A Partial Solar Eclipse and Uranus stations

January 4th ~ 11th

Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt

Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt

You are your own Tree of Life, roots and limbs and trunk. Somewhere within the wholeness of the tree lies the very self, the quick: its own innate Holy ghost. And this Holy Ghost puts forth new buds, and pushes past old limits, and shakes off a whole body of dying leaves. And the old limits hate being empassed, and the old leaves hate to fall. But they must, if the tree-soul says so…” D.H. Lawrence (Aaron’s Rod)

We are opening the New Year this year with a strong New Moon (partial) Solar Eclipse on January 5th. With a close sextile to Neptune, wistfully dreaming in Pisces, and besieged by the big guys, Saturn and Pluto, this is very much about aspiring to fulfill our goals this year, but not without a great deal of effort and hard work. It highlights the prevailing Saturn/Neptune sextile which will be one of the on-going transits of 2019, and gives us a glimpse of the emerging Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020. Saturn/Pluto is very much about pushing past old limits and shaking off a whole body of dying leaves. In order to create the space for new buds to grow, we have to go through this pre-gestational period of sloughing off the old patterns, old structures and institutions that are no longer relevant, and may in fact be preventing the new buds from growing.

But old structures do not bow out gracefully, especially if they are accustomed to being in charge. Especially then they will hold on for dear life. It can be like that with governments, with institutions, with time-worn infrastructures and traditions. It can also be like that with habits. However, there comes a time when we have outgrown these structures, and they no longer serve us well. Or we become limited and confined by our habits and patterns of behavior. Then it comes time to shake off the dying leaves, in order for fresher, more relevant buds to push forth, flourish and grow. 

The Saturn/Neptune sextile brings the causes and conditions that will allow some of our highest ideals to find some sort of practical ground in which to grow this coming year. Those wistful dreams of Neptune in Pisces therefore have a greater chance of actually manifesting. They may not be exactly like we may hope them to be. Neptune can be so idealistic, and hard to manifest. But Saturn actually allows for some sort of practical approximation of what we would hope for. We need the hard-nosed practicality of Saturn to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground this year, especially since Jupiter will also square Neptune during these same periods, which could tend towards unrealistic expectations. Saturn recognizes the sacrifices that need to be made, and the hard work that is needed. Saturn in Capricorn is keeping it real. But by keeping it real, we actually have a greater chance of making our dreams a closer reality. 

School grounds filled with boys and girls in gym suits. (Exercise)

Curiously, the Sabian Symbol for the degree of this eclipse is about exercise and health. Of the top 10 resolutions for 2019, at least half seem to be about health and well-being, with variations on eating healthier, exercising, dieting and losing weight near or at the top of the list. However, there is more to this degree than meets the eye. In our desire to achieve, to be successful, and to compete in the world, we can and do often sacrifice our health and well-being in the process. The New Moon Eclipse is besieged by hard-driving Saturn and Pluto, planets that tend to override one’s personal needs in the pursuit of one’s goals. 

There is something of an admonition here, that if we don’t also take care of our basic needs, we won’t have that firm and reliable foundation we will need in order to achieve those goals. One of the most fundamental symbols of Capricorn is that of a mountain, strong and wide at its base, but reaching magnificently into the sky. Coincidentally, Mars just recently entered Aries, a perfect metaphor for beginning a new health or fitness regimen and starting the New Year on the right foot by also paying attention to our physical well-being. Let’s work on that base.

The day after the New Moon, Uranus, the planet of revelation will station Direct. Uranus is making an illuminating trine to Mercury, and a complex sesquiquadrate to Jupiter. These sesquiquadrates present conflicts that are not always that evident, but still create a feeling of discomfort. Where Jupiter represents our beliefs, morals and convictions, Uranus dares us to step outside our comfort level, and stretch our current belief systems just enough to further evolve our awareness. Like a rising Birth of Consciousness, solutions and realizations arise like lightning flashes of intuition and comprehension. 

The New Moon Eclipse stands as a launching pad for creative ideas that have been simmering on the back burner for the 5 months that Uranus has been retrograde. Uranus is associated with ingenuity, innovation, and alternatives. Allow your mind to bend a little, just enough to allow some of that Uranian brilliance to take root. So, may we all make resolutions towards the fulfillment of Universal Brotherhood, Kindness and Good Works to be cultivated and nurtured in the year ahead. So may it be. 

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