Natal Chart with Forecast


Natal Chart with Forecast

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Although the natal chart is referred to when doing all forecasts, it is often given short shrift when the forecast is done alone. If you have never had your chart read before, or if you want a more meaningful and in depth reading this is the one to go for. The natal chart is more fully explored within the context of where you have come from, where you are now, and where you are going.

Session Length:
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  • Short Session - 45 minutes - $75
    Allows more time to ask questions and gain clarification.  Good for quick updates, or if you would like more information about a specific period of time, and what to expect.  Please specify an area of focus either in the natal chart or for the forecast.
  • Better Session - 60 minutes - $100
    Better for natal charts, Solar Returns and forecast updates.  If you want a more thorough forecast consultation or want both the natal and forecast, choose the 90 minute session, which gives enough time to cover the most relevant topics.
  • Best Session - 90 minutes - $150
    This allows enough time for the most thorough forecast reading.  Natal+forecasts are best in 90 minute sessions, because this allows enough time to examine both.  

In order to set up an appointment, please leave me the following information:

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  •  place of birth (city, state, province and country)
  •  where you are currently residing
  •  area of focus

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