Transitions and a New Moon in Scorpio

November 2nd ~ 9th

“The Sign of Scorpio”  by Giovanni Maria Falconetto

“The Sign of Scorpio” by Giovanni Maria Falconetto

Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. 

~Martin Luther King, Jr. 

A Girl’s face breaking into a smile. Warmth of Feeling. (Sabian Symbol for 16 Scorpio)

Scorpio and its vast underworld beckons us into the dark time of year here in the North. This is the time of year for us to do some deep inner work, diving into these unseen realms. Lord knows what will come to the surface, but if feelings, forebodings, premonitions arise, it is for the opportunity to release and purify that which ails us, like so much mist dissipating with the warmth and the light of the Sun. Scorpio is where we dare to face our fears; where we courageously face the darkness; and where we ultimately prevail. Scorpio is a sign of secrets of hidden mysteries, of buried wounds, as well as treasures. It represents that which must be revealed if it is to be healed. 

It is also a time of transition, and portents and divination. Dare we read the signs, throw the coins, and heed the omens? Scorpio is about having a plan and being prepared for the future. How much do we owe? Is the insurance paid up? Is the will made out? What is next on the horizon? Those are all Scorpio questions. This year the New Moon in Scorpio coincides with all of these transitions as well: Uranus will retrograde back to Aries, and the true Nodes of the Moon will enter Cancer/Capricorn on November 6th (note: if you use the mean nodes, they will change signs on the 15th).  Jupiter will enter its own sign of Sagittarius on November 8th. Uranus will exactly square the Nodes, while Jupiter will trine the North Node all within the range of the New Moon. The Nodes of the Moon are where the paths of the Sun and Moon will intersect, forecasting the approximate degrees of the Eclipses for the foreseeable future. These are our karmic doorways of inevitability and fruition. 

On November 6th Uranus returns to Aries for some unfinished business, before it stations (January 6th) and makes its final entrance into Taurus in March. During this transitional period we can anticipate quite a bit of reactionary restlessness in the world, as Uranus ratchets up a sense of urgency, before a new paradigm begins to finally rear its head. A series of events serve to make us aware of the general unrest and disturbances that are being agitated. Uranus squares usually bring changes, or the necessity for change. Uranus can be indicative of extremists and extreme views; but it can also carry the banner for civil rights and humanitarian pursuits. Both will battle in this climate; and who will win will be determined by the collective evolutionary progress of humanity. 

The South Node of the Moon represents what we can no longer rely on to make any further evolutionary progress, and in this case it has to do with elements of Capricorn that are no longer useful, and may in fact be preventing us from growing. This may mean one thing collectively, while for individual nations or areas of the world, it may manifest differently, and certainly on an individual basis it could be something else altogether. A lot depends on what we are needing to work on. The bottom line: although Capricorn may be our natural default; the sign Cancer and the qualities of Cancer are where our greatest evolutionary growth is possible for the next 19 months (until June of 2020). 

Where Capricorn represents (in this context) old conservative and outworn traditions and established orders; Cancer represents Birth and Emergence; with an emphasis on Family, Home and Community. Cancer has domain over Women and Families, over Children, Infants, Nurturing and Empathy. Whereas Capricorn is traditionally patriarchal, Cancer is matriarchal. Capricorn represents laws, governments and leadership, while Cancer represents the People. Where Capricorn veers towards stoicism and isolation, Cancer is collective and communal. Where Capricorn is traditionally conservative, Cancer traditionally leans socialist with its emphasis on community. In some areas of the world a Capricorn bias will prevail and dig in deeper, while in others we will see this gradual emergence of the Cancer ideals of empathy, community, regard for and desire to protect families and children, the land, home and country; the greater good of the people, and our cultures; as well as the safety and protection of these. Realize these can be interpreted one way for some people, and quite another for some other group. Sometimes we just get it. Other times we seem to have to learn the hard way. 

November 6th is a mid-term Election Day here in the United States, where an unprecedented number of women are running for office. There are also an unusual number of tied campaigns as we approach the election, that could easily swing in either direction. With Uranus holding sway over the festivities, we are due for at least a few upsets and surprises. This could prove to be quite interesting especially as the Libra Moon will be tipping its scales that day, opposing Uranus and squaring the Nodes as the counts begin to roll in. The election itself, occurring on this day of transition, could indeed be a portent of things to come.

The New Moon next week will be trine mystical and compassionate Neptune in Pisces. This is particularly favorable for any sort of mystical or magical work: scrying, reading omens, cards or signs; dreamwork, intuitive insight, meditation, prayer and divination. Pay attention to ‘feelings’ and things that you sense or envision, as intuition will be particularly strong. It is an excellent day for setting intentions or making positive affirmations, as the imprints are more likely to take hold. Depending on where you are in the world, time these intentions or affirmations for after the actual New Moon (11:01 AM EST here in the Eastern US on November 7th); and are best done during the daylight hours when the Sun and Moon are above the horizon. The time of the New Moon for where you live can be found at

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