Eclipse Season is Here

June 28th ~ July 5th

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A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

On Tuesday, July 2nd, we welcome in a New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer (10º38’) at 3:17 PM (EDT). The Eclipse will perfect at 3:32 PM (EDT) at (10º42). The Sabian Symbol for this degree is rather a jolly one, and probably quite useful to help us navigate through the upcoming month: A Clown caricaturing well-known personalities. This is about using humor as both a coping mechanism and a means to step back and look at the irony in our own lives (and at the general human condition) more objectively. Such as recognizing that the Emperor wears no clothes after all, despite what we were led to believe. (This is further exasperated by Mercury and Mars creating a configuration known as ‘Thor’s Hammer’ with the Jupiter/Neptune square). The gloves come off, and we can no longer be in denial about a lingering problem. 

Cancer is a sign of families, infants, mothers, women, home, and the homeland. It dares to circle the wagons in order to protect its own, but not without considering the plight of those who are helpless and least likely to help themselves. With the Eclipses in this sign of community this year we dare to think in terms of what is for the greater good of our communities? And how can we best cultivate a more democratic, caring and nurturing community in which to better thrive. Concerns for children will be highlighted, as well as continuing to place women (and people in the sign of Cancer) in the forefront over the months ahead. 

Even as the Nodes of the Moon (which determine these eclipses) first entered Cancer last November, we saw the election of an unprecedented number of women to Congress in the United States. The swearing in ceremony was also a first, where Congress were allowed to bring children and grandchildren in for the first time. What a joy to see mothers and fathers cradling their little ones. If that is not emblematic of community and family and caring and the sign of Cancer, what is? 

But we also see the shadow side of these Nodes as well. At the southern border of the United States young children continue to be torn from families, as we also became aware over the past week of the dangerous and unhealthy conditions in which those children were being detained. This is a shameful blight on the reputation of this country, which celebrates its founding this coming week, just 2 days after the Solar Eclipse on the 2nd. All our hearts should be bleeding for these children and these families that are being devastated by ill-founded concerns and mismanagement at the very top of our administration. 

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer is asking us to nourish ourselves and others with food for the mind, body and spirit. Pay attention to the women, the caregivers, the mothers in your life, for this is sacred territory right now. Anything to do with women or women’s issues are being brought to the foreground and should not be ignored. Anything to do with family, nurturing or caregiving: including babies and children. Anything to do with property or homes; the homeland, traditions, your heritage and culture. The Eclipse dares us to get in touch with our own emotions and feelings, which is important right now! This will ultimately lead to to making the best decisions in our lives, and help to ground us emotionally and psychologically. 

Things we may need to ask ourselves with the Eclipse: What does home look like for me? What does it mean to me? Where do I belong? What does family and community look like? Who do I consider to be my family and support group? Who or what are those things or people that bring me comfort and a sense of belonging? 

With the total Solar Eclipse on the 2nd, and a partial Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, we dive into the Summer Eclipse Season. These times of year can often feel like a crazy roller coaster of change and unpredictability. It can also seem as if we are overwhelmed with too much information, but not necessarily the information we need in order to make rational decisions. This will be totally exasperated by a volatile Mercury Retrograde phase which lasts for most of the month of July. It will be particularly unpredictable in the weeks between the two eclipses. All the more reason to get in touch with our true feelings and emotions. 

The veil between the eclipses is where change, endings, insanity and time warps all converge. Some people will feel like they are just free falling, while others will feel the energy drain of the eclipse. With the eclipses combined with the Mercury retrograde (stay tuned next week), this is bound to be a crazy month with quite a few twists and turns and adjustments ahead. Usually it is all we can do to walk through these eclipses, but this month we will need to take extra precautions. Therefore, strap on your seatbelts! And hone up your sense of humor. I have a feeling we are all going to need all the help we can get. There’s no telling what lies just around the corner this coming month. 

When humor goes, there goes civilization. ~ Erma Bombeck

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