Saturn sextile Neptune: When Dreams Come True

January 25th ~ February 1st

The above image is a photo of ‘Tibet’  by Steve McCurry

The above image is a photo of ‘Tibet’ by Steve McCurry

You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’ ~ George Bernard Shaw

There are a few outstanding transits for 2019. There is one positive influence that is wending its way through the background this year, that is worth paying attention to, and that is the Saturn/Neptune sextile. It will make 3 exact passes this year, the first being on January 31st. The other two will be in June and then November. The curious thing about this sextile is that these planets don’t have very much in common and almost seem to cancel one another out. Saturn is about material, concrete facts; whereas Neptune is about wistful dreams and ideals that may have very little to do with reality. Saturn has sharp corners, limits and boundaries; whereas Neptune is nebulous and without boundaries, like misty fogs. Neptune dissolves matter (Saturn); while Saturn skeptically negates and denies the dreams and ideals of Neptune. 

However on these rare occasions when these two giants actually cooperate and work with each other wonders can occur, for this is a window of time when ideals and dreams can actually be made manifest. At at time when Jupiter and Neptune are square one another expanding and exaggerating our dreams, Saturn comes in and says, “Well, maybe not all that high-falootin’ stuff, but we can certainly have this!” And that’s what we are looking for. This: A dream that is achievable and worth our time and commitment. 

Saturn in Capricorn grounds us in reality precisely so that we can achieve our dreams. This is about looking for practical opportunities to make our hopes, ideals and dreams a closer reality. Saturn will show us practical and realistic ways of doing so. Some of the tools we have in our Saturn arsenal are: hard work, discipline, commitment, time management, responsibility, organization, strategy and planning. Neptune on the other hand helps us to transcend our doubts and limitations, allowing us to fulfill a higher potential. In these windows of time we become more aware of what sacrifices we are willing to make in order to fulfill our goals. Some of the things that the Saturn/Neptune cycle lends itself to:

  • Taking the practical steps to make a dream or an ideal a closer reality. 

  • Putting your ideals into practice. Walking the walk, as well as talking the talk.

  • Creating art, music and dance. Making a fantasy and the imagination manifest. 

  • Committing to a spiritual practice.

  • Overcoming doubt and Transcending limitations. 

  • Spiritual disciplines. 

  • Using spiritual disciplines to improve one’s character and/or circumstances. 

  • The sacrifices one is willing to make in order to achieve a specific goal. 

If you were to visualize a perfect ideal, what would that look like? What sorts of things would bring greater meaning into your life? And what practical steps can you take in order to bring your life more into alignment with that ideal? 

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