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Horoscopes: September 29th thru October 6th

Posted by Lauren on September 28, 2017 at 5:20 PM

For the week of September 29th thru October 6th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


Phillips Brooks once wrote: Duty makes us do all things well, but love makes us do them beautifully. Think about this quote as you go blithely through this week. There is indeed something to be said with investing what you ‘do’ with love and passion that brings it to the next level. You will find this quite motivating as your ruler Mars is colluding with Venus this week. When we are passionate and invested in what we do, it does not feel like work or duty. This is what will give you the energy, stamina and will power to see your goals brought to completion, no matter how challenging they may be. There is also something to be said for physical endurance and determination this week. You are going to be a force to be reckoned with all round. A force doubly invested with love.


Taurus is a sign that is deeply tuned into the realm of the senses, whether that be through color, aroma, touch or sensation. And with your ruler Venus, traveling in the otherwise innocent world of Virgo, suddenly besieged by libidinous Mars and Pluto, it will be all that you can do to protect your pure heart. This is definitely a week swimming in pheromones and chemistry, but it is also a deeply creative week as well. It all depends on how and where you choose to channel all this passion. It can be through love, but it can also be through dance, through creative self-expression, through sports, just about through anything that makes your heart sing and soar to the rafters. Just be aware, that with all this dancing and wantonly making obeisance to the Moon this week, you just may find yourself quite exhausted after all is said and done. Therefore play now, you can sleep later.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is entering Libra on Friday, and will then inveigle itself into the Full Moon next week. Mercury in Libra is about learning the art of diplomacy, even, and especially in the face of confrontation. The key to working with Mercury here is understanding moderation and fairness, and knowing when you need to make compromises. One thing that becomes apparent is that the old maxim is indeed true, that a drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of vinegar. Keep this in mind as we approach the Full Moon, which in the fiery sign of Aries, has a reputation for being contentious. I, for one, have full confidence in your flexibility and daunting charm. One advantage you have with the upcoming superior conjunction of Mercury, is clarity and objectivity.


With this hot and sultry Full Moon coming up next week, many a hearth fire is going to be kindled. One thing you may ask yourself at some point, is Who knew that everyday conversation could be so sexy? If not conversation, then definitely communication. There’s something to be said about listening and being listened to. Half the time we are all thinking about what we want to say, we don’t really listen to what someone else is saying. Make it a point to listen, and be invested in truly understanding where the other person is coming from. This is the sort of weather that can bring people together in some meaningful way, or deepen a relationship that you are already in. And all it might take, is paying attention to what they are saying.


With the upcoming Full Moon you just may see the results of some initiatives set into motion weeks, or perhaps even months ago. Full Moons are like that. They can bring things to a culmination. They can also be very revealing. This is a particularly talkative Full Moon, where people are more likely to come clean and say what is really on their mind. It is much like the Buddha saying: There are three things that cannot be long hidden: The Sun, The Moon and the Truth. And at this Full Moon there should be some clarity and perspective, not only about where other people stand, but also about what you’ve accomplished thus far, and where you want to go from here.


Right now your ruling planet Mercury is invisible in the sky, as it is being consumed by the rays of the Sun. In a way, this is like a Full Moon phase for Mercury, which is also tied up with the Lunar Moon next week. Mercury is now entering Libra and joining forces with the Sun and the Moon for the Lunation. There is said to be greater clarity and objectivity at this phase of Mercury, but this could be subverted by the passionate liaison between Venus and Mars paying court in your sign this week. Venus/Mars is all about pheromones and chemistry, and romance under the stars. This is very good weather for making romantic connections, but it is also wonderful creative and soulfully expressive weather. Dare to be inspired!


If you were one of the Librans overwhelmed by the chaotic Jupiter/Uranus opposition these past few weeks, you will be thankful to hear that the chaos is going to gradually dissipate as the week wears on. But so could you. Therefore make the most of this incredibly soulful and passionate week, where the heart strings are being stirred, and creative energy is at a maximum. Do realize though that you may become so emotionally invested in something to the exclusion of all else, that the end result could leave you feeling a bit like a dishrag once the Full Moon is over. Dance, make love, sing, eat incredible foods, be inspired, and frolic in the light of this passionate Moon. You can always sleep later.


This is your kind of weather this week, as your ruling planets are both being charmed by the wiles of otherwise-very-innocent-looking-Venus. This is like buying a whole chocolate cake, thinking that you will only have one slice, all the while knowing the cake is doomed from the start. There is just so much to savor! And it will be difficult to say no. This week is not just about desire, and attachment, it is also invested with a great deal of creative energy. Scorpio is most motivated when they are passionate and invested in what they do. It is that passion and determined will power that makes Scorpio a force to be reckoned with. This week that force is invested with just enough love and caring to make it all worthwhile.


If you are one of those Sagittarians that’s been feeling like they’ve been on something of a wild ride, you will begin to see things gradually slowing down over the next week. By which time you will be well overdue for a nice long rest. But in the mean time, there is still so much to be passionate and invested in, and you are going to be wearing your heart on your sleeve this week. Nothing is hidden in the light of this Full Moon, and much may be disclosed. If you’ve been wanting to have that heart to heart with someone, this may be the week to do so. Just be aware that any partying or carrying on or spending will have to be compensated for later on.


Make the most of this week while you can. There is some strong creative and manifesting energy for most of the week, but shortly after the Full Moon it will begin to fizzle out. Or you will fizzle out, as the case may be. This week brings the courage, determination, and sheer will and passion to see a goal through to its very end. Others will sense your passion about a particular position, and this could prove to be infectious. There is something to be said about that whole Dale Carnegie thing of winning friends and influencing people, when and if you are willing to turn on the charm, and see if you can align your desires with theirs. This is not something that you generally have time or patience for; but you just may surprise yourself this week.


The thing about this crazy and erratic weather we’ve been having lately, is that there are also some opportunities that could emerge out of all this. In less than 2 weeks, Jupiter is shifting into Scorpio which could bring some benefits to Aquarius in the foreseeable future. In the mean time, this week is a good week to talk business and think in terms of investing in your future. This could also be translated as thinking about the best ways to market yourself and what you do. This can also be applied to your personal relationships: how can you present yourself to others in a way that they simply cannot say no? You might want to make the most of this weather, for interest will wane after the Full Moon next Thursday.


If you are feeling a little disenchanted or disappointed this weekend, don’t worry, it’s just time to pay attention to the reality of a situation, which may require putting aside any sort of fantasies you may have been harboring. Do realize though that reality may be even better than the fantasy. One way to iron out any misconceptions between lovers and friends, is through a deep heart to heart. Venus and Mars are kindling more than a few hearts and libidos this week, and there’s no telling where that will lead. However, keeping some of that objectivity might just serve you well, even as you are dancing side by side with the devas and dakinis in the Full Moon light this week. We would all do well to keep our heads about us.

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