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Horoscopes: October 6th thru 13th

Posted by Lauren on October 5, 2017 at 10:40 PM

For the week of October 6th thru the 13th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


You are emerging out of a period fraught with frustration, delays, and criss-crossed responsibilities. Do not think that this is going to be some sort of trend, despite the feeling that there are still quite a few hurdles to leap over, wounded and bedraggled and exhausted as you may be. Learning to pace yourself in this kind of weather is difficult. But as you wend your way through the week, something else is emerging as Jupiter, the planet of largesse moves into deep and profound Scorpio on Tuesday. For the year ahead, you may indeed find that your life is changing. But the changes that Jupiter brings while traveling in Scorpio, are almost always for the best, even if they don’t feel like it at the time. This will prove to be something of an interesting year, as you explore deep questions and mysteries, trying to make sense of the world and gain greater understanding. You are thinking about the future, and the best ways to invest and be ready for that future. And this will likely prove to be a good time to do so.


You may find yourself licking your wounds by the end of the week. But do not be discouraged. Any delays, heartbreaks or rejections that you may be feeling, are mere minor obstacles to the larger picture that is emerging. That larger picture has to do with Jupiter entering the sign of Scorpio this week, a sign that Taurus associates with relationships, partners, clients, and your audience. They will all be clamoring at the door with Jupiter in Scorpio. One thing to note: Jupiter aims to improve all relationships. And if a relationship has reached its untimely limit, and proves to be more of a burden than an asset, Jupiter will gently relieve you of that burden. Positive relationships, and relationships formed while Jupiter is traveling here will only grow under Jupiter’s beneficence. New relationships formed over the year ahead, are likely to be mutually beneficial. There is an added bonus with Jupiter here: the people who come into your life over the next year, are going to show you life from another perspective, expanding your awareness and understanding. How glorious is that?


It could feel like there are some huge challenges to be overcome this week as you struggle to contend with forces that feel much larger than yourself. This could be good for any project that requires a great deal of focus and concentration, provided you can keep your concentration there. This could also just find you obsessing over an issue that you can’t let go. This should ease up after Tuesday, when cooler heads are able to make sense of things, and see a clearer path forward. Jupiter entering Scorpio this week, could benefit Gemini in a few ways. One way is in your work environment: there should be some improvements over the year ahead. Improvements can come in a variety of ways: better hours, opportunities to learn new skills, a good training program, a raise, a promotion… something that seems to make it all worthwhile, and gives you some sort of vision for the future. Jupiter wants you to grow in some way, and so will you.


You may or may not yet notice the effect of Jupiter moving into Scorpio this week. Perhaps not right away, but over the course of the year ahead, it could indeed have a positive impact on many a Cancer. Don’t let any current impermanent stress lead you to believe otherwise! There may even be some sort of celebration or joyous announcement in the months ahead. When Jupiter joins the party, it can sometimes indeed be too much of a good thing. However, do realize that it really is important for you to make time for those people and things that make your heart sing. Too often we are too busy, too obligated to make room for play or to have fun. Occasionally we just need to replenish our batteries, in order to be able to be better, happier, more expressive, more productive beings. One more thing, Scorpio is also a heart sign for you. Jupiter can bring more love in your life when he travels in this sign. But Cancer doesn’t just love, they love deeply and profoundly (just read any Pablo Neruda love poem!!!), and Jupiter can also expand on that profundity! Jupiter may bring abundance, but this is abundance with deep reservoirs of meaning.


The stress of the previous week bleeds over into this one. It is debilitating and tiresome. It could even feel like there are tremendous challenges to be overcome, and you may have to make some changes or adjustments in order to accommodate. Not for nothing, as Jupiter moves into Scorpio this week it is launching a year-long period of self-reflection. We often carry around old wounds, self-defeating concepts of ourselves, that undermine confidence and self-esteem. We do this unconsciously, as often these concepts are imprinted on our psyche early on in our lives, but then continue to impact our sense of self throughout the years. When Jupiter travels here, he frees us of these imprints that hold us back. The other possibility with Jupiter traveling here is a desire to improve on or expand your home, personal space, or personal community in some way that is meaningful to you. this coming year make it a point to gather in the tribe and work on nurturing reliable support systems.


The early part of the week feels a little tense and stressed out. It could be that you do this to yourself, or it also may be that you are contending with challenges that are beyond your pay grade, and it has you obsessing over your last frayed nerve. However, as the week wears on, you should be able to cut back and things should begin to allow you to settle into some sort of routine where you can once again get a handle on things. On a lighter note, Jupiter entering Scorpio will benefit Virgo in a number of ways over the year ahead. One ask that is being made of you, is honoring and gaining greater confidence in your voice, and believing that you have something valuable and important to say. Also, Jupiter will be encouraging you to delve more deeply into gaining greater understanding, either on a particular subject or teaching, or perhaps on human behavior. One way that can happen is through your daily interactions with others in your immediate environment that allow you to see things from a different perspective. This is a good year to take a class, write that book that you’ve been meaning to get to, or otherwise exchange and share information with others. Doing so could open up your mind and perspective in some profound and meaningful way.


