A Week of Grace

February 22nd ~ March 1st

“Secrets” by Eugene de Blaas

“Secrets” by Eugene de Blaas

She is a friend of my mind… The pieces I am, she gathers them and gives them back to me in all the right order. ~ Toni Morrison

In the last weeks before Mercury stations retrograde and Uranus enters Taurus we have a week of grace. Mercury and Venus continue to travel in kind regard to one another, sextile, friendly, charming and sincere. Normally at such junctures we feel inclined to tell our loved ones and friends what they mean to us. We aim to speak from the heart. However, Mercury in Pisces speaks in metaphors, symbols and poetry, and tears. Mercury whispers: Can I tell you what you mean to me? How much I value your presence in my life? Mercury whispers softly because words do not suffice, and the fear of inevitable disappointment brings reticence. Mercury and Venus have been sextile since last week, and continue to dance through the rest of this coming week as well. They do so even as Venus runs the gauntlet of Saturn and then Pluto. On its own this looks like sorrow and remorse, as we long for that which we can no longer have, and wistfully dream of what is probably only a fantasy any way. 

We are wistfully dreaming because Mercury is drifting in Pisces with the likes of Neptune, who casts a veil over everything. So difficult to tell what is true and what is not. Mercury is currently slowing down for its next retrograde shift in early March awash in confusion as it swims in sensitive Pisces. Deep seated emotions can come to the surface, where desires and even obsession can also emerge. Fears of loss and abandonment can arise, but so can deep passion and love. Pay attention to what or who fascinates or mystifies you this week. But do not linger there too long. Venus is about to enter Aquarius, and Mercury will soon station retrograde, and there’s only so much ground that can be covered before all gets lost in the ether. 

Nonetheless, Mercury/Venus windows are rife with charm, seduction and the language of love. As well as the love of language. This is the transit of artists, writers, flatterers and flirts. Mercury/Venus attempts to draw people together who share common interests, and points of view. It could be a little obsessive, due to the Venus/Pluto conjunction, but Mercury/Venus is basically kind and of loving heart. And as Mercury slows for its retrograde station, there is a reminder here, that what is brought together, can just as easily drift apart. So enjoy it while you may. This is a good week for get-togethers with friends, coffee klatches, pleasant diversions, and meaningful talks. And remembering to tell those people who are so dear to you, just how important they truly are. 

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