A Total Lunar Eclipse (harbingers of change)

January 18th ~ 25th

Eclipse (9/27/2015) in Maine; by Mike Taylor

Eclipse (9/27/2015) in Maine; by Mike Taylor

The first fact of existence is the law of change or impermanence. All that exists, from a mole to a mountain, from a thought to an empire, passes through the same cycle of existence ~ i.e. birth, growth, decay and death. Life alone is continuous, ever seeking self-expression in new forms. ‘Life is a bridge; therefore build no house on it.’ Life is a process of flow, and he who clings to any form, however splendid, will suffer by resisting the flow. ~ Christmas Humphries

Late Sunday night and into Monday we will have a Total Lunar Eclipse in the first degree of Leo. It will also be a Super Moon. Super Moon is a term coined by astrologer, Richard Nolle, indicating a lunation that occurs when the Moon is close to the earth in its orbit. The Eclipse occurs at 12:12 AM (EST) and 9:12 PM (PST) so lucky Americans should be able to get a glimpse of this gorgeous blood red moon. Not only in the Americas, but everyone in Greenland, Iceland, Europe, and the northern and western parts of Africa should be able to view this divine orb to some extent, if the weather gods permit. The phenomenon of the deep red color of the Moon is caused by all the refracted light of the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets falling on the face of the moon at the exact time of the Eclipse. What makes it doubly awesome is that it will appear to be larger because of it being closer than usual. (timeanddate.com gives the accurate time to watch in your part of the world.)

Uranus has been square the Nodes of the Moon since last September. The Nodes of the Moon are the degrees at which the apparent paths of the Sun and Moon intersect, allowing for eclipses to occur when the Sun approaches these critical degrees. The North Node of the Moon is currently in the late degrees of Cancer, only a few degrees away from where the Sun and Moon will be at the Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon will be in opposition to one another, with the Moon at 0º of Leo, and the Sun at 0º of Aquarius. Having only recently stationed Direct, Uranus is in full on mode. And since it is still square the Nodes, it is also square the Lunar Eclipse. Rebellious Uranus is reactive and disrupts the status quo, stirring up all sorts of trouble in its wake when it is activated in this way. Good to keep our eyes on this one. Uranus can be oh, so unpredictable.

Lunar Eclipses are like powerful Full Moons. The Moon is associated with our feelings and emotions, and it is not unusual for these to come to the surface during these powerful lunar phases. However, when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, eclipsing and darkening the face of the Moon, it is said to act as something of an emotional turning point, eclipsing what once was: old habits, old tendencies, in order to be open to renewal. Lunar Eclipses are times when the fabric of time and space shift just enough to allow the results of causes already set in motion, to reach fruition. These can be times of culmination, endings, disclosure and even revelation. We are being given the opportunity to release all those old attachments, feelings, habits, tendencies and emotions that are no longer valid for who we are becoming and where we will be going in the foreseeable future. A new order in our lives is emerging.

On March 6th, Uranus will enter Taurus and will be exactly square the Lunar Eclipse point soon after. In and of itself, the ingress of Uranus into Taurus is a harbinger of radical change. Change is already imminent, and by the time 6 months have passed many may find themselves in a very different place than they are now. Uranus dares us to step out of our accustomed ways of being, to stretch beyond our comfort zone. The one fact of existence is this doctrine of change. This Lunar Eclipse stands as a transition point between one state and the next, which will be rolling out in the foreseeable future. Resistance to change will only make this period more difficult. Flowing with the process, will allow us to go where we now need to be. 

Leo is a sign of personal joy and happiness. It stands in contrast to the Sun just entering the sign of Aquarius, only because it is the sign of the collective and the larger whole. In the light of this powerful Lunar Eclipse, we might want to ask ourselves: What sorts of changes are necessary in order to find my place in the world? Where does my destiny lead me? What are those things that bring me happiness and joy, and what can I do to have more of that in my life? 

Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better. ~ King Whitney Jr. 

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