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A Super Lunar Eclipse

Posted by Lauren on January 25, 2018 at 8:50 PM

January 26th ~ February 2nd

Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. ~ Steve Jobs

Next Wednesday, January 31st, we have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo. Lunar Eclipses fall on the Full Moon, and not only will this be an eclipse, but it will also be a Super Moon, meaning that the Full Moon Eclipse occurs when the Moon is perigee, or close to the Earth. This gives the illusion that the Moon is even larger and grander than usual. Since it is also the 2nd Full Moon in the month of January, it is also considered a Blue Moon. If you live in North America or the Hawaiian Islands, you will be able to see this eclipse in the early morning sunrise hours on January 31st. The further West you are the better, as you will need to be on the night side of the Earth during the eclipse, in order to see the Moon turn Red. If you live in the Middle East, in Asia, Australia, New Zealand or Indonesia, the eclipse will be visible in the evening hours after sunset on January 31st. For eclipse times see the EarthSky page here.

Full Moons are times of culmination, disclosure, revelation and even crisis. What we learn during a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse can change the paradigm. Sometimes these are merely intense Full Moons. People who are sensitive to the vagaries of the Moon, will know what I mean by this: sleepless nights; shifting moods; vivid dreams. For others it will merely mean a lot of commotion or activity. But for those who have personal or sensitive points in their natal charts around 9-13º of Leo or Aquarius, this Eclipse could be illuminating, or finally bring a situation to closure. Truths may be disclosed, or shifts in perception can change the way you see the world, or perhaps even change the course of your life.

As we enter the current Aquarius/Leo eclipse season, through the events associated with Leo (where the North Node of the Moon currently is), we are being asked to honor our own sense of integrity, and to not compromise that integrity just to fit in, or because of undue pressure. The North Node in Leo is about setting the example for others to follow. In this way, even a single individual has the capacity to make an impact on the whole. Full Moons can bring out conflict, but they can also (especially when in Leo) be creatively inspiring and expressive. Through the window of this Lunar Eclipse, see what stirs your soul and heart with inspiration and passion.

The Lunar Eclipse is also conjunct the dwarf planet, Ceres. With an association with the Divine Feminine, Ceres holds sway over maternal archetypes including Mother Earth herself. Ceres in Leo is not only pride in our own achievements, but pride through the nourishment and nurturing of talent and expression in others. It is about honoring the women in our lives, and the influences they have made. When you think of the feminine role models in your life, who would you think of? What are the qualities of the women you most admire? How can you best express your own Divine Feminine and Nurturing qualities, to bring out the best in yourself, as well as in others?

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