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Digging Deeper: Pluto stations Retrograde

Posted by Lauren on April 19, 2018 at 11:45 AM

April 20th ~ 27th

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned… so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. ~ Joseph Campbell

This past week we saw a lot of astrological activity: Mercury’s station Direct, Saturn’s station Retrograde, and Chiron’s ingress into Aries. This week we have Pluto’s annual station Retrograde on April 22nd. Both Saturn and Pluto are stationing retrograde in the same sign of Capricorn, putting a tremendous amount of emphasis in this area of our lives. Capricorn rules the structures that sustain us, including the brick and mortar structures such as roads, and bridges and buildings; but also those things that make sure our lives are running well: which includes government, leadership, and the rule of Law. Mountains are also ruled by Capricorn: firm structures that are long-lasting and grounding, the bones in our body, our knees, that which survives, things that are old, weathered, traditional, either worn down or honed and polished by the winds of time.

Planets are even stronger when they station. And Pluto is even more so this year with Mars conjunct Pluto (exact 4/26) for the rest of the month of April. There is something deeply symbolic here, especially with the ingress of Chiron, that feels like a shedding, an ending, perhaps even a feeling that something must be destroyed, in order for a new order to be able to unfold. And as Pluto stations retrograde he is going to reveal those things that are undermining those critical structures in our lives, and thereby also undermining our strength, stability and sustainability. The power of Pluto is internalized when it is retrograde, asking us to purge, purify and eliminate that which is old, decayed, no longer supporting us, and may in fact be preventing us from growing, evolving and taking full control over the destiny of our lives.

When Pluto stations, he digs down deep, unearthing that which has been hidden below the surface. What he discloses are things that we had buried away in some dark hole somewhere, hoping that they would not resurface again. These may involve feelings of dread, the fear of disclosure, shame or self-doubt and blame. These are also the very things that need digging up, because if they are allowed to continue to fester below the surface, they will only continue to erode and weaken our well-being, creating sinkholes of despair when they finally collapse. So no matter how dark and unappealing these putrid pockets are, as they are disclosed, they can no longer be ignored or avoided. It is time to mend, rebuild, and shore up what can be saved; and allow what needs to depart to do so. This then opens the way for a new life to unfold.

Mars/Pluto energy is a force to be reckoned with. It can even feel destructive, oppressive, or like we are being forced, controlled or manipulated to do things against our will. Or that we are having to contend with powerful forces beyond our control. It can feel ruthless or even cruel. However, this same energy can be channeled constructively, even in the face of these powerful and overwhelming odds, for rebirthing, rebuilding, rehabilitating; and purifying. Mars/Pluto also brings us the strength, determination and courage to do this intensely hard work. And as both Mars and Pluto are also in a positive and creative sextile to Jupiter, there are huge benefits and rewards to be gained from moving through whatever pain or challenges we are confronted with; facing our fears; and doing the hard work.

Pluto has to do with our relationship to power: who has the power; how that power is obtained and held; how we feel about those in power; how we feel about having power ourselves; and also about being able to discriminate between those things over which we do have control and power over, and those things which we simply do not. Pluto has domain over things that appear to consume us, such as sexuality, compulsion, obsession, addiction, and the cycles of birth, death and rebirth. Often what prevents us from feeling our own power are deeply ingrained wounds and fears that are the results of trauma or experiences from ages past. Pluto also brings us the opportunity to get at the root of these old wounds, to purify, eliminate and heal. And that is our job during the half of the year that Pluto is retrograde.

There are other things hidden deep down in the bowels of the earth and our subconscious that are actually quite valuable. Treasures of unequal beauty and resilience, honed by external pressures and the breadth of time into something inexplicably beautiful and even magical. And those are the rewards that are being promised as we dare to go deep down into Pluto’s lair with the courage of Mars at our side. Pluto is the alchemist, capable of converting lead into gold; carbon into diamonds; experience into revelation. Pluto is also the phoenix, emerging from out of the fire, renewed, reborn and fully transformed. And so we can also meet the alchemist and the phoenix during the retrograde phase of Pluto which lasts until September 30th, but it is up to each of us to embark on this journey through our own power, through our own volition and determination.

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