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Horoscopes: March 9th thru 16th

Posted by Lauren on March 8, 2018 at 5:15 PM

For the week of March 9th thru the 16th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


With Mercury and Venus in your sign, you are going to be more concerned about your own needs and priorities. This may require having to set stern limits and ground rules. The more over-extended you have been, the more necessary (and perhaps more difficult) this will be. It could also be difficult these days because of all the different (and perhaps exciting) plans you have had emerging. But there are times when self-care and self-healing are required, and there’s no getting around that. This is especially true now that Jupiter is entering its retrograde phase. What is revealed during this time, what is discovered, could have something of a profound effect on your psyche, and could ultimately impact decisions you make in the future.


When Jupiter travels in the opposite sign from yours, as it is now, the opportunity to make more meaningful contacts with others becomes a closer possibility. As Jupiter now stations and enters its retrograde phase, a deeper appreciation for others can be further cultivated. If you have been feeling like you were needing to make choices, those choices may gain greater clarity right now, as it becomes more apparent as to who you can truly rely on. In the mean time, it may be necessary to reconcile differences with others, realizing that it is entirely up to you to decide what your limits are. Could be a bit of a reality check over the next several days. Self protection and self-care are key here, especially if you are feeling at all ignored.


Jupiter is having you all reevaluate what you do on a daily basis, in order to: 1) promote greater health and well being; 2) make what you do (your work, your daily routines) more meaningful; and 3) figure out where you have gone off course, in order to get back into a daily practice or routine. It may at first be most apparent what you don’t what to do more of. There is a lot of satisfaction in feeling useful, but this could also lead you to over-extend yourself, trying to be all things to everyone. Recognize when enough is enough, and what your limits are. This goes across the board this week. Focus on priorities, making sure that you are getting your needs met, as well as everyone else’s. There may be a few delays over the weekend, but sometimes that can be a blessing in disguise: pay attention to the necessary details, and the rest will fall in place.


Jupiter, now in Scorpio, has been asking Cancer to dance, and sing, and laugh out loud. To take up some space, and follow your bliss. And this is even in the face of some extraordinary pressures being placed on you all. Now that Jupiter is entering its retrograde phase, it is even more important that you connect with what that bliss is for you. This also goes for relationships. The likelihood of having a more authentic relationship with others is increased as you feel more comfortable with yourself. The more comfortable and authentic you are with yourself, the more comfortable you will be with others. In the mean time, this is one of those weeks in which it may be better to keep a few things to yourself. It is a good week for focus and concentration, but it may be difficult communicating with others. So sit tight, reevaluate and reconnect with your own inner guides, trusting that they will take you where you need to go.


Jupiter in Scorpio brings Leo improvements at home, with your family, your living situation, and within your personal life. It brings a sense of optimism and a desire to make improvements in these areas. With Jupiter retrograde, allow yourself to pull back a little, and reassess the changes that have already been made, and focus on whatever current adjustments you might want to make in the mean time. This is probably not the best time to buy or sell property, or make a big move, if it can at all be helped, but after Jupiter resumes direct motion in July, it will be. In the mean time focus on ensuring a greater sense of stability and security. A sense of empowerment arises when we find our place in the scheme of things.


With Jupiter traveling in Scorpio, in some way you are being asked to expand your mind and your perspective. Some of your most revelatory moments will be found in your immediate environment and where you least expect it. One of the issues with Jupiter being retrograde is the inevitable tendency to feel over-extended and over-committed, leaving you something of a frazzled (and even exhausted) mess. Tone down the noise, and give yourself permission to set adequate boundaries. The next several months could prove to be quite a learning experience, but you could miss the whole point if you are overly busy and rushing to and fro. This week in particular, be willing to pull back in order to tone down some of the generalized anxiety that could arise. If anxiety or exhaustion does arise, that’s the signal to pull back, say No, and set appropriate boundaries. We are entering the shadow of the Mercury retrograde period, and the focus is being redirected. Pay attention to where the focus is right now.


