Revisiting Uranus in Taurus

March 8th ~ 15th

Metamorphoses Bull by Doncho Donchev

Metamorphoses Bull by Doncho Donchev

The first fact of existence is the law of change or impermanence. All that exists, from a mole to a mountain, from a thought to an empire, passes through the same cycle of existence ~ birth, growth, decay and death. Life alone is continuous, ever seeking self-expression in new forms. ‘Life is a bridge; therefore build no house on it.’ Life is a process of flow, and he who clings to any form, however splendid, will suffer by resisting the flow. ~ Christmas Humphries

Almost one year ago Uranus first entered the sign of Taurus. As it did so, it was square excitable Mars. As an apt metaphor, the Big Island of Hawaii was literally exploding. Rumbling and roiling, it was spewing lava and fire hither and yon. This was not only a metaphor for the explosiveness of Uranus engaged with Mars, but also its capacity for new growth, and the literal change in the landscape. Uranus would eventually retrograde back to Aries for some final tremors of its own, before it finally entered Taurus once again this past week. This time unaccompanied by any major fireworks, it is not any less significant. 

Uranus spends approximately 7 years in each sign, upsetting the apple cart wherever it goes, and daring to destabilize and remobilize. Sometimes unexpectedly so. The people who are perhaps most sensitive to this recent shift, would be those who are actually born in the early days of Taurus (April 20-25th) or who have the early degrees strong in their natal chart, but all Taureans will be feeling the reverberating ripple of energy that Uranus brings. It can be electrifying, disorienting, startling and uniquely vivid in the messages and experiences it brings. 

Taurus is a sign that tends to resist change. It is a fixed sign. Like a tree with deep and penetrating roots, Taurus is where we rely on things to be supportive and dependable. It is what we cling to for support: what sustains us; what we value; our very currency. Therefore when Uranus first enters this sign, it could feel as if these very things that we depend on to support us are being destabilized in some way. For some these could be actual changes, or the threat of uncertainty and impermanence looming over us in some way. For those who fear change, this could feel a little scary. But for those who are ready for a change, who have been feeling stuck in a rut, this could be exciting. For Uranus shakes us out of our lethargy, shoves us out of the rut we got ourselves in, and presents opportunities for freedom and growth. Often there’s a little of both with Uranus: a little trepidation as the ash and fire spew forth and the Earth shakes beneath your very feet, while shoving you out into the world to then reinvent yourself and your life in a way that is a freer, more authentic expression of who you are. 

Taurus will certainly be feeling this shift. So will all the other fixed signs: Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These are the signs that are most likely to see more radical shifts. But all of us have Taurus somewhere in our natal charts, so that somewhere, some how things are going to be changing and evolving in some department of our lives. Every 7 years Uranus changes signs, and with each shift the emphasis is going to be in a different department. The key here is that, wherever we have Taurus in our charts, is usually where we would prefer things to remain the same. Uranus, however, has other plans. 

What changes we might expect to see in the world at large over the next 7 years:

  • Radical and revolutionary changes in the economy or the world of finance. The last time Uranus was in Taurus in the 1930’s, FDR crafted a widespread social safety net known as the New Deal. Out of these the federal government insured people’s bank deposits; a public works program employed millions of people; codes of work were established outlawing child labor and limiting the number of hours worked and establishing a minimum wage; trade unions were allowed to collectively bargain, and the Social Security Act set up the first old age pension in the US. Many of these programs which were seen as too socialist and extreme at the time, are now programs that we rely on and take for granted. 

  • The last time Uranus was in Taurus we saw on the far right, the rise of Fascism and Nazism: forms of totalitarianism, characterized by dictatorial power, the forced suppression of anyone who opposed them, and control of industry and commerce. These radical political extremes arose out of the vacuum and instability left from the Great Depression. Wherever there are vast economic extremes and destabilization, you will see the susceptibility to these extreme political movements feeding on people’s most basic fears. So establishing positive economic reforms that benefit everyone, not just a small minority, are key in this 7 year era.

  • Sustainability. There is no question that the Earth is currently in crisis. Our dependence on fossil fuels and other bad habits have forced carbon into the oceans at unprecedented rates that have not been seen since the last two mass extinctions, 250 and 65 million years ago. In the 1930’s they had their own environmental crisis: the Dust Bowl. In response, part of the New Deal included the development of the Farm Security Administration and the Soil Conservation Act, which were instrumental in restoring better practices which consequently helped to restore the fragile plains environment. Shall we have our own New Green Deal in the works in the foreseeable future?

  • Uranus brings innovation and invention. Uranus can and will bring radical scientific breakthroughs in the areas it is traveling, often as a result of an awakening or due to necessity. In Taurus these would have an impact on the economy, the environment and sustainability for decades to come. 

What might we expect in our personal lives:

  • A shift in priorities and values. This can for some affect one’s income or attitude towards money, as we ask ourselves how or what we spend our valuable time, money and resources on? What risks are we willing to take in order to live a more authentic lifestyle? 

  • Where have you become stuck? Where have you stopped growing? You will find yourself become restless in those areas where you are most limited or stagnant. If you have been resisting change, you just might find that changes will occur any way, due to circumstances beyond your control. It is time to grow beyond even your own expectations. 

  • What changes are you willing and able to make in order to have a more positive impact on the general welfare and sustainability of: your life; your family; your community; your country; or even the Earth herself? 

  • Uranus is indeed unpredictable, and can enter our lives with sudden upsets and even unexpected calamities. But even if that does happen, even if Uranus comes in and shakes up the very foundation of our lives, remember that Uranus tears up the old rotten roots and obstacles that are in the way, so that new roots hidden below, can then have room to grow. 

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