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Pisces Stellium and the Full Moon

Posted by Lauren on February 22, 2018 at 5:45 PM

February 23rd ~ March 2nd

I could be the ceaseless mist that fogs your colorless eyes when you’re lost in your universes. ~ Moonshine Noire

As we approach the Full Moon next Thursday, we will be first navigating the mystifying and often confusing Piscean realms. With a stellium (more than 3 planets) in Pisces squared off from Mars this week, this can feel like we are sitting on the edge of a dark shore, about to dissolve into a grey sea of despair. It is difficult to get our bearings when the very ground seems to be sinking beneath our feet. Amazingly, there does not need to be a reason for these feelings of being unmoored, ungrounded, and grasping for something to hold on to and make sense of all this.

The mountain veiled in mist is not a hill; an oak tree in the rain is not a weeping willow. ~ Kahlil Gibran

The way to navigate Pisces is by being willing to let go, without losing our capacity to discriminate between fantasy (or fear) and reality. There is also the capacity to be able to experience and perceive a Higher Reality through the realms of Pisces, but in order to do so you would need to let go of many of your preconceived notions of the way you think things exist. This is a difficult realm to negotiate, where we can also easily be seduced by the deceptive and treacherous claws of delusion, intoxication and insanity. Therefore it is often wise to stop, analyze and ask ourselves: “Which is truth? and Which is the Illusion?”

When the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are, infinite. ~ William Blake

While in Pisces season it can feel like physical and material boundaries are blurring and dissolving, but then other more subtle and profound aspects of our nature are able to become more noticeable: Intuition; an inner Knowingness; Compassion; Empathy and Insight. If we can access these higher qualities in our nature, we can align ourselves with the God(dess) within, the Divine, the Essence of who you are. Because Pisces is more about an inner Experience, those practices or experiences that help to align yourself with that could prove to be very helpful, not only in navigating these treacherous waters, but to also find greater Meaning and Purpose in our lives:

  • Having the courage to allow Conscience to guide us
  • The heart-felt Compassion that wishes for all beings to be free from suffering
  • The sort of Charity that comes from the heart, and the Humility to Understand our Interdependence with one another
  • Transcending through Prayer and Spiritual practices that turn us toward the God(dess) within
  • The sort of Enchantment with the World that allows us to appreciate the mysterious and magical workings of the Divine through Nature
  • And the magical world of the imagination expressed through music, film, poetry, dance and art

We will end this coming week with a Full Moon in Virgo on March 1st. The Virgo Full Moon is the Spring Cleaning Moon. It is a time of year for sweeping out the negative remnants of the season that was, in order to prepare for the new season to come. It is the last Full Moon in Winter here in the North, and as such was called by the Native Americans, the Full Worm Moon. This is because this is the time of year in the northern hemisphere when the worms and snakes slither up from beneath the ground, along with the goddess Persephone who also returns from the Underworld bringing with her breath, the essence of the new Season to come.

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