The Leaves Must Fall

June 14th ~ 21st

“Unity” Mural in the Pennsylvania Capitol Building by Violet Oakley

“Unity” Mural in the Pennsylvania Capitol Building by Violet Oakley

You are your own Tree of Life, roots and limbs and trunk. Somewhere within the wholeness of the tree lies the very self, the quick: its own innate Holy Ghost And this Holy Ghost puts forth new buds, and pushes past old limits, and shakes off a whole body of dying leaves. And the old limits hate being empassed, and the old leaves hate to fall. But they must, if the tree-soul says so…” ~  D.H. Lawrence (Aaron’s Rod)

This is a tough week to plough through. But plough through we will. There is a Full Moon in Sagittarius on (Sunday)Monday, which reminds us once again that it’s not so much about the judgment of others, as it is about whether or not we are living up to our own moral codes and standards. Sometimes we need to check ourselves. And what comes out in the light of this Moon could shake us to the core. Sagittarius ruling planet, Jupiter, is exactly square Neptune at the time of the New Moon which makes this all the more critical. Questions we might want to ask ourselves are: What is your response to the current events in the world? What would you do in a similar circumstance? What is truly the right thing to do? What should I do?

What we worry about with the square between Jupiter and Neptune is disillusionment and disenchantment with what we previously held to be true. This is when our highest ideals, our illusions about life, come up against our core beliefs and inner truth; they clash on some level creating inner conflicts. If a dream is hard pressed to find firm ground in reality, we may think twice before justifying that dream. And so we are cautioned against believing in someone or some thing out of sheer blind faith. Not only is Jupiter and Neptune exactly square this week, but Saturn and Neptune are exactly sextile. And the pragmatism of Saturn cautions us to check what we are hearing, seeing and being told, with common sense and wisdom. 

Whereas Jupiter dares to test the limits of our faith; Saturn aims to help ground us in reality, and present practical opportunities to make our hopes a closer reality. It may not be perfect. But it will be more likely to be achievable. Arriving at a point of acceptance of our limitations makes it more evident as to what we can or cannot do, and what resources we do have in order to make a dream or goal more achievable. So we might ask ourselves: What practical steps can I take in order to bring my life more in alignment with my dreams? What sacrifices am I willing to make in order to improve my current circumstances? 

Look not mournfully into the Past. It comes not back again. Wisely improve the Present. It is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy Future, without fear, and a manly heart. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Not to be ignored this week is that Mercury and Mars have now come to the North Node in Cancer, and are opposing the Saturn/Pluto/South Node conjunction. It may be a week calling for hard choices in difficult circumstances. When we sense danger, or are facing extraordinary challenges, it may be time for forceful measures. Sometimes there is simply no choice in the matter, and avoiding the inevitable could only make things worse. Bad actors need to be called out. Corruption and abuse need to be labeled. Some may even be forced to face down their own fears and demons. This requires extraordinary courage, and could even feel a bit like David facing down Goliath. But what brings us the courage to take on challenges this week, is recognizing the consequences of not doing anything. It makes no sense to cling to that which is no longer relevant to our current circumstances and lives. 

The connection with the Nodes tells us that there are Karmic seeds coming to ripen in the light of this Full Moon. Karmic seeds that can not and will not be ignored. Saturn and Pluto on the South Node are bringing about endings and closure. It is a time of finality and completion. And it is time to move on and embrace the new path that is emerging, knowing that you have done all that you could have done, up until now. But it doesn’t happen by itself. There is a lot of hard work still to be done. Hard work that we have to do ourselves. And no one else can make the decisions or do that work for us. This can feel burdensome and even scary. But there is also a tremendous amount of growth that is also taking place here. Growth and purification, and an opportunity to build something even better. Ultimately, allowing us to move out into the future with a much lighter load. 

Falling in the sign of Capricorn we could see the fall of institutions this coming year, time-honored traditions, and even leaders and governments. But the old guard does not go out willingly. It will dig in and resist. However, the time has come when the old ways no longer suffice and are unsustainable. Dare we walk bravely into the shadowy future bravely and without fear? It is time to look forward, not back.

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