In what should have been a time of silence and reflection this past week, has been feeling somewhat invaded. This could leave you feeling out of synch, perhaps a bit exhausted. One’s focus becomes narrow in such weather, yearning for those things that you cannot have right now. Realize that this is only a temporary state of affairs, and relief is just around the corner. Jupiter is leaving your sign this week, and you may want to reflect on the ways that you have grown over the past year. Do not be discouraged by the current state of affairs. Focus on the big picture. As Jupiter moves into Scorpio, you are going to expand your support systems and resources. This can sometimes mean more money. It could also mean spending more! But perhaps even more importantly is receiving the sort of support that allows you to develop and promote your skills and your talents some significant way. In the mean time, make it a point to open your heart to receiving, and recognize that you are deserving of the abundance that the universe currently has to offer.


This week, Jupiter, the planet of beneficence, glory and growth, enters your sign. You may not feel it quite yet. It may only begin with a slight twinge of growing confidence. But as it approaches your Sun or Ascendant degree, you will begin to feel it. If you don’t feel it yet, pretend to. This is your time to grow and expand your horizons in some significant way. But it’s going to have to come from you. And that begins by believing that you deserve something good and big in your life. You could also just sit back, and allow the opportunity to wash over you and possibly even pass you by. However, knowing that there is this window here, take some time to think about your vision for the future. And make sure it’s your vision. Just because everyone tells you that you should want a specific thing, it may not necessarily be what you really want, or what you need. Therefore knowing yourself is essential here. You do have the power over the year ahead to make your desires manifest, just make sure that they are your desires, and that they are for your greater good.


As your ruling planet, Jupiter, moves into Scorpio for the next coming year, it is also winding down a previous phase of your life. There is no despair here, though. These are welcome endings, that are paving the way for a new start, and new opportunities that will then be possible. What endings that occur over the year ahead are usually for the better Scorpio is a sign of renewal and even rebirth. With this comes the purging of any self-limiting anger, regrets, or resentments you might be clinging to. There’s no room for those either. You’ve got a whole world about to be opening up in the next few years, and you’re going to have to make room for that to be possible. It may not be all that obvious now, or at least this week as you are looking at all the things that you can’t do, or are not possible. That’s all temporary. Jupiter can also bring some profound experiences over the next year. Be ready to have Jupiter blow your mind. And in a good way.


The early days of this week could feel a little frustrating. It could even feel as if you are taking two steps forward only to take 3 steps back. Instead of focusing on how little progress you are making, patiently wait out the current obstacles. By the end of next week, you’ve got it made. When you’ve set your mind on something, nothing will stop you. Jupiter moving into Scorpio this week should benefit most Capricorns. You are being wistfully asked to think about the foreseeable future, and even beyond. This is particularly poignant, as your ruling planet will be moving into your sign the end of this year, hoisting you aloft into a new era of your life. Meanwhile, Jupiter wants you to expand your horizons, and get in touch with your hopes and wishes. One thing that may become apparent, is that you can accomplish so much more with others, whether through a group, an organization or friends, than you possibly could on your own.


Do not be frustrated by the slow pace, or obstacles in the beginning of the week. This should improve as we move further into the week, and you are then able to make some steady progress, and get into some sort of schedule or routine. Meanwhile, Jupiter moves into the sign of Scorpio this week, a sign that Aquarius associates with public image, status and reputation. Jupiter wants you to expand or grow your image in some way. This could mean a promotion or a step up over the year ahead. Or it just may be that there is some other life change to celebrate. You are going to be needing a little room to grow. It’s that time. Whatever happens, it should also bring a boost of confidence, especially as it approaches the particular degree of your Sun or Ascendant (or Midheaven if it is in Scorpio!). Jupiter will cross at least one of these this coming year. And if you are thinking of expanding next year, focus on quality, rather than quantity. In other words, focus on making the sorts of improvements in your life over the coming year, that will make your life more meaningful.


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, will be changing signs this week, bringing you right along for the ride. Think about this if you find yourself licking your wounds this week. Jupiter entering Scorpio is entering a fellow water sign, which will bring benefit to Pisces, through an expanding vision for the future. For some, this vision can be broadened through travel experiences, that prove to be transformative in some profound way. For other Pisceans, the transformation can come through the exploration of some sort of philosophical or intellectual concept, that can literally expand your mind and your perspective. For others you may decide to further explore a particular subjects, or learn more about a topic that will ultimately benefit your career. A big vision is emerging, and there will be little you can do to keep yourself from wanting to further explore that vision.

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