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The Full Worm Moon

Posted by Lauren on March 1, 2018 at 9:40 AM

March 2nd ~ 9th

When the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are, infinite. ~ William Blake

The Virgo Full Moon is the Spring Cleaning Moon. It is a time of year for sweeping out the remnants of the season that was, in order to prepare for the new season to come. It is the last Full Moon in Winter here in the North, and was called by the Native Americans, the Full Worm Moon. This is because this is the time of year in the northern hemisphere when the worms and snakes slither up from beneath the ground, along with the goddess Persephone who also returns from the Underworld bringing with her breath, the incipient essence of the new Season to come.

This Spring Cleaning Moon could prove to be rather frustrating due to an opposition to nebulous Neptune in Pisces. Where Neptune has been traveling in our charts are likely to be areas where we have been having problems setting appropriate boundaries; or where we are feeling unmoored. The Full Moon is shining a light on these areas. This Neptunian morass could bring a feeling of succumbing to some sort of watery deluge. Any confusion or angst will only be further aggravated by a high tide of emotions, and a misty veil of tears. And attempts to create order out of this mess will be an exercise in futility. Perhaps the more detached we are from our expectations of things being the way we think they should be, the easier it will be to navigate these murky shoals. Recognize that some things will just need to be let go.

What this Full Moon does offer us are opportunities to escape into our imaginations and to step off into the void for an interlude of stillness. There is that other Neptunian hall that we would do well to enter: the hall of mysticism, spirituality, bliss and ecstasy, the place where we can channel some inner peace. Therefore, what this Moon is good for is: being still; taking some time out; dreams; fantasy; spiritual rituals and practices; meditation; letting go and letting be; going to the movies or reading a good book; accepting that some things are beyond our control and other things simply cannot be known.

The pain will not go away by getting angry or bitter, it will go away when you learn to accept life’s challenges with grace and ease. ~ Leon Brown

Mercury and Venus will both move into the sign of Aries on Tuesday changing the general tenor in our discussions and interactions with one another. But before they do so, they will both conjunct the centaur, Chiron this weekend. Chiron can bring painful news, or allow old wounds to resurface. This will be different for each of us; but this triple conjunction of planets can be indicative of a general collective angst. Chiron is the centaur driven to seclusion, through his own pain, isolation and rejection. Mercury and Venus here are attempting to negotiate and make sense of that pain. They are also paving the way for the New Moon in a few weeks, which will also be conjunct Chiron.

As we traverse the sensitive waters of the Wounded Healer, Chiron, this week, it is good to remember that words have meaning, and they indeed have the power to both harm and to heal.  There is an art to speaking: to know when to speak, and when to be silent; to understand the nuances of language; the skillful mastery of communication and all that that involves.  Words can be sacred, and powerful and effective.  They can be most meaningful when spoken from the heart, when compassionate and kind.  So whether chanting prayers, writing poetry, reading sacred texts, keeping secrets, or even taking a vow of silence, see how you can instill intuition, sensitivity, healing and meaning into your words this week.

Joy is not in things; it is in us. ~ Richard Wagner

We are entering the Mercury retrograde shadow period about the same time that Jupiter stations retrograde the end of next week. With that will come a gradual shift in perception. We have a tendency to believe that if we can fix our outer world, then we will be happy within. However for the 4 months that Jupiter is retrograde we are being asked to direct our attention, not to our outside circumstances, but within to the very heart and root of our being. Therefore instead of looking outside of yourself for meaning, which can be easily distorted at this time, use this opportunity to seek inner intuitive guidance. Therefore, even greater benefit can be seen to be had in the light of this Full Moon, through meditation, reflection, acceptance and silent prayer. Not only peace of mind can be obtained in this way, but wisdom as well.

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