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Horoscopes: October 13th thru 20th

Posted by Lauren on October 12, 2017 at 9:05 PM

For the week of October 13th thru the 20th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


This has been a harrowing and exhausting week for some. If you managed to pace yourself, you may have been able to avoid the dreaded plague, or some other debilitating condition, but there will be few who are not feeling even a bit overwhelmed. If you were hoping for some rest and recuperation over the week ahead, don’t be too sure. The weather is so changeable and excitable straight through the New Moon next Thursday, there’s no telling what will be coming around the next corner. Aries usually prefers something of a quick pace, but the constant changes and hurdles you’ll be expected to leap over, could even fray your last nerve. The best way to handle this weather, is by being as flexible as possible over the coming week. The New Moon in Libra is a good time to reconsider a relationship or partnership. You might want to ask yourself, How can you arrive at an understanding with others that still affords you the freedom to maintain your independence and personal lifestyle?


Your ruling planet, Venus, moves into Libra this weekend, which benefits Taurus in significant ways. Some of these ways have to do with your inter-relationships with others, both in your daily life, as well as within the workspace. You may find yourself actively cooperating and working with co-workers in order to create a more pleasant working environment. One thing that both Taurus and Libra have in common is a love of all things beautiful and serene, and hopefully Venus’ presence here will also help to promote these. The New Moon next Thursday is also in the sign of Libra, which is an ideal time to create initiatives either at work, or concerning your general health and well-being. One thing that you may be considering, is how you can make adjustments in your routine or on the job, that will either allow you greater freedom, or more creative self-expression.


Make the most of whatever time you have this weekend to get yourself organized. There still may be quite a few distractions and changes in plans. Nonetheless, it will be easier for you to juggle your time in the earlier part of the week, than it will be later. One thing that will be in your favor, is that on Tuesday, Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into focused and determined Scorpio, which may help to keep you from becoming overly distracted. Even so, it will still be easy to become over-extended over the course of the week, forcing you to apply your juggling skills as well. One thing that could also occur, is that in the wake of certain changes, you are going to want to look at the larger picture, trying to make decisions that would be in the best interest of all parties concerned. The New Moon next Thursday is an opportunity for Gemini to reacquaint themselves with their creative side, or connect with those people or things that make your heart sing. Be willing to step out of your conventional ways of doing things and welcome with joy the changes that are unfolding.


As we approach the New Moon next week, this dark side of the Moon would normally be a good time to withdraw, reflect, purify and release. However, with all of the crazy and unpredictable weather we continue to have, there’s no telling where we will be, or what we are going to be doing from day to day. Even the New Moon itself is about creating change, being open to change, or adjusting to new paradigms that have been emerging. Perhaps the key for the week, is to be as flexible as possible, in order to make room for any unforeseen changes of plans, schedules or decisions. All New Moons are good times to think in terms of recharging our intentions, and the New Moon next Thursday is particularly charged. For Cancer, this New Moon has you reflecting on how radical changes in either your career, or changes in your status have affected your personal life: and vice versa. Make the intention to find that calm center, where you can find peace and tranquility even under the most stressful of circumstances and changes.


Take advantage of the weekend to organize your life and get all of your ducks in a row, for you may not get a chance to do so later on in the week. It’s not necessarily that you will be busier later on It’s that there are liable to be a few changes in plans, schedules and decisions, and it will be all you can do to know whether you are coming or going. Therefore take care of business before things get too crazy, and unexpected events or situations cause to have to take an about face. You may be asked to do something outside of your usual and customary ways of doing things. Sometimes that is a good thing. In fact you might want to make that one of your intentions for the upcoming New Moon on Thursday. Dare to explore new places, new ideas, or a new territory. There’s no telling what you will be able to discover.


It will probably be a little easier early in the week to get yourself organized, and create some sort of a plan. Even so, you may find that after exploring and discussing ideas with others that you may decide to make a few creative adjustments. Virgo is usually pretty good at rolling with the punches, just realize that you may need a little more flexibility than usual this week, as situations are subject to change at the drop of a hat. One advantage Virgo has, is that your ruling planet, Mercury, will be moving into Scorpio on Tuesday, a sign that is usually focused and determined. You will find that you will leave no stone unturned for the 3 weeks that Mercury is here. With an eagle eye for detail, your aim is to investigate everything thoroughly before making major decisions. One thing that you might want to consider with the New Moon next Thursday, is devising some sort of financial plan that you know you can live with, and getting your priorities in order. In light of any recent changes this should prove to be a good idea!


