Full Moon Alert

October 19th ~ 26th


A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. ~ Greek Proverb

What an interesting Full Moon we’re having next week on the 24th! The changes promised by Uranus entering Taurus earlier this year, may now begin to unfold.  Taurus is reliable. It is the roots of the tree that hold us firm, it is the very ground upon which we walk, it is gravity itself. Uranus is all about changes, and sometimes even upheaval. And when something in the realm of Taurus begins to shift, we are bound to be subject to some momentary disorientation. The planet Uranus has to do with change and suddenness and surprise and revelation. The very planet itself rotates on its side unlike any other planet in our solar system.

Uranus is at the bending of the Nodes for the next several months. And this week Uranus will be conjunct the Full Moon in Taurus. Just a few days later, the inferior conjunction of Venus takes place, when retrograde Venus passes in front of the Sun. Together they create this symbolic Fixed Grand Cross with the Nodes of the Moon, the points of the Eclipses, as a turning point in our collective destiny. Full Moons are times of fulfillment, when we can see the ramifications of recent decisions and events that reach a crescendo at the time of the Full Moon. The Moon is also sextile Saturn, so this could be about making a commitment or following through with changes. 

With Uranus involved with this Full Moon, this could bring surprising revelations, sudden shifts, twists and unexpected turns. It can bring things out in the open that we had not realized before. Things that are shocking. Uranus can also be illuminating, and with the square to the Nodal Axis, the ramifications of what we learn in the ambit of this Moon can bring the realization that a whole new paradigm is going to be unfolding. Venus has domain over the economy, alliances and women. And as Venus will be opposing Uranus for an extended period of time during her retrograde phase, all of these are subject to change and instability. So whether it’s about deficits, or entitlements, or shifting alliances, or dire predictions about the environment; these are all stories about Taurus and the shifting paradigms. Uranus in Taurus can roll out economic turmoil and even collapse, or it can bring something quite the opposite: innovative and creative economic programs that serve the greater good. 

In our own lives it might be wise this week to be flexible and to keep our options open. Uranus has this way of catching us off guard, and changing things up when we least expect it. As said, it can also be illuminating, showing us alternatives that we hadn’t considered before. Be flexible, be nimble, be open-minded. Just because we’ve always done something one way in the past, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best way. Dare to take the enlightened path. 

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