Chiron Retrograde: The Wounded Healer Turns Within

June 29th ~ July 6th

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Maybe every once in a while we can take a break from doing everything faster and quicker to reflect on who we are and where we are going. ~ Joe Plumeri

On Tuesday, Mars, our warrior planet, entered its retrograde phase, and we are all being asked to slow down, retreat, and revise our strategies. There is a certain malaise that comes when Mars is retrograde, and there is nothing to do, but to swim with the ebbing tide and not try to fight it. This coming week, Chiron the Centaur, will also station and enter its retrograde phase in the Martian sign of Aries. Chiron is still in the early degrees of Aries, and so will retrograde back into Pisces once again in late September, for some unfinished business. When Chiron entered Aries in April many were compelled to want to start a new life, begin anew, perhaps even start all over from scratch. But it’s not quite time for that yet. There are still some important loose ends that need tying up. 

With Chiron in Aries, it may have become evident where we have not set appropriate boundaries, with ourselves or others. When Chiron was in Pisces, it was easy to sacrifice our own needs, put them aside, for whatever we perceived to be a higher cause, something worthy of that sort of sacrifice and self-denial. If you were doing so at the expense of your own well-being, then a balance will need to be reestablished. This does not mean that that higher cause, that ideal, that higher purpose was not well founded. And in some way we are going back to revisit some of those ideals and dreams. It is important to have a lodestar to guide you. Something that is meaningful and pure. Something that will guide us along our path. But it must be done in a way that feeds us, and makes us whole, and does not drain or deplete our energy. 

As Chiron enters its retrograde phase we will no longer have the luxury of denial. We can no longer ignore problems that we’ve been merely tolerating. This could be a physical problem, an emotional or psychological problem, or some other wound that we have not been paying attention to. It is not enough to just acknowledge them. It is time to pay attention to what caused them in the first place, as well as what is their psychological basis and meaning. And then fix them once and for all. Chiron not only shows us our wounds, Chiron also brings us the tools and methods to heal and/or accept them for what they are. And that will be our job for the next 5 months of this Chironic journey: to go within, discover the wounds that are undermining our well-being, seek the remedy, and apply it. It’s about self-healing. 

Doing this important work will prepare us for when Chiron finally enters Aries in 2019. For it is then, that we will truly be ready to embark on that new journey that awaits. 

Also this week, the Sun is making a trine to the planet Jupiter, which is slowing for its station at the end of its retrograde phase. Whenever Jupiter stations, it does so when the Sun is trine Jupiter, giving us a sense of anticipation. Therefore this trine between the Sun and Jupiter this week is a precursor to Jupiter’s station Direct on July 10th. It’s like a clarion call, letting us know that things are beginning to come together now, allowing us to move forward with a Vision that had been percolating for some time. It also comes in the face of an extraordinary Eclipse on the 12th of July, which many have already been navigating. It’s going to be an incredible season of Eclipses, Warnings, accompanied with Anticipation and even a bit of Excitement. Something interesting this way comes.  

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