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Horoscopes: January 12th thru 19th

Posted by Lauren on January 11, 2018 at 7:00 PM

For the week of January 12th thru the 19th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


Strength and power is yours Aries, if you can take hold of some of the powerful weather that is rolling forward through the weekend and beyond. There is also something deeply healing and purifying through some sort of physical activity or by seeing a project through to completion. All the more so with a huge confluence of planets in the sign of Capricorn this week. Capricorn is a sign of integrity, strength, reputation and respect. It’s about taking your responsibilities and obligations seriously. It’s not only what you are known for, but what you want to be known for. If you had a legacy to leave the world, what would that look like? For what do you wish to be admired? And in the wake of the Capricorn New Moon on Tuesday, send your intentions out into the Universe, pledging that not only do you wish to realize your life’s path and purpose, but that you have the courage, strength and determination to fulfill it.


Be prepared for a few unexpected twists and turns over the weekend. Things may not necessarily work out as expected. Therefore flexibility and understanding may be called for, realizing that not everyone is coming from the same place or the same perspective. Greater wholeness can be achieved by accepting and appreciating the differences in others, and what you can also learn from them. Pay attention to when Venus changes signs on Wednesday, bringing your social standing and reputation into the foreground. Along with this is an understanding of the influence that you can have on others, in a positive way. By inspiring others, serving as an example, it can also become evident how you can accomplish so much more with the cooperation of others, than you can on your own. This is a great time to make a formal commitment to expand your awareness as well as your horizons in some way.


It is probably best to take it slow as you move through the weekend, and Mercury passes by limiting and precise Saturn. Things have to be accomplished in steps: in the right way, at the right time, and there is no rushing that sort of thing. But if you follow the rules, and get precise directions, then the rewards could be quite rewarding in the end. Where this weekend looks like hard work, the end of the week is merely asking you to be: feel, breathe, sense, relate and understand. Your perceptions will be keen and your heart open. The New Moon on Tuesday is at the end of the sign of Capricorn, which for Gemini has to do with both endings and beginnings, with paying attention to preparing for the future, and transforming your life in some compelling way. This could include unloading any fears or old wounds, allowing you to make new resolutions for healing and renewal.


The New Moon on Tuesday is a powerful New Moon for Cancer. This would be especially so for Cancers born between July 16th and the 20th, and those with 24-28º of Cancer Rising. The New Moon falls at the end of Capricorn which for Cancer primarily concerns close relationships. Things you might want to work on with this Moon is focusing on strengthening relationships you have now, and being open to starting new relationships that prove to be dependable and reliable. In which case, if you are wanting to attract good and reliable people, put it out there with the New Moon, with the intention to be open to meeting the sorts of people that would be best for you. And then address any fears you may be harboring that might prevent you from fully expressing your feelings to others, or attracting serious people in your life. With this Moon it’s not just about intimate relationships, but all partnerships that have the capacity to sustain, support and benefit you in the long run.


The week could start off on an edgy note as you are not sure if you are coming or going, and a sudden change in plans and circumstances could catch you off guard. Things may not turn out the way that you had hoped, all the more reason to be flexible, open and understanding. Some of the lessons you may come away with, is learning to accept and embrace the human experience for what it is, realizing that at its best, it is merely imperfect. Look for commonalities of perception, and the means to be able to mend bridges and heal old wounds, while recognizing those things that you do have control over, and those that you don’t. Acceptance is also key this week. An intention for the New Moon on Tuesday may be: May I create order and organization and clarity in my every day schedule and activities in order to promote greater productivity.


It makes no sense to rush anything as we move into the weekend. The devil is in the details. Things may seem pretty easy and straightforward at first, but once you get down to the nuts and bolts of a thing, it may be more involved, and take more effort than previously realized. But there can be something to be said for the sorts of things that require a lot of work and patience. In fact, with all this Capricorn it can be said that the harder you work, the more rewarding it will be in the end. This seems sublimely so this week, for after your ruling planet makes its pass over hard-working Saturn this weekend, it then moves on to engage soulfully transcendent Neptune. This is the sort of aspect from which dreams may come.


