The Leo Solar Eclipse August 11th

August 10th ~ 17th

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“Pan, who and what are thou?’ [Hook] cried huskily. ‘I’m youth, I’m joy,’ Peter answered at a venture, ‘I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg.’ ~ JMM Barrie

Last week Uranus stationed, and a second deadly earthquake disrupted lives, and left thousands homeless on the Indonesian island of Lombok, a tourist island near Bali. Uranus has domain over natural disasters, unpredictability and surprises. And although Indonesia is in the ring of fire, we have yet to be able to predict accurately when earthquakes will occur, and where. Much like the planet Uranus, earthquakes are sadly unpredictable. It was the second deadly earthquake in a week to hit Lombok and its neighbor Bali, where huge tremors caused panic and destruction. Uranus also rules electricity and lightning. And on the day of the station, 3 people were struck by lightning in separate incidents, here in New York City. These are just a few Uranian events, though it is likely there were many others across the globe. 

We are now arriving at the last of the Eclipses of this season. But before we heave any sighs of relief for having crawled through the treacherous signposts, twists and turns of this wretched Eclipse Season, realize that the aftermath of the eclipses can last weeks, sometimes months. And combined with the current multiple retrogrades and stations, it could feel at times like we are living through an episode of the Twilight Zone. For others it could just feel like their energy is being drained, like they don’t have one more ounce to even care. And this is even though the Moon will only partially obscure the light of the Sun. 

Like the Solar Eclipse on July 12th, this is a Partial Solar Eclipse, but unlike the last eclipse which was seen at only the most southern parts of the world, this one will be visible in the more northern parts of the world: the northeastern part of Europe, the very northeastern part of North America, and some northern and western parts of Asia. It is only a partial Eclipse as the Moon will only cast a shadow on part of the Sun.. At its maximum the eclipse takes place on August 11th at 9:46 AM (UT) or 5:46 AM EDT time here in the United States. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 11th is also a super moon, meaning that it will be perigee or close to the earth in its orbit. Although we will not see the Moon, because it is a New Moon, the fact that it is perigee, gives this Leo Moon a little extra edge. You can just hear it roar. 

Retrograde Mars moves back into Capricorn on Sunday. Mars, which has been hovering around the South Node of the Moon is finally making a little space between itself and the Nodes. However, this is only temporary, for once Mars is direct again, it will then head back to cross the South Node (and square Uranus) once again in September. Think of it as a temporary reprieve. At that time, Mars and Uranus could even reactivate the Lunar Eclipse of July 27th, like a smoldering match just waiting to be reignited. 

In the mean time, we have this wonderful opportunity to bring ourselves into alignment with this powerful Leo Moon. The Sabian Symbol for the degree of the New Moon Eclipse is “A Houseboat Party”, implying the necessary distraction that one may find through social events and interactions with others. Eclipses can be unpredictable and sometimes down right chaotic. But they can also be powerful tools to create positive new beginnings. In the spirit of the Leo Moon, may we make the intention to greet each day with Joyous Enthusiasm, and invest all that we do with more Love and Laughter. 

When the North Node of the Moon is in Leo as it is now, it is possible for a single individual to set the example for, and make an impact on the collective. This can be fore the good or the ill. We are all being asked to stand up and have integrity, not allowing ourselves to be drawn along by the clamoring hordes of populist tides, but to walk with Honor, Dignity and Pride. Therefore it behooves each and every one of us to ask ourselves: what sort of an example would you want to set for others? 

Up until the 19th, we continue to have 6 planets plus Chiron all in retrograde. These are periods of reevaluation, internalization, revisiting, redoing, reviewing, reconsidering, releasing and reconnecting. We are the sum total of our choices and decisions. We are now going back over old territory to not only review, but to assimilate where we have come from and what we have learned. 

If you wish to make intentions or positive affirmations with this Moon, the best time to do so will be after the New Moon on Saturday, August 11th and thru Tuesday, August 14th. Some possibilities may be: 

  • May any resistance to joy and happiness be lifted from me.
  • May I speak from the heart, and with the courage of a lion.
  • May I be a conduit for the creative intelligence of the Universe.
  • I lead by example, channeling love and dignity in all that I do.
  • May I invest every day with Joyous Enthusiasm, Laughter and a Happy Heart. 

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