Mars Direct, Thor's Hammer & a Full Moon

August 24th ~ 31st

"Thor's Battle Against the Jötnar" Marten E. Winge

"Thor's Battle Against the Jötnar" Marten E. Winge

Whosoever holds this hammer. If they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. ~ Stan Lee

We should be revelling in the knowledge that the station of Mars on the 27th augurs a return of energy, health, motivation and energy. At last! And we will notice a difference. Mercury is finally Direct, bringing us back into a sense of normalcy on one level, with Mars about to bring up the rear. These will be followed by the station of Saturn on September 6th, which will allow those things that have been delayed or put on hold, to finally begin to move forward. You will see the bits and pieces come together and form some sort of comprehensible picture. Finally. However, things are never quite so simple. And as we approach the illuminating Full Moon this weekend, there are a few complications thrown in for good measure. 

Planets are always stronger and more present when they station. And although without Mars we would not be able to function, there is a little trepidation whenever the rambunctious one is ‘strong’. Not to mention that now that Mars will appear to be moving forward through the zodiac once again, it will also make its final square to Uranus, conjunct the South Node, and re-cross the degree of the recent Lunar Eclipse. Whatever sparks and dry tinder are left from July and August, could easily be reignited when Mars crosses these critical degrees in September. Mars is known for being something of a trigger. Nonetheless, we welcome Mars back from his retreat, if nothing else, than to have that energy and the motivation to be able to regroup and proceed onwards and upwards. Just avoid anything potentially combustible as we approach mid-September. 

In the mean time, the Full Moon this weekend in transcendent and emotional Pisces, will bring two wonderful transits to the foreground this week. One is the deeply spiritual trine between Pisces co-rulers Jupiter and Neptune, who have been stealthily guiding us from behind the scenes this year. The other transit being brought to the foreground is a trine between pragmatic Saturn and innovative Uranus. The Sun in Virgo will be forming a Grand Trine with these two giants at the time of Full Moon. Together they can bring us the results of any creative or innovative changes we’ve been working on. This Moon aims to open our hearts to greater meaning and fulfillment in our lives. It’s about walking the walk, as well as talking the talk. We may even get glimpses of our life’s purpose in the light of this enigmatic Full Moon. 

Therefore, open your heart to the divine in and around the Full Moon days (25th-26th), and be receptive to any insights and intuitive messages and signs that are there. This is a very magical and potent Moon for connecting with your own higher mind, for creative ingenuity, and spiritual guidance. 

And then there’s Thor’s Hammer. This is where it is a little complicated. Occasionally we get these ephemeral planetary configurations, that weave through the skies bringing conditions to the surface that may have been merely marinating behind the scenes. Thor’s Hammer is one of these. As one may suspect from the name of the configuration, it contains great potential power and energy, if we dare to wield this weapon of the Gods. This is a configuration of determination, survival and the extreme courage needed to face life’s hardships and challenges. Thor’s Hammer is made up of 2 planets which are in a square aspect to one another, both sesquiquadrate a third planet. Sesquiquadrates are “minor” aspects which may or may not create disturbances in our lives. But activated by the square aspect those disturbances can wreak havoc in our lives. There are two Thor’s Hammer configurations being formed this week, simultaneously. 

One of these is formed by a Mercury/Jupiter square, where both planets are sesquiquadrate Chiron. The other is formed by a prevailing Saturn/Chiron square, which are both sesquiquadrate Mercury. Mercury and Chiron are involved in both of these configurations. Sesquiquadrates reveal states of oppression or difficulties that we’ve been putting up with. They can exist as underlying angst or discomfort, which we have been either ignoring, or tolerating, and even accepting as normal. Sometimes it is just easier to live with a familiar lie, to remain in denial about that persistent ache or dread, than it is to deal with an uncomfortable truth. That is, until Thor’s Hammer comes to call. What was previously felt as an irritation, can suddenly feel quite powerful and overwhelming, creating an obstacle that needs to be overcome, and can no longer be denied. 

Mercury can bring painful news, or trigger old wounds when it is configured with Chiron. Especially when Saturn is also in the picture. Mercury and Chiron can also refer to health problems, while Jupiter and Saturn can refer to unresolved legal or ethical issues. In the affairs of the world, it could feel like we are being drawn back to some previous time in history, that we thought had been resolved. As a result, old fears and forebodings will rise to the surface. What we are being shown, is that there is no longer any room for denial, as the reality of our current circumstances make themselves known. 

The Jupiter/Chiron sesquiquadrate is exact this weekend, and can indicate a need to resolve any spiritual, ethical or moral conflicts. The crud is rising to the surface, and it must be dealt with. Any compromises in core values and ethics can no longer be ignored. Thankfully we have the clarity and illumination of the magnificent Full Moon to guide our way forward. May it bring only the most brilliant solutions we need for whatever challenges or problems we may be facing in our lives!

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