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The Bridge to Lightness

April 28th ~ May 5th

For the whole month of April, Venus, the planet of love, money, pleasure and art, was conjunct the centaur Chiron and square limiting and tiresome Saturn. Then with the Taurus New Moon last week, there was a bit of a lightening, as Venus began to move on. Today Venus enters the passionate and heroic sign of Aries. Leaving her wounds behind here, we are now sloughing off the darkness, and facing a brave new future. Perhaps even, dare we say, with a little excitement and hope. Part of that is because Venus is moving on. And part of that is because Mercury is about to station direct next week, in the electrified and vibrant embrace of Uranus.

Yes, Uranus has a bit of a reputation for unpredictability and has this tendency to surprise us when we least want or need it to. But it can also be illuminating, exciting, revealing and hopeful. It can also be a little impatient. Be cautious. You won't want to jump the gun. There's no telling what is around the next corner (especially with Mercury still retrograde until the 3rd), and you might want to pay attention. Things move very quickly when Mercury meets Uranus.

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