Jupiter enters Sagittarius

November 9th ~ 16th

“Lord Ram with Bow”

“Lord Ram with Bow”

Everyone must have something they follow ~ something that serves them as a lodestar. He who follows with conviction the beautiful and the good, may feel themselves strengthened by this saying. ~ The I Ching

At the writing of this essay, Democrats are still flipping seats across the United States. The Women’s Wave swept across the country from sea to shining sea, and there are still a few run offs to decide. The True North Node is now in Cancer, and we are going to see a shift in the focus for the next 19 months. A shift that begins with a revolutionary tone, as Uranus squares the Nodal Axis. Another shift occurred on Thursday, and that was Jupiter moving into its own sign of Sagittarius. And as Jupiter returned home to Sagittarius, it also made an expansive trine to the North Node, re-instilling hope, and the possibility of a grand new Vision, about to unfold. When Jupiter is in its own sign, it just screams freedom and justice. 

The primary message of Jupiter entering Sagittarius is about expanding our horizons, our reach, our viewpoint and understanding. This is about opening this large inclusive tent, that embraces a diversity of cultures, ideas, and beliefs. Sagittarius breaks down borders, and oversteps boundaries. The sign of travel, adventure, exploration, immigration, globalization, and multicultural issues, wants us to expand our minds along with our understanding. And as we dare to expand those horizons, we realize that we are capable of a lot more than we previously realized. It’s like opening the curtains, opening the window, and seeing a whole vista of possibility unfolding before us. That’s what freedom looks like. And that’s the stuff that allows visions to unfold and eventually take form. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius is about guidance, and pathfinders; about exploration and adventure; whether that guidance is internal or external, it dares to make us more than what we previously thought we were. Divine guidance can be internal, guiding us through our own intuition our inner guides, our spiritual guides. Or it can be external, through teachers, a specific teaching, or philosophy that inspires us to reach forward. Jupiter in Sagittarius is also about being guided by our own core values and ethics. It raises morals and ethics to a much higher standard. The same for Truth. And Wisdom. 

But that does not mean that there will not be challenges with Jupiter in Sagittarius. For a good part of 2019, Jupiter will be square Neptune. Ironically Mercury is slowing for its retrograde station (November 16th) this week. And as it does so it will be square confounding and confabulating Neptune. This foretells the shadow side of Jupiter in Sagittarius, especially being square Neptune: as we will also have to contend with things like propaganda, religious or political extremists, cults of personality, the distortion of the truth, exaggerating and blowing things out of proportion, grandiosity and over-extending our reach. With Jupiter in Sagittarius there can be a blow back against immigration, a diaspora of the lost, a breaking down of boundaries, and a loss of ethics and values. There can also be the danger of over-reaching financially, which could potentially lead to a financial crash. We can go High, or we can also Crash.

There is no doubt it will be important for us to be able to discriminate between facts and false information. But over all, we cannot deny the greatest gift of all that Jupiter brings to the table. And that is the gift of hope. And we can always use more of that. 

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