Awakening: Mercury Direct & a New Moon

July 26th ~ August 2nd

“Adele Block Bauer” by Gustav Klimt

“Adele Block Bauer” by Gustav Klimt

‘Pan, who and what art thou?’ [Hook] cried huskily. ‘I’m youth, I’m joy,’ Pan answered at a venture, ‘I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg.’ ~ JMM Barrie

We enter this week as the Moon is darkening: these are those last days of the waning Moon when we are winding down before the New Moon on the 31st (or 1st depending on where you live). Normally this is when we go within, seek solace, peace and quiet. As we should. However, still under the influence of the recent eclipse storms, and trying to work our way through the last days of the Mercury retrograde, it will feel like it is all we can do to maintain our equilibrium. Some could feel inundated with information. Others will suffer from distraction. While others will find themselves shifting between exhaustion and insomnia. It’s like we’ve just been pushed through the eye of a time warp, and now we can’t even figure out what day it is. All the more so because changeable Uranus is in the picture as well this week. 

If you all remember, Mercury was square Uranus for the first half of its retrograde period. The New Moon which occurs near the same degree of the Mercury retrograde station will also square Uranus. What that means for us, is that although this would normally be the time of the month that we would let go, reflect and seek repose, there may be a few interruptions and distractions keeping us on our toes. It is difficult to predict anything when Uranus comes into the picture, as it is so… unpredictable. With the squares that could feel uncomfortable at first. But uncomfortable in the way that it feels when you start a new job, or move to a new locale. Uncomfortable and yet exciting at the same time. This is a New Moon and we are being beckoned to try new things, look at the world with new eyes, and maybe even take a few chances. We’re like little birds breaking out of their eggs, and adjusting to a new world.

Mercury will station direct next week, less than an hour after the New Moon on the 31st. Just before Mercury stations direct again we always go through this period of readjustment to what we associate with ‘normal’. During the retrograde period, new seeds were being planted that are now going to begin to germinate once Mercury is apparently direct again. But what we are noticing this coming week is this gradual shift in our awareness.

On Wednesday (or Thursday) we also welcome in the New Moon in the sign of Leo (8º37’). The Sabian Symbol for this degree is Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing. If we use this expressive and creative energy and channel it well we can create wondrous possibilities. The breath is a simile for the sacred winds upon which the fire of Mind rides like a rider on a horse. Riding these winds there is no telling what significant new forms we are capable of creating. Leo is the raw power of creative self-expression. All the more so when the New Moon is bounded as it is this month by Venus and Mars: the feminine and masculine elements for creative potential… and square Uranus. 

If you wish to make changes in your life, then this New Moon may be just the magic needed to speed you on your way. But even if we are content with where we are, we might all want to ask ourselves in the wake of this creative and alternative New Moon: What sorts of new and creative ideas and ventures can finally be implemented at this most expressive and creative Leo New Moon, especially now that Mercury will be Direct once again? 

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