The Aries New Moon and Jupiter stations

April 5th ~ 12th


Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. ~ Dale Carnegie

Attunement to the potency of invisible forces of nature. ~ (Sabian Symbol for 16 Aries)

Yes, we do have our work cut out for us, and we are exhausted, but at least we are now beginning to see our way forward. The clouds are clearing, the fog is lifting and we can now begin to plan ahead. But not so fast. As we enter the New Moon phase we finally leave the dark shadow of the Mercury retrograde and emerge out on to the Aries stage rife with possibility and new beginnings. This is when the earth appears to be reborn once again. And if nothing else, there is at least a germ of hope in this incipient time of nature’s rebirth. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, life is breaking through the surface, with so much happening beneath the surface. Plants are peeping above the ground, the trees are coming back to life, and the flowers are blossoming. If we can attune ourselves to that same potent power, we too can channel some of that primal power in our own lives.

This is perhaps why nothing ever keeps an Aries down for long. No matter what the challenges. No matter what the limitations, hope springs eternal for Aries. And that is what we are counting on. That indomitable Aries insistence, that even if everything is going to pot today, “Tomorrow is another day!” And this is where all that fiery power and determination is going to be put to the test. 

The Aries New Moon this year is squaring off against that powerful Capricorn conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and the Nodes of the Moon. One may wonder if there may not be forces beyond our control vying for control over the destiny of our lives. To some this could feel like there are obstacles standing in the way, or delays that prevent us from following through on initiatives. At least not right away. This is why we need to think and act like an Aries. Become so attuned with that life force, those invisible forces of nature, in order to be able to take on even the most daunting and perilous of challenges. Aries will not back down. 

However even Aries is being asked to honor their limitations as the New Moon is square Saturn. You might want to ask yourself what obstacles or limitations are standing in the way of you being able to fulfill your goals and aspirations. Is there something you can do about these limitations? And if so, are you willing to make the sacrifices necessary in order to make the changes that you need to make? And if you aren’t able to do anything about the obstacles standing in the way, what can you do to help accept your current limitations and circumstances? It may be, when you explore your options that you decide to do nothing. But if that is so, you might want to ask yourself whether your decision to do nothing is being determined by fear rather than wisdom. 

Realize that things may not be as hopeless as they may seem at this juncture. Things may take a little longer to manifest, or you may need to makes some sort of adjustment. But nothing tried is nothing gained. The New Moon in Aries is always a good time to make positive affirmations and set intentions. The New Moon of the first sign of the zodiac helps to move us forward, even if we have to do so cautiously and strategically.

Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude. ~ Dale Carnegie

Every year Jupiter goes through a 4 month retrograde period in which it can sometimes appear that abundance and material progress in the outside world seems to withdraw. We often think that if only we could get that one lucky break, get enough money, the right relationship, the right job, then everything will be okay, and we will be happy. But we are reminded at this time of year, that happiness is not determined by how much you have, or whether you get that new phone or thing, happiness is found within, in our own minds. 

In the external world, Jupiter is associated with material abundance and fortune. But Jupiter also has to do with ethics and morals. At the retrograde stations of Jupiter we are often made aware of the immoral or unethical behavior of others. But during this crucial retrograde period, it is not about the behavior of others that we should be most concerned with, so much as whether or not we are living up to our own standards. In this way we are asked to do this important work that is integral to our own moral and spiritual development. A square to Mercury in Pisces as Jupiter stations this year could find us indecisive and scattered. Get all the facts and details first to avoid any errors in judgment. 

The stations of Jupiter are always accompanied by a trine to the Sun, which will soon follow the station on Wednesday. This is the reminder and promise of things to come, and helps to show the path to fulfilling a larger vision for the future. Jupiter in its highest expression is about the cultivation of wisdom and ethical conduct. So no matter what obstacles may be presented to us, these are all opportunities for developing these important critical powers of discernment and understanding. 

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