Mars stations Retrograde and a Full Moon with Saturn

June 22nd ~ 29th

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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. ~ Albert Einstein

We have arrived at Midsummer here in the North, where the sunsets linger, the days are longer and the fruit is on the vine. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are hot, and due to get even hotter as we approach a series of Eclipses later this Summer. The Cancer Solstice draws us to the very foundations of our lives: family, community and gathering together. As we stand at the Summer Solstice may we all send prayers for the families, children and infants that have been torn asunder at the US/Mexican Border, that they may be safe and reunited once again. This week, Mars, our warrior planet, is stationing, and appearing to stand still in preparation for its retrograde phase which will last from June 26th thru August 26th. It is time for a reversal, to back track, renegotiate, and revaluate our strategy. It is also time to invest in the Greater Good. 

When Mars is in Aquarius we find ourselves motivated by our humanitarian ideals, and what is best for everyone in the group. It is also a time in which we begin to appreciate the power of the group. For when people gather together for a cause or shared ideals, the greater the impact they can have in changing hearts and minds. We can even make ground breaking changes with Mars on our side. As this sentiment is internalized, it becomes more personal. It can also internalize anger and frustration. If this escalates it could become quite combustible, especially as we approach the Lunar Eclipse at the end of July. In this way, Mars in the sign of altruism and humanitarian causes can easily devolve into anarchy and rebellion. 

If we hold on to anger and resentment while Mars is retrograde, this will only blow up at the time of the Lunar Eclipse, when Mars will not only be conjunct the Eclipse, but will be exactly square volatile and destabilizing Uranus. For our own benefit, while Mars is retrograde, we should perceive this period as a test to see how well we can handle adversity, change and conflict, while not losing our cool, or taking things too personally. Anger and aggression will boomerang when Mars is retrograde, and often the aggressor loses. Retreat is often the better part of valor during these periods. But do not confuse retreat with giving up. By retreating we not only conserve our energy, but are able to reassess strategies, and be clear about what we wish to achieve with our actions. 

Mars has to do with motivation, with action, and movement. We can literally feel like we are being stopped in our tracks when Mars is retrograde. These are periods of assimilation, exploring what are those ideals, causes and aspirations that we are willing to fight for. The highest manifestation of Mars as the Hero, is the courage to defend our highest ideals, and to develop skill in the performance of actions, that will support those ideals. 

The Moon is growing this week. There will be a Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday June 28th. One of the feelings that we may be entertaining with Chiron’s recent ingress into Aries, and Mars stationing retrograde in the ambit of the South Node of the Moon, is to pack our bags and slip out the back door. However the Full Moon shining a light on Saturn in Capricorn next week is reminding us of the myriad obligations and responsibilities that we have chained ourselves to. There is no escape. And there may even be some rewards. Or we could also be called out on the carpet. Saturn rewards hard work, responsibility, determination and discipline. Saturn can also be wretchedly dismissive.

However, nothing will be achieved through avoidance. The curtain is about to rise, and there’s nothing to do but to make your entrance. At this time we are being asked to face our fears, push aside any doubt, and step up to the plate, taking responsibility for our own actions and choices. Let the chips fall where they may. At the very least what it brings is the satisfaction of achievement and knowing that you have done your best. 

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