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Horoscopes: November 10th thru 17th

Posted by Lauren on November 9, 2017 at 3:30 PM

For the week of November 10th thru the 17th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


Think of all that you’ve been striving to achieve over the past decade or so. All that you have already achieved! This month your homework is to explore the ways that you can creatively tweak what you do, so that it is more in alignment with your highest and truest expression of yourself. What is the image that you wish to portray to the world? What are your best attributes? In the mean time, there may be some tension arising over the course of the week. If the tension becomes unbearable, it will become evident that something is going to have to change. A rubber band can only be stretched so far before it snaps. Some decision may be decided by the New Moon on the 18th, what (or who) can stay, and what needs to go.


What dreams there are in heaven and on earth, may they all find a place in your heart this week. Your ruling planet, Venus, is exploring the sultry domains of Scorpio this month, only to meet the grand poobah of all planets, Jupiter. This is a partnership of mutual benefit, luck, auspiciousness and hope. This week Taurus asks: where and how can I fulfill my dreams, and who are the people who will help to guide me along the path, in order to do so? A big vision is emerging. And in some way you are being asked to share that vision with others. Partly because you are so positive that this is going to work, you easily win others over to your side as well. This week, love and congeniality win the day. Pay attention to the good things happening.


Conversations could seem to be moving at cross purposes through the middle of the week. It could even have a bit of a retrograde feeling: missed calls; misunderstandings; saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. One of the tendencies with the current transits is to see what you want to see and ignore the rest, which will only confound any prevailing confusion. Make sure that you fully understand what people are trying to say, and that they understand you. It also may be evident that there are some times when silence and tact win the day. If you are unsure about a decision, see if you can wait until after Tuesday, when the fog begins to lift. Use the first half of the week for reflection and for reserving your energy. You’re going to need it as you come to the end of the week, when the energy quickly picks up.


The general atmosphere of the week is one of sublime joy and spaciousness. There may even be opportunity to see a cherished hope and dream come true for either yourself, or a loved one. Either way, there seems to be evidence for a celebration. Therefore you may not see the drama that is gradually unfolding over the course of the next few weeks. It may be that someone or some event has the capacity to unearth some old and dangerous demons. Do rejoice. Take part in those things that bring you joy and happiness. Just keep an eye out for any encroaching denizens with ulterior motives. Let them know that you are having way too good a time to allow them to disrupt your good mood.


If you want to get things accomplished, a sense of determination and focus carries you straight through the weekend. It is as if you are on a mission. And there will be little that will be able to distract you from your purpose. Not even the joyousness of the Venus/Jupiter conjunction will deter you, though you will notice a sense of optimism emerging as well. But even in this positive atmosphere it is evident that not everything or everyone is perfect. It is in accepting that fact and embracing the human experience for what it is that greater wholeness can be achieved, and bridges mended. This week, think about those things that bring you a greater sense of meaning and of what it feels to be alive.


There could be an element of confusion during the first half of the week: messages are garbled; nobody seems to understand you; nor you them. It’s too easy in this sort of weather to see only what you want to see and ignore the rest. With Mercury currently traveling in Sagittarius, there’s also a good reminder here to hold your own counsel, wait and listen, and avoid putting your foot in your mouth. If things are unclear, wait until the fog lifts and you finally do have a clearer focus and understanding. Allow yourself to step back and take some time out. You will probably want to reserve your energy any way, as things are bound to speed up after mid-week.


Your ruling planet Venus, is drawn into the grand and opulent arms of Jupiter this week. This is usually a transit of immense joy and optimism. Love and congeniality abound. However, as they are both in Scorpio, there is also the danger of spending inordinate amounts on things that you ‘absolutely must have’, or are drawn to obsess about someone or something to the exclusion of all else. Things can get blown out of proportion here, but this transit is still invested with luck and hope and love, all entwined together. Art, beauty, romance, dreams, all thrive in this weather. However, Libra is also on a bit of a tear, filled with initiative and purpose. You may find yourself coming up against powerful forces as the week proceeds. If the situation becomes untenable, you may even decide to make some changes over the next few weeks, in order to relieve the tension.


There are mixed, but powerful energies merging this week. For one thing, that fabulous Venus/Jupiter conjunction falls in the sign of Scorpio. Those people who will benefit the most from this lucky duo, are those who have personal planets and points around 6-8º of Scorpio. That would include people who are born around the 28th of October thru the 2nd of November, or who have 6-8º of Scorpio rising. A bigger vision of yourself (and the possibilities! Oh, the possibilities..) is emerging. Jupiter traveling in your sign is asking you to think large, and Venus is bringing you the support and resources you will need. In turn your ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, are approaching a powerful square. This transit invests you with a ruthless determination to achieve your desired goals, no matter what. Those two transits: the optimism and delight of the Venus/Jupiter conjunction; and the powerful Mars/Pluto square, will make of Scorpio a force to be reckoned with, with just enough sugar to probably get your way.


There is an inclination with Sagittarius to sometimes blurt things out without first screening and editing the content. It’s a good idea, for the first part of the week especially, to refrain from saying everything you think, and avoiding the impulse to share everything on your mind. Especially if the facts are a little murky. There is also the tendency to become distracted in this weather. That’s okay. But it can make it difficult to make clear decisions. No matter, the general mood this week, is one of blissful intoxication, so a certain amount of distraction is allowed. Clarity will resume after mid-week, when you find that whatever distractions were clouding your mind, are finally lifting, and you are filled with decisive ideas and action. If you want to get your point across, wait until after Tuesday to do so.


If you want to get things done, you will probably want to aim for the earlier part of the week, when things seem to run unimpeded, and you can use the prevailing transits to your advantage. However, as we get closer to the end of the week, you could come up against some serious obstacles. It just may be that you (or some other powerful force) are pushing yourself too hard. Or there are simply some forces that cannot be negotiated with. Nonetheless, when your back is against the wall, and you find yourself under extraordinary pressure, rather than react or plow through, pay attention to the emerging trends. It just may be, that over the next few weeks, certain radical changes may be called for.


The prevailing Saturn/Uranus transit window truly works to your advantage. It favors all things Aquarius: cutting edge technology; the internet; humanitarian causes; creative initiatives; and most of all, you. This transit allows for constructive changes in your life that can be implemented without having to rock the boat, or give up the things that you do have, and that you like and want to keep. The Venus/Jupiter conjunction also benefits Aquarius, as it puts more emphasis on a vision for the future that you would like to see achieved. If nothing else, Venus allows us all to see that it just may be possible for that vision to become a closer reality. It may seem like wistful dreams at this point, but with Jupiter in the mix, there is no telling where this will lead.


What dreams, what hope, what visions for the future there are, may they find a way to blossom in your life this week. We have all become all too aware of the suffering in the world these days. But thanks to a number of courageous individuals, and the outpouring of compassion in trying times, there is reason to have hope for the future. When people share their fear, their wounds, even their tragedy in an open way, it becomes evident that there are others who share the same wounds, the same experiences. Together they become an empowered force for change. We live in an imperfect world, but through incremental acts of courage and compassion, we can make it a little bit better each day. For all of us. Love wins the day this week. See what seeds of love and compassion you can sow.

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