Jupiter traveling in Scorpio can bring some financial relief for Libra, or at least the promise of it! But while Jupiter is retrograde you may find yourself needing to readjust your financial goals and plans. Try to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and realistic about your financial future and resources. Money can come with Jupiter, but it can go out just as easily. Think conservatively and wisely this week and avoid impulsive expenditures; the exuberance of last week, could leave you feeling a little wasted and drained this week. It’s time to circle the wagons, and focus on your own needs right now, even though you may be called to do just the opposite. There could be a little worry about this and that thrown in for good measure; but think of this more as an adjustment phase and a time of rest and protective withdrawal. Self-care is key right now. The more worry and fear that arises, the more self-care is going to be needed.


With Jupiter traveling in your sign, you had all these hopes being generated, about the future, what you would like to get accomplished. And now Jupiter is stationing retrograde, you feel like you are having to go back to the drawing board and reassess some of those plans you had brewing. With Jupiter traveling in your sign, you are needing to grow in some very relevant way, to expand your choices and horizons, and to grow beyond your previous expectations of yourself. But in order to do that, you have to make sure that first you are on the right path. And that’s what the next several months are for. In the mean time, it won’t be all that easy for you to slow down so long as Mars is still stirring up the pot. Use some of that fiery and adventurous energy to do something new and different. Perhaps go off road for a bit. There’s no telling what you might discover.


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, begins its 4 month retrograde phase today, taking you along for the ride. This is a time of year for you to step back and place the focus within. What you learn during the year that Jupiter is in Scorpio is extremely important for your own psychological and emotional well being. Problems that may have been ignored up until now, rear their heads, demanding to be dealt with. As a result a great deal of healing and understanding can be achieved. Doing this inner work can have huge ramifications later on. But in order to accomplish this, you are being asked to be present with yourself, and to be honest and open with yourself as well. A big vision, with greater possibilities is emerging, and you will want to be ready to hitch a ride on that wave. But in order to be able to do so, some old stuff is needing to be laid to rest. And that’s what these next few months will be especially good for.


With both Saturn and Pluto in your sign, you are not going to have any problems setting adequate boundaries. Or being able to say No when you need to. This will be especially true if you feel that you have been pressured to over-extend yourself in any way. There will be an immediate back tracking here, and laying down of the rules. A larger vision is arising with Jupiter in Scorpio, but now that Jupiter is retrograde you may want to sit on it for a bit, perhaps taking care of some very necessary details, before moving forward again. You may indeed see a path unfolding before you, you just want to make sure that your inner gps system is pointing you in the right direction, and that you are totally in alignment with that vision. In the mean time, slow down this week, and take care of any necessary issues as they arise. Ignoring them is not an option, and it will be a relief to get these problems out of the way.


As Jupiter aims to expand and do more and more, your ruling planet Saturn is pulling back, setting limits. All the more so now that Jupiter is stationing and entering its retrograde phase. If you don’t pull back yourself, you may be compelled to due to circumstances beyond your control. It’s time for re-planning, reevaluating and readdressing your current plans for the future. It does seem that a big vision is emerging, but it also seems as if some very necessary things need to be sorted out before you can then proceed later on. And that’s what the next few months are for. In the mean time, you may be inclined to be a little tight-lipped this week. It could be that you worry about being criticized; or you feel that you are being misunderstood in some way. It is probably best to not take things quite so seriously right now, as everyone is a bit on edge these days. What these days are good for: projects that require a great deal of focus and organizational skills. Put it to good use!


The main thrust of the Jupiter in Scorpio experience for Pisces is to expand your knowledge, your understanding, and to literally improve your mind in some way. And as Jupiter slows down now and shifts in this house, you are being asked to look at things from another point of view. To perhaps even step away from previously held ideas. The key is in broadening your understanding. And sometimes that means reassessing where you stand, and what your own truth means to you. The Sun in turn shares the light from Pluto to Jupiter this week, drawing you to consider the impact of applying your ideals, and putting them into action. A feeling of empowerment and purpose can arise when we find our place in the scheme of things. And that’s one of the awesome possibilities that can emerge during the retrograde phase of Jupiter.

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