The New Moon in Virgo ~ August 30th

August 30th ~ September 6th

At the Races by Franz Dvorak

At the Races by Franz Dvorak

We adore chaos because we love to produce order. ~ M. C. Escher

If we include the Sun and the Moon, there are 8 planets in Earth Signs on the day of the New Moon on Friday, including 5 in the sign of Virgo: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Virgo is the sign of the workers, those who are rarely seen, heard or acknowledged, but are essential for the function and operation of society. Virgo not only has domain over workers, but unions as well. Through mobilization and organization, the voiceless are given a forum through their unions, through which to negotiate their rights and gain representation at the table. This is the sign that is associated with the all important functions of our daily lives, and those that allow that to happen. And with the advent of this practical Moon on Friday, we’re all going to be getting back to business. New Moons often bring new initiatives plans and activities. Here is what this Moon is good for: Organizing; Scheduling; Beginning a new job or project; establishing routines; listening to your body; paying attention to your health; Beginning a new regimen; and giving a voice to the voiceless. 

One of Virgo’s jobs is to make sense of the insensible, or create order out of chaos. With the New Moon conjunct Mars and Mercury in Virgo and trine illuminating Uranus in Taurus, we are being asked to step outside of our accustomed ways of doing things in order to discover alternative and creative solutions and possibilities. With Mercury strong in its own sign of Virgo, it is time for us to get back down to business, organize our lives, create a plan for the future, and plot a course of action. From here until the Full Moon on the 13th, we can expect to be quite busy and motivated, sometimes to the point of distraction and madness. We will need all of our Virgo powers to sort this one out going forward, and keep ourselves on track. The Mercury/Mars/Uranus energy is courageous, brilliant and inspiring, but it is also a bit reckless, and quick as lightning, and it will be all we can do to absorb it all at once. 

The supportive trine to Uranus makes it easier to create innovative changes now, than it would be at other times. Everyone is ready for a more creative and alternative approach. Mars supplies the courage and initiative to follow through with any new plans. But there is danger lurking in the background here that could distract us and cause us to lose our way. This can be aggravated by trying to do too much, or not recognizing our limitations; or by allowing ourselves to be deceived by appearances, and not getting all the facts first. There is a real opportunity to get ourselves on the right path, and reestablish our lives in a constructive and positive way, provided we don’t get distracted by all the chaos and noise in the background. 

New Moons are great for making new beginnings and setting new initiatives. All the more so with this energized trine to Uranus. Therefore in the light of this New Moon, ask yourself, what new initiatives might you want to create, and what new directions might you want to explore? Here are just some of the things this New Moon is good for:

  • Beginning a new job, or taking on a new project or initiative.

  • Beginning a new health routine or regimen.

  • Seeing a nutritionist or joining a gym or taking on a new exercise program.

  • Finding the best sort of healer or healing method necessary to improve your health and well-being.

  • Having the courage to try something new, or go in a new direction.

  • Learning something new and innovative.

  • Placing oneself in service to the greater good of humanity.

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