on these sensitized degrees going forward. Pluto shows us what is broken. It exposes the dark and rancid underbelly in society. It shows us what needs to be scraped out, healed and purified. Not doing this important work will be our own demise. As the people chanted in Ohio, it’s time to ‘Do Something’. 

This has overshadowed some of the hope and promise of the Jupiter station direct on Sunday, and yet it has not. There are reminders hidden in the fabric of our lives even now that there are good people, and good things happening all the time. And the truth is, good always outweighs evil. For it is goodness that is at the very heart of all things. And once you channel even a little of that, you have the whole universe at your back. Therefore, what can be more powerful than the Good? 

Jupiter has a great deal to do with judgments, with the panoply of cultures, religions, nationalities and beliefs. Jupiter aims to broaden our awareness and inclusion; but it can also stir up its nemesis intolerance, prejudice and scapegoating. Sometimes during the stations of Jupiter there can be this impulse to impose one’s beliefs or narrow viewpoints on others. However, if we have done our work during the retrograde phase of Jupiter, then we should be more tolerant, more embracing of the differences in others, and coming to understand the intrinsic similarities we share with others. This is why those 4 month annual journeys with Jupiter Retrograde are so important for our own spiritual and moral growth. 

The direct station of Jupiter also opens the door to allow us to move forward with our hopes and aspirations for the future. It will now aim to instill a guiding light that we will follow going forward. We might want to ask ourselves, what are the principles that we we wish to represent? And what is your Big Vision for the future?

The same day that Jupiter appears to stall for its direct station, so does Uranus, for its retrograde station. On the 15th, we have a Full Moon in Aquarius which occurs just days after the Uranus station. The Full Moon could be accompanied by a bit of instability in the world at large. There could be some rumbling and shaking going on, and a few surprises. But usually the most important thing on a personal level that comes to light at the Aquarius Full Moon is whether or not we are living a life true to ourselves. At the Full Moon in Aquarius we often will ask ourselves, where we might be compromising our own individuality in order to fit in and feel accepted. With the station of Retrograde our patience for doing so will begin to wear thin.

The Full moon on the 15th also highlights and brings to the foreground, the superior conjunction of Venus. The conjunction becomes exact just hours before the Full Moon, so that Venus will be cazimi, or exact at the time of the lunation. Venus will be invisible in the night sky as it is now lost in the heart of the fiery Leo Sun. This is the Full Moon phase of Venus when we see the results and ramifications of choices we have made in finances, relationships, our priorities and those things that we place great value on and hold dear. 

Uranus, the modern co-ruler of Aquarius is retrograde every year for about 5 months. When we work with Uranus in a healthy way, we come to appreciate what makes us unique. When we are not in touch with or confident in our own brand, then we are more likely to compromise our own individuality in order to fit in. At the extreme end of the insecure Uranus, you see exaggerated rebellious contrariness, which insists on proving just how different they are. It is when Uranus is retrograde that we get in touch with our own inner brand. So in order to make the most of these 5 months it is important to first acknowledge your own authentic self. This may or may not necessarily be what other people may think is best for you, but it is what you know to be true of yourself. This is essential in realizing your own path. 

Because this is so important right now, you will be less likely to tolerate others trying to pigeon hole you, or being prevented from expressing your own unique brand. Neither do you want to compromise your own integrity or conscience just to fit in, or to be part of a rising tide of populism. But neither do you want to be a raging rebel of contrariness and opposition. When you truly connect with your own unique brand, you won’t need to prove it to anyone else. You will simply be it. 

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