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And Now Godzilla

Posted by Lauren on August 26, 2011 at 2:40 PM

Earthquakes, revolutions, famines, hurricanes...batten down the hatches!  Flexibility is key this week, as Mercury stations Direct today, while carrying the light back and forth between Uranus and Pluto.  These planets together are harbingers of revolution and all sorts of upheaval.  What with unexpected earthquakes, hurricanes crawling up the east coast of the US, Libyan rebels getting a toe-hold in Tripoli... the next thing you know Godzilla will be re-emerging from the nuclear polluted depths of the sea.  At the least, what we can expect are a few changes in plans due to ‘forces’ beyond our control.  


Today I went out for a walk and discovered this:


I live on a block made up of 19th century brownstones and tenements, built like sturdy warehouses to house the waves of immigrants pouring in from Europe at the time.  Living in these bastions of stone and masonry, one has an illusion of grounded protection.. but alas, even these old structures are not immune to the hazards of the random unexpected earthquake that rattled us out of the doldrums this week.


The Godzilla movie of the 1950’s, was an allegory based on the nightmarish post-nuclear aftermath of World War II which wreaked destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  But what this movie is also addressing is what comes after the initial shock of disaster and change.. and that is the process of coping and rebuilding.. the reconstruction.  As Susan Napier (Professor of Japanese literature at Tufts) pointed out when referring to the Godzilla movies, is that “One of the things the Japanese are very good at is talking about the aftermath of the disaster.. the poignancy, the mourning.”  Even good changes carry an element of remorse and regret for what once was.


In my childhood, and even my older children’s childhoods, the stoop of the building was the most used part of the building.  Unable to afford the electricity required to run an air conditioner, people sought relief on the steps outside, where children played stoop ball, jumprope and scully, while the adults gossiped and shared iced drinks.  Luckily for the building above, the denizens of the stoops are now merely ghosts from a nostalgic past... and no one was hurt.


With the New Moon in Virgo, we’re right on target with the dust pans, mops, and cleaning utensils at arms reach, and the hammer in the other hand.  Clean up, repair, revitalize, renew.  New Moons are excellent times for planting seeds, making plans and sowing intentions.. and thanks to a Grand Trine in the Earth signs (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn), this is a powerful New Moon on the 28th-29th, with a lot of potential and support behind it to renovate, rebuild and rehabilitate.  Plans and initiatives that are formed at this time, even if you don’t get to implement them right away.. have a lot of potential for success.  


As if there isn’t enough astro weather this week, Jupiter is stationing Retrograde on the 30th.  And whenever Jupiter stations, it’s accompanied by this sudden burst of enthusiasm.... only then to realize that things are not actually going to be able to be worked out quite yet, possibly not even until Jupiter goes direct again in December.  It’s like you’ve got this really great idea, but everyone has decided to go on vacation, and you’ll have to wait till they get back.  Jupiter is taking a sabbatical.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hold on to that great idea... do hold on to it...  Check it for ethical soundness and stability.  Make sure you have the necessary resources... and then when the time is right, go forth with confidence.  


For the week of Aug 26th thru Sept 1st.. be sure to read your rising sign as well if you know it:



Just as you were getting at the end of your tether, and losing patience... the obstructions you have been facing will seem to move away.  But not without tossing a few more stones in your path as a parting gesture.  It’s times like these that we are reminded to focus on the things we can do something about, and accept the things we can’t.  The New Moon on Sunday(Monday) falls in Virgo, the sign of work, health and daily routine.  Look at those areas of your life that need reorganization, rehabilitation.  Perhaps a change in diet?  Or a new exercise regimen?  Or perhaps re-tooling your daily schedule to allow a more healthful lifestyle, and that also allows you to pursue your goal of achieving a stronger and more stable presence.



Despite some minor inconveniences and changes in plans, this should prove to be an excellent week for Taurus who gracefully finds herself the recipient of attention and adoration.  Everything will also be colored with a greater intensity... more colors, more meaning, more depth: in your relationships, your art, your desire.  Your opinion of the world is gradually shifting as it becomes evident that analogies and correspondences can be made everywhere you look, and within the limitless confines of your burgeoning soul.  



Despite the fact that your ruler, Mercury, is stationing direct again, and one would normally be celebrating with much glee and enthusiasm... there are still a few inconveniences to reckon with before Mercury emerges from its ‘shadow’ period which won’t be over until after the 9th of September.  This week will be about needing to be flexible and to allow room for unexpected changes in plans, due to forces beyond your control.  There is also a need to be flexible when dealing with getting messages across, as wires could get crossed in the process.  Lucky for Gemini, they are skillfully adept at jumping through hoops and juggling many things, with a grace that most of us are only envious of.