Some people like the edginess of a Venus/Uranus square: it takes you out of your routines, and dares to shake things up a bit. It also allows you to see things from another person’s perspective. But it could take some adjustment as well, and if you are looking for things to be calm and predictable, this is not likely to be the case. Best to be a little flexible, and accommodating for other’s quirks and changes though, there’s no telling what Uranus will bring to the table. Tuesday’s New Moon is at the end of the sign of Capricorn, which for Libra puts a big focus on home, family members, property and any supportive community you may have. A possible intention for this Moon might be: May I create a sanctuary of security and peace within my own home, no matter what changes may be happening in my external world. Pay attention to when Venus changes signs on Wednesday allowing you to make more authentic connections with loved ones.


Scorpio has access to this wealth of strength and determination to see a goal brought to completion this weekend. There’s no stopping you once you set your sights on something (or someone). Physical endurance as well as will power are in high form… see if you can channel some of that powerful energy in some constructive way. Then as we approach the New Moon on Tuesday, it falls at the mid-point of the Mars/Chiron trine, which is significant to Scorpio through opportunities to purify, heal and transform. By honoring your limitations, but wanting to make the most of a situation, you can push yourself just enough to see the developments you’ve been hoping for.


The New Moon on Tuesday is at the very end of Capricorn, which for Sagittarius relates to those things that you own, value or would like to possess. This can involve money and resources, but it can also have to do with things that are perhaps even more weighty, such as confidence, self-esteem and self-worthiness. Capricorn is a practical sign, so this is an excellent time to create a financial plan or some kind of realistic budget. But in general Capricorn is about creating greater security and establishing structures in your life that you know are trustworthy and reliable. So you may want to ask yourself, what changes need to be made in order to establish a solid foundation that you can depend on well into the future. Some good intentions for this Moon may be: May I be able to more easily prioritize those things which are most meaningful to me; and I want to see myself living a more sustainable and reliable lifestyle.


The New Moon on Tuesday is at the end of the sign of Capricorn, and will be most powerful for those Capricorns born between January 14th and the 18th, or who have 24-28º of Capricorn Rising. However all Capricorns will resonate with this Moon: the adjustment to changes already made, anticipating the changes to come; and the determination to see the new seeds being planted now come to fruition in the future. You might want to pay attention to having more control over yourself and your life and the direction it will be taking from here on. This New Moon generates a renewed sense of self-awareness, about what is right for you, and where you see yourself going. Focus on what you need to do to be someone with gravity: someone who engenders respect, not only from others, but especially from yourself.


This weekend could present with a few twists and turns that catch you off guard, only because you hadn’t seen them coming. It is the Dark of the Moon, just before the New Moon, that is more about reflecting, conserving and preparing, than it is about taking action. Therefore any distractions, may feel a little unnerving. What this week is good for is addressing the past without fear and loathing, or other attachments to the past that prevent complete and utter healing. Embrace all the events that have brought you here, to this place, and then release them. This coming New Moon can revive memories from the past, but it can also bring the tools that will allow you to lay them to rest. On the strong back of this Capricorn Moon, release the burdens of the past in order to walk freely into the future.


So much of this coming weekend and the days that follow are about healing, acceptance and the capacity to embrace imperfection. It’s not about striving for perfection by any means, it’s about rehabilitation, strengthening and rebuilding, with an eye to understanding that we are not all made from the same cloth. And it’s about learning to accept and embrace the human experience for what it is, recognizing that at best it is merely imperfect. As the week wears on you could find a way to connect with others, so that some sort of inner understanding can be established. These connections can often be found in times of stillness. The New Moon on Tuesday is at the very end of Capricorn, which for Pisces is something of a wishing Moon. With this Moon make it a point to set realistic and achievable aspirations for yourself. An intention for this Moon might be: May I take the steps that will bring me nearer to making my dreams a closer reality.

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