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Posted by Lauren on January 18, 2018 at 7:40 PM

January 19th ~ 26th

What if… all the rules and ways we lay down in our heads, don’t even exist at all? What if we only believe that they’re there, because we want to think that they’re there?… What if the path for you, is one that you would never dare take because you never saw yourself going that way? And then what if you realized that one day ~ would you take the path for you? Or would you choose to believe in your rules and your reasons?… What if your own hope, and your own morality ~ are going the other way? ~ C. JoyBell C.

As Venus and now the Sun move into Aquarius some of the pressure is being relieved this week. Venus moved into Aquarius on the (16th) 17th, and now the Sun will follow suit on Friday (or Saturday, depending on where you live). Capricorn is a sign filled with rules, should haves, could haves, responsibilities and obligations. All the more so with 6 planets lined up in this sign for last week’s New Moon. But with first Venus and now the Sun moving into rule-bending Aquarius, we are all going to be re-examining the ‘ways we do things’, recognizing that perhaps we don’t always have to do things the same old way they’ve always been done. That there might even be alternatives.

Initially this week, we are being given a short reprieve, as the Mars/Chiron trine continues to heal body and soul, while a Mercury/Neptune sextile beckons us to dream and wonder. It is time to come in from the cold, and put your feet up by the hearth, and tell us the story from where you came. We all have our own story to tell. We all have out own truth. Both a history as well as aspirations that we are all striving for. And now that we are in Aquarius season we are being asked to lay down our worries, and dare to look at the world from a whole new vantage point.

So what if all the rules and limitations we place on ourselves, are merely symbolic? What if they are there only because we believe they are there? How do we limit ourselves, by thinking that there are no other alternatives? But what if there are? Aquarius dares us to challenge the status quo. There is still plenty of Capricorn to keep us grounded in conventional reality. But that’s really not the point with Aquarius. In Aquarius season we are being asked to find the path that is right for us, to discover our own truth, and to be faithful to whatever that truth may be. So we are being asked: What if your own hope, and your own morality, are going the other way? Which way would you go?

One planet still moving its way through Capricorn is Mercury, which this coming week, is bringing attention to the prevailing Jupiter/Pluto sextile which perfected last week. Mercury will conjunct Pluto Wednesday, followed by its sextile to Jupiter. This is something of an echo from a few weeks ago when the Sun and Venus were here. So the question arises: how can we use our skills, our talents, our resources, the information that is available to us, and our voices, in order to be a better instrument for the greater benefit of the whole? So long as we focus on the greater good, we can accomplish much within this potent and compelling window that lasts through to the end of next week. Once again, this planetary picture is about Truth and Discovery. It is great weather for research; for solving a problem and finally getting to the bottom of a situation. What we discover could prove to be enlightening, from which a Big Vision for the future can then emerge.

To read more about the Jupiter/Pluto sextile see: “The Greater Good and Cyclone Bombs” 

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