Nature's Forces & Uranus enters Taurus

May 11th ~ 18th

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When a man has learned within his heart what fear and trembling mean, he is safeguarded against any terror produced by outside influences.  Let the thunder roll and spread terror a hundred miles around: he remains so composed and reverent in spirit that the sacrificial rite is not interrupted.  Such is the spirit that must animate leaders and rulers of men ~ a profound inner seriousness from which all terrors glance off harmlessly. ~ The I Ching

There is a New Moon on the 15th, in the otherwise staid and reserved sign of Taurus. And although this Moon is steadfast and strong in this sign, it is accompanied by an unpredictable and combustible square, between Mars and Uranus on the same day. It is also the very same day that Uranus makes its grand entrance into usually dependable and trustworthy Taurus, threatening to shake us all up at the very foundation of our being. This is a 7-year transit associated with radical economic, and political changes, as well as scientific and innovative changes concerning the things of the earth and sustainability. 

One of the other things that Uranus in Taurus can do, is literally change the landscape. The volcanic eruptions of Kilauea on the Big Island in Hawaii are symbolic of this sort of rapid, sudden, and in this case uncontrollable, change that cannot be averted or avoided. An Orange Alert was just posted on Wednesday warning of possible explosions at the volcano, which could have terrible consequences.  This sort of instability is only one the many possible changes that Uranus can bring when it disrupts the sign of stability, currency, sustainability and the very Earth we walk on. If nothing else, Uranus in Taurus will dare to wake us up from our complacency and toss us out of our own self-devised ruts and self-limiting habits. 

Uranus and Mars both change signs on the day of the New Moon. Uranus into Taurus and Mars into Aquarius. This is not likely to be without excitement. Mars/Uranus is swift and surprising energy and action. It is explosive, electrifying, and impulsive. It is the cry for freedom, the lightning in the thunder clouds. Mars as the warrior can easily devolve into anger and even violence if this energy is repressed or blocked in any way. Any tension or resentment that had been building up is in danger of exploding, much like Kilauea. Therefore it behooves all of us to practice patience, forbearance and compassion as we head into the coming week. We’ll need as much as we can get!

Thunder Repeated: the image of SHOCK. Thus in fear and trembling The superior man sets his life in order and examines himself.  ~ The I Ching 

In advance of Uranus entering Taurus, Mercury acts as a vanguard, entering Taurus on the 13th, which means that it will also cross paths with Mars and Uranus. Mars/Uranus is radical and innovative, but it can also be, as said, explosive and unpredictable. And when Mercury joins the picture, this could also bring impulsive decisions or events with combustible consequences. 

What these aspects are good for are having the courage, energy and motivation to implement changes that we had been wanting to make. Mars/Uranus can herald radical new beginnings, with the freedom to follow one’s own path. 

In fixed signs like Taurus and Aquarius it can feel like we are being thrust out of the safety of our nests. But it is also about the freedom to be true to oneself, no matter what that takes, even if it means bucking convention. Mars in Aquarius combined with Uranus equals freedom, and the revolutionary changes that this sign shift brings is daring us to go in a new direction. 

If you are due for changes, and have been resisting them, you just may find that they will no longer be resisted, and changes could even occur due to circumstances beyond your control. This is only the first of 3 squares between Mars and Uranus. This is because at the end of June, Mars will station retrograde, and will appear to travel back and forth repeating the square 2 more times. 

What to anticipate with Uranus in Taurus for the next 7 years: 

  • Radical and revolutionary changes in the world of finance.
  • Taurus has to do with sustainability, farming and anything to do with the Earth and the environment. Perhaps new advances in sustainable farming methods and renewable energy resources. Uranus in Taurus can literally change the landscape.
  • Political and party changes in reaction to and reflecting current socio-economic needs.
  • Uranus has to do with scientific and innovative breakthrough: in Taurus these would have an impact on the economy, the environment and sustainability for decades to come.
  • Taurus has domain over music and the arts. Movements during these times have created radical shifts in the arts. 

The first Fact of existence is the law of change or impermanence. All that exists, from a mole to a mountain, from a thought to an empire, passes through the same cycle of existence ~ birth, growth, decay and death. Life alone is continuous, ever seeking self-expression in new forms. ‘Life is a bridge; therefore build no house on it.’ Life is a process of flow, and he who clings to any form, however, splendid, will suffer by resisting the flow. ~ Christmas Humphries

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