Inner Guidance: The Solstice & Neptune Retrograde


June 15th ~ 22nd

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Wandering in a vast forest at night, I have only a faint light to guide me. A stranger appears and says to me: “My friend, you should blow out your candle in order to find your way more clearly.” The stranger is a theologian. ~ Denis Diderot

This week Neptune stations Retrograde and falls into the friendly embrace of bountiful Jupiter in the magical sign of Scorpio. It is also making an exact minor aspect to radical and unpredictable Uranus. Uranus/Neptune fills us with  regret for what could have or should have been, and longing for dreams that now seem too idealistic to ever be achieved. But even in the face of profound and even chaotic change we are being asked to not give up hope. The trine to Jupiter is like a veil of protection over mankind, urging and nudging us in a certain direction, to do the right thing. However, in order to pay attention to this inner guidance system, we have to first put ourselves in alignment with it. And that’s our job during the retrograde phase of Neptune. 

For the 5 months that Neptune is retrograde, we are moving our attention from Neptunian things in the outer world and directing our attention to the Neptunian forces within. So, for instance, rather than expecting spiritual  fulfillment from external things, individuals or practices, it is more about what we bring forth from within: how we invest these things with greater depth and meaning from our side. We are all being asked to tune in to our own Soul qualities, our inner divine guidance system, and tune out the irrelevant noise from without. This can include incorporating a spiritual practice in our lives, but only if it is meaningful to you. It could also mean spending more time in nature; or doing service through compassionate work; or connecting with the divine through music or the arts. There are many ways to reach the divine. Whether it’s a poem, a song, a mantra, a dance, a moving experience. It is important to find the connection that resonates with you.

Whatever it is that draws us to pay attention to that which we call spirit or soul, or the divine inner sensitive nature, is calling us to come home. And if we ignore it, we will feel as if we are out of touch, disconnected, or like something is missing in our lives. Embracing Neptune at this time of year is not only important for our spiritual and psychic development, but could also be deeply profound and mind-altering. Especially with the current aspects that Neptune is making this year. 

When Neptune is retrograde we tend to see more, feel more, hear more and sense more. Everything seems to have a deeper meaning. But it can also lead to psychic overload, especially in those who are already particularly sensitive or vulnerable. In that case these stations, when Neptune is particularly strong, can feel overwhelming and draining. Therefore, do not overload it any further. Keep things simple. Be kind to yourself. Surround yourself with positive influences, and be moderate with psychically altering substances such as alcohol or drugs. These will only open up even more channels, leaving you more susceptible to negativity and despair. The key is to feed your psychic and spiritual nature during this critical part of the year; not drain, poison or mask it. 

And due to a Grand Trine in Water next week between Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune, we just may get the opportunity to feed our minds as well as our hearts. Therefore, this is a good week in general to connect not only with that soul center, but with people with whom you share a soul’s purpose, or with whom you are traveling with on the path. This can include going home, or attending gatherings with relatives or friends where good humor, laughter and good will abounds. Vacations and travel to intriguing and beautiful places are favored, as well as any sort of creative, artistic, or emotional self-expression. Follow your heart. It will take you where you need to go. 

We are also approaching the Summer Solstice on June 21st (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere), one of the important magical corners of the Solar year. In the North the fruit is on the vine, the days are hot, and we celebrate the fruition of nature’s bounty. It is a time of power and initiation, but it is also a time of family, home, heritage and culture. Memorialized at sunrise by the heel stone of Stonehenge, Midsummer is celebrated by burning bonfires to drive out the darkness and welcome in prosperity and fertility.

Neptune will be retrograde from June 18th thru November 25th. What these periods are good for:

  • paying attention to your dreams, and keeping a dream diary
  • spiritual retreats or practices, including yoga or other mind/body practices
  • going to places of worship; or sacred places that resonate with you
  • Meditating, or beginning a meditation practice
  • finding ways to put your compassion into action; volunteerism
  • taking art, poetry, or music classes
  • enjoying movies photography or the theater
  • finding a spiritual community that resonates with you
  • getting in touch with your highest ideals and honoring them
  • spending time by the water: swimming, boating, or walking by the shore
  • being immersed in nature, or dancing in the mist
  • investing your goals with greater meaning and fulfillment

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