This is a week for tweaking your wardrobe, your hair, or your appearance, so that it is a more authentic expression of who you are, what you like, and what you feel comfortable with. This is what is on the table with next week’s New Moon in Libra on Thursday. All the more so with your ruling planet, Venus, coming home to Libra this weekend! It’s not even about impressing others (though there is always an element of that with Libra), it’s really about what is right for you. It’s not just about your appearance, it is also about your attitude, and your sense of self. Make the intention with next week’s New Moon to be true to your new emerging identity over the year ahead. And to also be open to any changes that have been unfolding over the past year that are allowing you to be a truer, more authentic, expression of yourself, in all of your beauty, grace, harmony and serenity of which Libra is especially renowned.


As you are dragging yourself through this world filled with suffering, aging, sickness, catastrophe after catastrophe, and the whole 9 yards, if you are not moved to compassion, no one is. The problem is what can be done about all this? You may not be able to save the whole world, but you can begin with what is right in front of you right now, today. Focus on the things that you can do something about, and accept the things that you cannot do anything about. And as Mercury enters your sign on Tuesday, many of the things that you’ve been thinking about and mulling over for some time, may just need to be said. There is no stone left unturned, no subject considered taboo, when Mercury enters your sign. It could also be, that you are being asked to look at the bigger picture this week, now that Jupiter is also in your sign. Part of that bigger picture is recognizing what you need to let go, in order to embrace the future.


You may find yourself dragging around a bit. There are only so many walls you can bang your head against, before you realize it does not achieve very much. But once you just let some things go, you might find that things go a little bit more smoothly. You might want to consider some creative alternatives to your accustomed ways of doing things, in order to adjust to any new paradigms that are emerging, or will be occurring in the next few months. Now that your ruler has moved into Scorpio, you may be thinking of winding some things down, and reserving some of that indefatigable energy you all have. For Sagittarius, the New Moon in Libra is a good time to think about what changes you might want to make, or that are emerging, that will make your dream for the future a closer reality. This is your wishing Moon, therefore connect with those hopes and wishes that you would like to see realized this year, and then toss them out to the universe. There’s no telling what they will bring back.


There are times in life that are just rife with frustration. If you find yourself mulling over the misery in the world, and feeling hopeless about what you cannot do: Focus on those things that you can do something about, and learn to accept those things that you don’t have any control over. At least for now. If you wish to get some sort of organization accomplished in your life, you might find it easier to do so earlier in the week, although the week as a whole is rife with changing plans and schedules. It’s enough to drive a Capricorn mad. The key for a good part of this week, is to remain as flexible as possible, so that you will be ready. We are all being asked to think in terms of moving outside of our usual ways of doing things with the upcoming New Moon any way. For Capricorn this may be in terms of what adjustments you need or want to make in order to improve, or promote your reputation or what you do. You don’t make changes lightly, but with this Moon you are being asked to think in terms of that possibility.


It will be important to be flexible this week, for there is no telling what could happen day to day. Plans change, things get shifted around, and you really won’t be in the mood for it. It just may be that things are moving so quickly, that you can’t quite keep up, or that either you or someone else just keeps changing their minds. Be cautious though, it is never fun when things are flying all about in this crazy and haphazard way. Later in the week, there is a New Moon in the sign of Libra. For Aquarius this presents an opportunity to open your mind to alternative possibilities for the future. Dare to think outside of your usual ways of doing things. There is something quite compelling here about exploring new ideas, and new horizons, that would not only benefit you, but could also benefit others as well.


In this weather, events could transpire that open old wounds and force you to face some dreaded fears. On the other hand, any fears, wounds and obstacles emerging now could be just the sort of catalyst that propels you into action, knowing that by doing so, you can make some sort of difference. Pisces is rarely one to stand on the sidelines, when their heart is telling them to engage in action. Especially when you are looking at the larger picture and its consequences. Your ideals trump any fears or doubts that may arise. In fact, the New Moon in Libra next week is an excellent time to put aside any old habits or fears that have been holding you back from taking chances. Make the intention to make the best choices that will bring greater balance and clarity into your life, and create the sort of emotional and psychological freedom that allows you to reach for the stars.

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