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Welcome to the web site of Lauren Howard Coleman, a Level IV Certified Consulting Astrologer. I do readings in person in New York City, by Skype, Facetime and Phone. Please feel free to contact me to set up an appointment.

Pisces Stellium

February 23rd ~ March 2nd

This week we are in full-on Pisces mode, with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, as well as Neptune and Chiron... we are probably going to be running the gamut of Pisces: from insanity and despair, all the way up to spiritual bliss and compassion. Saturn will keep us grounded in reality, but it is righteous Mars stirring up the Piscean depths into an agitated froth of indignation this week. We will need to watch our steps as a result. But despite this there are still opportunities to heal over the divide and build bridges of compassion and understanding if we play our cards right. 

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