Embracing the Struggle

June 7th ~ 14th

Sisyphus (as woman)

Sisyphus (as woman)

There is scarcely any passion without struggle. ~ Albert Camus

There are two primary concerns emerging this over the next few weeks. One is the perfection of the Jupiter/Neptune square which comes to a head at the Full Moon on the 17th of June. The other is the Saturn/Pluto/South Node conjunction which is going to be ticked off by Mars (and then Mercury) over the next few weeks. One leaves us in a fugue of distraction and confusion, as we aim to navigate our way through the fog of gaslighting and denial. The other wreaks of destruction, pain and despair, as we come face to face with the abuse of power and inevitable endings. This is when those things that have run their course are no longer sustainable, and may in fact be the beginning of the end. One carries us off on a whim of delusion; the other is a confrontation with stark reality, that also feels like we are stuck in a quagmire.

When Jupiter is retrograde, as it is for most of this Summer, it is closer to the Earth than usual. And Jupiter is so close and bright in June that we are told that we can even see its moons with only a pair of binoculars. This might be behind the general reasoning that the influence of Jupiter can be that much stronger. And in order to navigate the tricky Jupiter/Neptune weather, it helps to embrace Jupiter even more so in our lives. For many that means holding to their own truth, and not allowing it to be swayed by false promises, back room deals, or delusions. That is not the same as changing your mind. The key here, as I have been saying all this year, is about getting down to your core principles. What are those things that you truly believe in? And are you willing to stand by those principles? The hard Saturn/Pluto/Node conjunction combined with this square can push us to tests of faith, and asking questions. But disenchantment can also lead to further explore that which we truly do or do not believe, especially when you are trapped in a corner.

One positive thing that can arise, is that empathy, kindness and compassion can thrive in this weather when we come to recognize that we are all here struggling together in this great cosmic experiment we call life. Over the next few weeks, Mercury and Mars will conjunct the North Node, while opposing the oppressive Saturn/Pluto/South Node conjunction. Mercury/Mars will bring us the courage of our convictions, to stand up and be counted, even against what appear to be overwhelming odds. But we are also being cautioned here to not take on more than we can possibly handle. Old stubborn structures and traditions are not going to bow out gracefully, even if it is necessary for them to do so. 

My knees seem to be a perfect metaphor for all of this Capricorn Saturn/Pluto/Node stuff. After knee replacement surgery in April, one of my knees has been progressing beautifully, and somewhat boastfully. The other one however, refuses to budge. After all sorts of painful maneuvering and therapeutic nudging, it occasionally gives a bit, now and then. But for the most part, it really does not want to flex beyond what it wants, meaning that it may need some more aggressive intervention (ugh!). You might want to ask yourself in your own life, where have you become stuck? What are you trying to get moving, but find that it refuses to budge? And where might you need a little extra intervention? Advice for the week: Don’t give up just yet! Things may seem worse than they actually are. It just may need a little extra effort. The struggle is real, but don’t allow your imagination to get the better of you, just yet.

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