Diving into the Void

March 1st ~ 8th

Edmund Dulac: Stealers of Light

Edmund Dulac: Stealers of Light

Under all speech that is good for anything there lies a silence that is better. Silence is deep as Eternity; speech is shallow as Time. ~ Thomas Carlyle

The last New Moon of the season, the New Moon in Pisces, falls on Wednesday, March 6th in the mysterious and elusive embrace of Neptune. Even the sextile to grounding Saturn is unlikely to serve as much of a reliable life vest for this one. But it’s all we’ve got, especially since just hours before the New Moon, Mercury stations retrograde in the very last degree of Pisces. Like a tidal wave encroaching on dry land, it threatens to wash everything that we once held to be true, into oblivion. There are no words for this one. Literally there are no words. Neptune/Pisces is meant to be experienced. Trying to explain it will only fall short. 

The month that follows this New Moon is steeped in Neptunian and Piscean energy. It is difficult to straddle the world of the divine ideal, and make it manifest in this material world without some sort of sacrifice needing to be made, or a sense of humility and despair that seeps in and often follows Neptune. When it seeps to the depths it drowns us in addiction, victimization, escapism, alcohol, drugs and glamour.   But when it is raised to the divine, Neptune draws us to consider our most altruistic qualities: compassion, conscience, the poetry of the divine, the music of the spheres, only the highest expression of the deific essence. 

Neptune speaks in metaphor, in poetry, music, symbols and feelings. It is so very subjective. Therefore the feeling that envelop us at this time can be all-encompassing. Our imagination, our feelings our fantasies will be coloring our perceptions, so that what we want, or even what we fear, may not be the way things actually are. For the month of March we will be living with uncertainty, second-guessing our decisions, mismanaging our time, feeling distracted, and lost in a time warp. Compound this Neptune/Pisces New Moon with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (and conjunct Chiron, then Neptune) and this could feel like we are all wandering in a foreign land, where we do not know the language or understand the customs. You think you might have something of a feeling of what is going on, and you have some of the information you need to make an informed decision. But without all the words, without all the information you need, so much gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost, who had Mercury retrograde in Pisces in his natal chart once wrote: Poetry is what gets lost in translation.. It is the essence behind the words. It is about speaking only when it is necessary to speak, from the heart, with compassion, with kindness. It is about honoring the spaces between the words. Knowing when to hold your counsel, to realize that words can indeed be sacred and powerful and effective. Whether chanting prayers, reading poetry, whispering secrets, Mercury retro in Pisces is about instilling sensitivity and meaning into our words. 

It may be difficult to get things done over the next few weeks, as we wander in this Neptunian fog. But what this period might be good for, are spiritual journeys, spiritual studies, yoga retreats, journeys for the fun of it, and explorations where there are no specific expectations. It’s the inner world that needs tending to over the next several weeks. Pay attention to your dreams, to your intuition, but don’t necessarily act on them Things may yet shift again along with your perspective. Dream, invent, imagine, create. This can potentially be a time of profound introspection and meditation. Go on retreat. Review, remember, reminisce, let yourself get lost in order to find yourself again. Dare to step off into the void for an interlude of stillness. Listen for the whispers in the sound of silence. And the way to navigate the specter of intrigue, lies, glamour and delusion? By honoring the goddess Aletheia, the goddess of truth, by keeping her close to your heart. 

Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to the heart, it knows. 

What to watch out for during the Mercury retro period March 5th thru 28th:

  • Assumptions: Our perceptions will be colored by our feelings, emotions and beliefs. Therefore, make sure you have the whole story before jumping to conclusions. Things are not always what they seem on the surface. 

  • Miscommunication: This is true during any Mercury retro period, all the more so when Mercury is in deceptive and confusing Pisces and conjunct Neptune. Once again, make sure you have all the facts and all the information you need, in order to make an informed decision.

  • Deception: It will feel as if people are being deliberately deceptive or unethical; though intentions can easily be misconstrued. Self-deception can be just as rampant, as we tend to see either what we want to see (ignoring the rest); or what we fear to be so, creating all sorts of problems as a result. 

  • Travel: Travel is often treacherous and confusing enough when Mercury is retrograde. All the more so when in Pisces, and with Neptune involved. Things that we normally would take for granted, suddenly prove to be unreliable. 

  • Fears and worries: When Mercury is retro we tend to be more anxious and worried. When overcome by uncertainty and emotions, those worries can be amplified. It is helpful to stay in the present, and be mindful over what you do have control over, and what you do not. Be very clear about what is or is not valid, and what is or is not true. 

  • Water: Pisces is a water sign, and the planet Neptune has domain over the waters as well. This can be a very wet several weeks, subject to flooding. Neptune also has domain over gases and toxins. 

How we can make the most of the Mercury retro period:

  • Being Present: There is a tendency to reflect when Mercury is retrograde. This is okay, provided that reflection is not tainted by regret and remorse. Nor is it helpful to worry about what may be in the future, when we don’t yet have all the facts. The present is the most important time we have. 

  • Living with Uncertainty: Pema Chodron tells us that to be fully human and alive and awake, we need to embrace uncertainty. For this allows us to experience each moment as completely new and fresh. 

  • Cultivating the spiritual: This may be quite different for each individual. But with it comes the awareness that there is a reality that transcends the material reality we are accustomed to. This is more of a personal subjective experience, that helps to connect with that part of us that we may call Soul, Spirit, the Deific principle, the Higher Self, our Spiritual Guides. That still small voice in the Silence. This is an excellent time for meditation; retreats; prayer and higher contemplation. 

  • Creative Inspiration: When we open up our hearts and minds to our higher faculties, our powers of imagination and visualization can be opened as well. Allow your mind and heart to be inspired by the good, the beautiful and the kind. 

  • Compassion: Both Pisces and Neptune dissolve boundaries, which can at first be confusing. But it can also open our hearts and minds to the suffering of others; which in turn can inspire the wish to relieve that suffering in whichever way we can. Sometimes all it take is offering a helping hand, a kind word, or letting people know that they matter and that they count. May we all open our hearts to the divine. 

  • Intuition: The same mechanism that enhances empathy and compassion can also enhance our intuition and inner knowing. Do be careful not to confuse this with fear or imagination. Know when the heart sees true. Honor the goddess Aletheia, the goddess of Truth, while also honoring your inner knowing, and allow that to be your guide as we navigate the distracting and confusing waters of Neptunian Pisces during the month of March. 

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