Photo credits go to my son, the incredibly talented  Jesse J. Martinez

 Photo credits go to my son, the incredibly talented Jesse J. Martinez

In 1970, my mother handed me a book to read by Ronald C. Davison, simply entitled "Astrology".  I will state for the record that at the time I was a devout skeptic.  Descriptions of my Aries sun sign left me high and dry.  I believed the people described could not have been more remote from my shy, self-conscious, and awkward teenager state that I was in.  However, in the first introductory chapter, Mr. Davison wrote: 

"It is perhaps not so obvious that many of the so-called experts who have denied the validity of astrology have made no attempt whatever to study the subject, an omission that renders them liable to be charged with intellectual dishonesty."

And this Aries, who thought herself so much not an Aries, did the most typically Aries thing ever... I took up the challenge.  He threw down the gauntlet, and I picked it up.  I would study astrology just to prove that there was no validity!  Needless to say that is not exactly how things transpired.  At first I was intrigued by the math, the tables, the charts... but then intrigue led to revelation.. upon revelation.  I was hooked for life.  Astrology became that which I had to do.  

Beginning my study in a bookshop on Lexington Avenue, with Zoltan Mason in 1971, I have been an addict ever since. Since 1993 I have divided my time between part-time work and my practice of astrology. Then, riding the wave of the Cardinal Cross, I made the transition to a full time practice. Certified by NCGR Professional Astrologers Alliance, I currently live and practice in New York City. 

It is my perspective that the universe is cyclic, as opposed to the common Western linear point of view with finite beginnings and endings.  And that this is one of the missing links upon which an understanding of the workings of astrology is based.  But in order to fully understand this concept, you also need to consider another fundamental idea, and that is that there is an underlying interdependence that weaves together the threads of the cosmos, life, breath, energy, and the very tapestries of our lives.  And it is because of these two fundamental premises: the universality of cycles and interdependence; that from the macrocosm, to the microcosm, analogies and correspondences can be made.