Venus stations Retrograde

October 5th ~ 12th

“La Morte D’Arthur” by William Russell Flint

“La Morte D’Arthur” by William Russell Flint

In the beginning, people prayed to the Creatress of Life, the Mistress of Heaven. At the very dawn of religion, God was a woman. Do you Remember? ~ Merlin Stone (When God was a Woman)

Pivotal events have been taking place in society that could prove to be a catalyst in shaping the future of women’s rights. Pluto’s station, and Venus’s station in Scorpio point to wounds festering in the underbelly of society. The fear of women, and their power, has been an underlying theme since the dawn of time. Women in positions of power are viewed with trepidation, because the sacredness of the Crone has been deliberately tarnished and her powers banished. With Regulus now in Virgo, the Nodes about to return to Cancer, and the Venus/Pluto stations this week, we are going to gradually see a disturbance in the atmosphere, as the Feminine rises to reclaim her power. 

Scorpio and Pluto do have to do with power, both the use and abuse of it. So it is particularly noteworthy that Venus stations retrograde in Scorpio, just days after Pluto stationed. Planets are strong when they pause at these station points. Strong and irrepressible. Society shifts slowly, and it will take strong and impressionable events to allow changes to take hold. All those ancient fears and assumptions of power and self-entitlement, that are embedded in the psyche of humanity will first need to be transformed by revealing and then acknowledging. Purifying and then debriding. Then and only then, can the true healing begin. 

We listen carefully to the stories. We hear the women whisper. They whisper in the fragments of the forgotten. ~ Patricia Lynn Reilly (A God Who Looks Like Me)

As we begin this retrograde cycle, Venus is in Scorpio, a sign of great depth and passion. In this guise Venus is quite powerful as the Queen of the Underworld, where she not only dons the the robes of harmony and beauty, but also sexuality, power, passion and war. During the retrograde cycle, Venus will eventually disappear from the sky, descending to the nether world where she will convene with the gods. Shortly after the October Full Moon, Venus will conjunct the Sun, marking the beginning of a new Venus cycle. However Venus will not be visible again until November, when she is far enough from the Sun to then be seen as a Morning Star. This could be the most critical part of the retrograde period, when the things ruled by Venus, such as relationships, money, love, and beauty are tinged with a bit of ruthless drama and self-preoccupation. 

Venus will retrograde back to Libra on October 31st, a sign of equality, fairness and justice. What will become most obvious over these weeks before the direct station on November 16th, is where we give our power away to others, where there is inequality and unfairness, and what we need to do to reestablish the balance once again. In our personal lives, these weeks of the retrograde cycle of Venus can be treacherous for relationships, and questionable for finances. New relationships may prove to be more complicated than may at first be evident: there are undercurrents of possessiveness, fear of abandonment and jealousy when Venus is retrograde in Scorpio. Much can be revealed about others, but also about our own underlying fears, shame, and hidden emotions that we had not thoroughly dealt with. It’s amazing what can come to the surface when we least expect it! 

Things to avoid during the Venus retrograde cycle:

  • Making major decisions or commitments in relationships, since the likelihood of exaggerating or diminishing the qualities in the other person are heightened.

  • Making investments or buying expensive items. Things may appear to be more valuable than they actually are. 

  • Buying a new wardrobe: Once Venus is direct again, you’ll wonder what on earth you were thinking. Same with makeovers: go with caution before doing anything radical.

  • Starting a new business. There are exceptions, but usually does not bode well. Venus retrograde will follow along like a bad penny. 

What the Venus retrograde cycle is good for:

  • Reunions. People can emerge out of the woodwork at these times. This can be good or bad depending on the person. Sometimes it presents an opportunity to take care of any unfinished business. Can also allow you to reconnect with those people you really do care about, but with whom you had lost touch

  • Exploring what your expectations are from others, and they from you. It is difficult to make compromises at these times, because everyone is focused on their own needs. But it is a very important time to get in tune with what is important to you, and what you want and/or need from relationships and partners. It is also important to know what your limits are, and how far you are or are not willing to compromise for the sake of peace. 

  • Reassessing your priorities. It is time to look within and consider those things, people and circumstances that are truly important to you, and how you can make them more of a priority in your life.

  • Getting in touch with your creative side. If you are so inclined, the retrograde period is a time in which we can be deeply and creatively inspired. If nothing else, immerse yourself in those things that bring you comfort, pleasure and joy: music, art, beauty, nature, and harmony. Your inner Muse needs waking. 

  • Gratitude. We have a tendency to focus on those things we do not have. But if we were to wake each morning with a sense of gratitude for those things we do have, it invests us with an inner sense of prosperity, which if cultivated has the capacity to sow outer prosperity as well. Make it a point each morning during the retrograde phase of Venus to write down one thing for which you are thankful, including all those things that you usually take for granted. 

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