The Moral Dilemma

May 24th ~ 31st

“Sleeping Princess” by Frances MacDonald

“Sleeping Princess” by Frances MacDonald

When a society comes together and makes decisions in harmony, when it respects its most noble traditions, cares for its most vulnerable members, treats its forests and lands with respect, then it will prosper and not decline. 

There are two trending transits, both involving Neptune, that are coming to a head in June, but we should already be feeling them this coming week (if not before!). They both become exact just days before Neptune stations on June 21st. In the mean time Both Jupiter and Saturn are closing in on Neptune and are already within orb. Another thing to note is that both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde. This is important, because it shows where the real work needs to be done. Yes, Jupiter/Neptune can make us aware of scandals and inequity in the outer world, but what is important is our own response to these, and how we process that information internally. Ultimately with Jupiter and Saturn retrograde, we cannot ignore our own personal responsibility as to our own behaviors and actions. 

Jupiter and Saturn are both ‘social’ planets, in that they have much to do with the roles we play in society, and the groups we identify with. Jupiter has much to do with our belief systems, which can include what religion you belong to, what political party you identify with, even your culture and nationality. Saturn has much to do with what we do or are known for, as well as the family or lineage you come from: a cobbler, a business person, a healer, etc. What happens within those groups we identify with can reflect back on our own reputation and vice versa. But ultimately it is up to us as to whether or not we wish to be identified with the group, or if we dare to question, to check, and make sure that our own set of values, and sense of identity are in synch with the declarations of these particular social groups. 

This is probably particularly relevant to the Jupiter/Neptune square which dares to bring our core values in synch with our highest ideals. If there are any conflicts here, these will need to be addressed. There can be a tendency to ignore blaring inconsistencies with this sort of square. Or to make excuses for people’s bad behavior. The key here is not so much to judge others or circumstances, but to look within, and be honest with yourself: are you living up to your own standards? And what exactly are those standards? Would you have done the same thing under the same circumstances? The more in touch you are with your own ethical and moral standards, the less likely you will be led astray by such things as blind faith, or rationalizing bad behaviors or situations. It is said that the months that Jupiter is retrograde each year are so important for our ethical and moral development. All the more so, when the issues become murky and clouded through a Jupiter/Neptune square.

This coming week, Mercury will square Neptune and oppose Jupiter, bringing some of these issues home for our own consideration. We might hear about unethical or immoral behaviors in the news. This is followed by a trine from Venus to Saturn and sextile to Neptune. Whereas Jupiter/Neptune is murky and prone to making excuses, Saturn/Neptune does not allow for that nonsense. Saturn is about integrity, and peeling the rose-colored lenses from our eyes. And it is because of Saturn, that we are able to make whatever sacrifices, or adjustments are needed in order to do the right thing and live up to our own standards. 

Jupiter is making a square to Neptune, which indicates a conflict that is needing to be resolved, through our own agency. Saturn is making a sextile to Neptune, which is not a terribly strong or compelling transit. What it presents is an opportunity. But it is up to us to use these transits to our best advantage. I will be speaking more about these transits over the coming weeks as they close in. In the mean time, it might be helpful to see what is coming up in our own lives that needs paying attention to. 

Some things to anticipate with these transits:

  • Having to decide between the dearer and the better

  • Discriminating between what you want to be true, and what is actually true

  • Feeling torn between loyalties.

  • Finding it difficult to make important decisions. May need to wait until you have all the information you need first. 

  • Recognizing that you may not be able to achieve the perfect ideal. Focus on what you know is actually achievable, and what is practical and realistic. 

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