Knowing you can always count on me... that’s what friends are for..

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Set your intentions this New Moon towards achieving financial stability.  Seeds planted now are going to find fertile soil in which to grow large and strong.  But there’s something to be said for self-worth, confidence, and attitude as well.  Think about your strengths... what makes you special, valuable as well as necessary.  What are your talents and what are you capable of giving back to the world... what is your legacy?  And yes, you can share the video this week with Cancer.



This New Moon is in your sign this month, investing Virgo with a surge of energy, determination and conviction.  Things may not work out or plan out exactly as you thought they would this week, and you may need to use a little fancy footwork to leap over some hurdles... but after adjusting to a few unexpected changes.. use this energy to work on that project that’s been languishing on your nightstand just waiting for you to add those necessary finishing touches.  It’s time.



So long as you continue to do the right thing... leave all regrets and resentments behind.  Pull out the yoga mat.  Assume the position and ground your energy.  The sanskrit word for mountain is tada.  The tada-asana, or mountain pose, is the pose used to regain your composure, your grounding between other poses in yoga.  This pose is also known as samasthiti-asana, or standing upright, firmly and grounded, without moving, and maintaining your equilibrium.  When you have a solid base such as this even the fiercest winds or storms will not faze you.  You are the mountain this week.



The New Moon in Virgo is Scorpio’s wish fulfillment Moon, and never is this more so than now.  Yes there are still going to be some minor and awkward head-butting moments... that throw a few flies in the ointment... but the strength of the earthy Grand Trine this week brings strength, and a sense of hope for future plans and stability.  Whatever difficulties may exist are grandly overshadowed by a strong support system of friends and fans, who just think you are the cat’s pajamas.



As your ruler, Jupiter, stations retrograde this week, this marks a time when you need to put more attention on your inner needs and goals.  You still will be mediating with the outside world, which frankly loves you and showers you with gifts and accolades.  But Jupiter Retrograde periods are about exploring those things that are truly meaningful and important to you.  Over the next few months you’ll be considering issues related to morals and ethics... and what is right.. and what is simply wrong.



The good news is that after this weekend a lot of aggravation that you’ve been putting up with will be less of a concern.  The New Moon brings opportunities to make substantial progress in your life with personal goals and triumphs.  However, there’s still these issues about a lagging sense of insecurity, and esteem drain.  Do not value yourself by what you do or do not have.  Value yourself through your achievements and reputation.



Just when one aggravation is dispensed with, another arrives.  Aquarius is a fixed sign and gets easily perturbed by sudden and unexpected changes in plans.  But the real issues that leave you floundering and trying to find safe purchase in which to ground yourself are somewhat insidious and hard to put a finger on.  Neither dwell on past regrets, nor worry about what the future may bring.  For now, focus on the present and remain in the now.  There is enough right in front of you that needs tending to.  The present moment is always small in the sense that it is always simple, but concealed within it lies the greatest power.” - Eckhart Tolle



As your ruler, Jupiter, stations retrograde this week, it’s time to look within and pay attention to those things that are truly meaningful and worthwhile to you.  It’s about setting priorities: relationships, values, ethics.  And it’s also about recognizing yourself as part of a greater whole.  Through your everyday encounters with people that you meet, your neighbors, the people in the store, where you buy your coffee, through conversations and interactions with people you normally wouldn’t even pay attention to.. you are opened up to new ways of viewing the world, and thinking.

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Reply BILL
3:28 PM on August 26, 2011 
What you say about 'stoops' is interesting....we discussed this back in college...about how NYC neighborhoods changed with the advent of television.
Before TV everyone was outside on their stoops conversing etc....listening to radios sitting on their windowsills. When TV arrived, everyone moved inside their homes, and the neighborhoods began collapsing.
Reply Lauren
3:46 PM on August 26, 2011 
BILL says...
What you say about 'stoops' is interesting....we discussed this back in college...about how NYC neighborhoods changed with the advent of television.
Before TV everyone was outside on their stoops conversing etc....listening to radios sitting on their windowsills. When TV arrived, everyone moved inside their homes, and the neighborhoods began collapsing.

I didn't make the association with television.. but I think you're right! Now everyone is huddled inside... I spent my whole childhood out of doors. A bit of NYC nostalgia. My sister used to whip up strawberry daquiris, and bring the whole blender downstairs.. neighbours would bring contributions of strawberries, rum, etc... could be quite a party.