Fire, Thunder & Lightning: The Lunar Eclipse

July 27th ~ August 3rd

wild fires n Greece

wild fires n Greece

Thunder Repeated: The image of Shock. Thus in Fear and Trembling the Superior Person sets their life in order and examines themself. ~ The I Ching

The dreaded Total Lunar Eclipse of 2018 is upon us. Even Eclipses can present with opportunities, but this one just looks so darn unpredictable. Like an epic storm approaching from the distance, it has the capacity to change the landscape, change the paradigm, and even change our lives. Perhaps a current metaphor can be seen with the terrible wild fires in Greece and even the Arctic Circle. The heat this Summer has literally been incendiary.

This Lunar Eclipse is closely conjunct the planet Mars, the planet that has domain over heat and fire. If you take a look in the evening sky you will see it quite closely aligned to the Full Moon. If you are lucky and live in the part of the world where the Eclipse is visible late Friday night, check it out! This is said to be the longest lasting eclipse in the 21st century. If you are in Eastern Africa, India, parts of the Middle East and Asia, where you are directly under the rays of the Eclipse, the Blood Red Moon could be quite spectacular. 

Mars is also in the middle of its retrograde phase, making an exact opposition to the Sun within 24 hours of the Eclipse. This is when Mars is at its closest point to the Earth (perigee) in their orbits around the Sun. As a result our red neighbor is much brighter and larger than usual. It is because it has been hovering on the South Node eclipse point that it will be so close to the Full Moon Friday night. This also makes the qualities of Mars that much stronger, even though they are internalized (because retrograde). This sort of electric internalized energy can disrupt sleep, agitate, and lean towards impulsive and impetuous actions. This is all the more so because of an exact square to Uranus at the same time. To navigate this weather, be willing to step back, see things objectively and don’t allow yourself to be drawn into the growing chaos and pandemonium that this combination can bring. 

One could say that there are three ways to get rid of anger; kill the opponent, kill yourself, or kill the anger ~ which one makes most sense to you? ~ Allan Wallace

An Eclipse, a Mars/Uranus square and Mercury retrograde can increase the risk of accidents, cause all sorts of mayhem and confusion, and be down right explosive. Hopefully Mars retrograde can help to mitigate some of the aggressive nature of this picture. At its worst Mars can be hostile, angry and even violent. It rules fire, heat, thunderous storms and engines of war. However, when Mars is retrograde, acts of aggression usually ricochet back to the aggressor. Nonetheless, Mars is still Mars, and can still be quite destructive and inflammatory, even retrograde. Because Mars is retrograde, and because this is a Full Moon, we can be shown the ramifications of actions committed in the past, which are now coming home to roost. 

Positively, Mars is the Hero, who courageously takes a moral stand, bravely charging in where others dare not go. Mars is the defender of the underdog, and in Aquarius, the defender of Humanitarian Causes. Mars retrograde in Aquarius, demands that each of us examine our own motives, determining for ourselves whether we are truly walking the walk, as well as talking the talk. 

Perhaps the most treacherous part of this picture, is the unexpected and unpredictable nature of Uranus. Lunar Eclipses occur at the Full Moon, which are times of culmination and fruition. It brings us the results of causes and actions that have been growing, and are now reaching a point of crisis. These can be and often are very emotional periods, where we are driven by our passions and subconscious patterns. These can also be teaching moments, showing us how we can best deal with stress and change in our lives. Things can be revealed at these times that can change things in such a way, that we will never be able to look at them quite the same way again. 

Forewarned is forearmed, and it would probably be wise for all of us to be Flexible and Vigilant. Flexibility, Patience and Objectivity are key for navigating this weather. That being said, we might ask what this week could possibly be good for, and how we can use this weather to our advantage: 

  • Creating positive changes that are long overdue, or adjusting to new changes that will ultimately allow us to have greater freedom, and lead a more authentic lifestyle.  
  • Movements for positive and Progressive Change can gain traction in this weather. Aquarius is a sign that when activated can be quite powerful in service to the Greater Good. But only when the motivation stems from a basis for Universal Brotherhood, and what is best for everyone concerned. 
  • Being an example for others to follow. If you were to ask yourself, what you would like to be known for, what sort of example you would want to set for your children, this is your time to step up to the plate.
  • Realizations. Things are revealed in the light of these powerful Full Moon Eclipses, that can be quite revelatory and even life changing. These realizations can then be repurposed as powerful learning opportunities.

Things can turn quite suddenly in this weather, requiring agility and skillful means to successfully navigate these treacherous shores. Both the Solar Eclipse on July 12th and this Lunar Eclipse imply that something needs to be released and/or purified, in order to move forward. In our own lives, we may wish to examine those things that are standing in the way of our growth and personal evolution, and what are those things that we would want to further cultivate going forward. What might you like to change, in order to be a more authentic, truer, and more honest expression of yourself? 

Hard times build determination and inner strength. Through them we can also come to appreciate the uselessness of anger. Instead of getting angry, nurture a deep caring and respect for troublemakers because by creating such trying circumstances they provide us with invaluable opportunities to practice tolerance and patience. ~ Dalai Lama XIV

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