Mercury Cazimi

July 19th ~ 26th

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Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast ~ you also miss the sense of where you are going and why. ~ Eddie Cantor

This week Mercury disappears from the sky as it crosses the path of the Sun. The brightness of the Sun will then envelop this tiny planet, rendering it invisible to they eye. This is when Mercury is admitted to the throne room at the heart of the Sun. The inferior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury is the nascent beginning of the next Mercury cycle, which is seeded in the middle of its retrograde journey. It is now when Mercury’s outer effectiveness may be eclipsed, but its inner essential nature is at its height. The subtle insights that Mercury brings us now are significant for our inner growth, awareness and wisdom. However, in order to hear the still subtle voice from the heart of the Sun, we are going to have to listen quite closely. For this small voice speaks in subtleties, symbols and whispers. 

The inferior conjunction of Mercury is like the new moon phase of Mercury, when ideas are being planted within the mind that will set the tone for the next several months. What the retrograde phase of Mercury is good for is assimilation and processing of all that occurred up until this time. The time from the inferior conjunction is probably the most introspective part of the retrograde period which continues through its direct station on July 31st/August 1st. For the first half of the retrograde period, Mercury was conjunct Mars and square Uranus creating an element of chaos. All the more so by being bounded by the 2 eclipses, which could feel like an overwhelming storm. 

Take some time around the inferior conjunction on Sunday to tune in with yourself. This is a good time to seed better mental habits and routines that will ultimately lead to a healthier outlook. Things that you might want to ask yourself: What sorts of mental states would I like to see developed? Would I like to cultivate more empathy, kindness or patience? What better routines or habits do I want to see myself establishing in my daily life? Are there skills I would like to improve? In what other way do I want to improve my mind, my perspective and my life? If nothing else, take some time for silent meditation or introspection over the weekend. It will benefit your mind and help to set the tone for the week ahead. All the more so, for after the weekend many could feel like they are being urged by fiery Mars to come out of the gate racing. Therefore the admonition to slow down, lest you miss this important juncture in the midst of the mercury retrograde phase. 

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