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Horoscopes: February 9th thru 16th

Posted by Lauren on February 8, 2018 at 5:15 PM

For the week of February 9th thru the 16th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


There could be a few twists and turns over the weekend, and even a few changes in plans. See if you can use this time to create any changes that you’ve been wanting to make. But try to avoid over-doing things. The week preceding the Solar Eclipse next Thursday is the waning Moon, when we would all be advised to slow down, and turn within. All the more so for Aries to pay attention, for it is difficult for Aries to ease into anything. What this week is good for: mindfulness exercises such as yoga, tai chi, or any other mind/body or contemplative practices. It is also good for long walks in a peaceful environment, as opposed to competitive sports or physically challenging routines. Seek activities that center and calm, rather than aggravate. This ability to center yourself, will be especially helpful as you approach the Eclipse, helping you to focus on, and connect with, those hopes and aspirations which are most meaningful to you.


Your ruling planet, Venus, enters Pisces this weekend, its sign of exaltation. This is the sign of the imagination, of music and song, and wonder, and striving for an ideal; which are all qualities that Taurus loves and embodies as well. With Venus in Pisces our hearts overflow with compassion, kindness and charity. And that feeling of interconnectedness that it brings, reminds you that, on a practical note, so much more can be accomplished in the company of others, than you possibly could on your own. That being said, this is something of a mixed week for friends and groups, for it may seem that one door is closing, as another is opening. The Eclipse itself is going to be shining a light on your goals, your life path and purpose. You may see a shift here as you release old ideas about what you used to want to achieve; recognizing that your goals are continually evolving and changing in order to adapt to the person you are becoming.


It is not only the Sun that will be eclipsed this week, but your ruling planet Mercury is being eclipsed this week as well. This weekend Mercury will cross the South Node of the Moon, reminding us that although one door may be closing, there is another one opening up as well. Stories from the past may beckon, but in some way you are being asked to reassess previously held ideas, in order to move forward, and embrace a path that is unfolding before you. Also acknowledge when and if you have been biting off more than you can chew. You can only take on so much. Enthusiasm, and overconfidence need to be tempered with wisdom. That being said, this is a week for creative and brilliant innovation, especially if you are willing to step out of your usual ways of looking at things. This is a good week to try something new, experiment with ideas, or dabble with new technology. We will revisit this next week, but a possible intention for next week’s Solar Eclipse might be: May I have the wisdom and clarity to recognize my true path.


Both the Sun and Mercury are traveling together this week, culminating with the Solar Eclipse on the 15th. Because Cancer is especially sensitive to all lunations, and especially the eclipses, this bears watching, even if it does not touch anything significant in your natal chart. The Nodes of the Moon which mark the eclipses for the year, also mark where there are significant events occurring in your life. And for Cancer this might concern certain shifts and changes that have been occurring in your life lately. You might want to ask yourself, what needs to be released in order to effect a healing in your life? What needs to be healed and purified and resolved? In making any resolutions for healing and renewal, this could include unloading any old fears or lingering wounds or regrets. The Waning Moon is about releasing and letting go, in preparation for the Eclipse on the 15th, which for Cancer will be about renewal, awakening, truth and reinvention.


You could be a recipient of good news this week. It could also be that conversations, information and ideas flow easily in the company of others, even when there may be some opposing beliefs or points of view. It’s almost as if there is some sort of acknowledgment that this is a big world, filled with a myriad of viewpoints and ideas. One thing that Leo is being called on to do this year, is to ask yourself, what are those things that you wish to represent? And if you were to be an example for others to follow, what would that look like for you? And if you were to make any adjustments or changes, in order to be a truer expression of yourself, what sort of tweaks might you want to make? These are good questions to ask as we approach the upcoming Solar Eclipse in illuminating Aquarius. In this season, for Leo, being true to yourself, could literally set you free.


We are approaching the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th, however, your ruling planet Mercury is also being eclipsed as well. This weekend Mercury will pass over the karmically charged Nodes of the Moon, bringing to mind that in order to fully make a new beginning, some old lingering habits and previous ways of doing things may need to be reassessed. You might want to explore what things are holding you back and preventing you from making a full commitment. You might also want to explore where boundaries have been eroded, or where you have been over-extended. If you find yourself presented with an ethical or moral dilemma, sleep on it for a bit. Don’t rush to judgment. As Mercury applies to a sextile to Uranus on the 15th, brilliant and innovative ideas can then emerge that can then bring solutions to any existing problems. Sometimes all it takes is to look at things from another angle.


Venus enters its sign of exaltation this weekend, bringing Libra along for the ride. There is a certain humility that comes when Venus travels in this sign, with a greater emphasis on service, and ‘doing the right thing’. A question that may arise over the next several weeks, is how you can use your skills, live your daily life, and manage your time in such a way that you can do the greatest good, walking the walk, as well as talking the talk. This can include making a deeper commitment to a certain lifestyle, diet, or daily practice that will not only benefit yourself, but perhaps others (or even the planet) as well. This is a good week for practical concerns: setting priorities; managing your daily activities; getting practical advice about managing your affairs; and making more solid commitments. It’s not just about work and service this week. The upcoming Eclipse on the 15th is shining a light on those things that bring you joy and happiness. As we move through the dark of the Moon this week, you might want to ask yourself: What do you need to let go of, in order to welcome more love and joy and pleasure into your life?


The weekend begins with a few twists and turns, perhaps even a few surprising changes. Nothing too severe, but enough to lose one’s patience. Take everything in stride. We are approaching the Solar Eclipse next Thursday, and there are a few things we could expect: either over-excitability and a buzzing kind of confusion; or feeling like all of your energy is being drained. Not only will your physical energy be eclipsed this week, but so could your self-confidence. It may be wise to keep a few things to yourself, but avoid any deliberate deception. It will only confuse things further. Because these days could be physically draining, avoid pushing yourself. What this week is good for as we work with the Waning Moon: reflection, listening to music, going to the movies, any sort of creative self-expression. Pay attention later in the week, for the Eclipse could shine a light on things related to home, family, or roots.


The week begins with a surge of energy and enthusiasm. This could incline everyone to be less cautious than usual, or to exaggerate things. Realizing this, it is all that much more important to be mindful of what resources, time and energy you do, or do not have at your disposal. Doing too much, spending too much, over-committing are all pitfalls. We are in a waning Moon, and these phases are meant to be eased into. All the more so, because the Solar Eclipse as well as a Mars/Neptune square will be eclipsing our energy and sapping our motivation. Therefore use moderation in all that you do, and ease yourself gently into the week. What this week is good for: mindfulness exercises such as yoga or tai chi; swimming; long walks in quiet environments. Seek activities that inspire, rather than aggravate. Clear the channels, in preparation for the Eclipse to come, and you may be in for a pleasant surprise.


This week could feel a bit like a bunch of checks and balances. There is a surge of enthusiasm and energy as we at first approach the Solar Eclipse next week, but over-doing things, or over-reaching could prove to be regrettable. Use your Capricorn common sense to rein in the exuberance, and be mindful of what is or is not realistically achievable. Sometimes over-inflated plans need to be brought back to earth, in order to avoid a full-on crash later on. See what you can do to reestablish some sort of equilibrium and order. The upcoming eclipse could shed some light on a financial situation, or bring a sudden shift of priorities. You might want to explore what is standing in the way of either being more self-sufficient; or valuing what you have to offer to others.


With the eclipses primarily in the signs Leo and Aquarius this year, this could prove to be a pivotal year for Aquarius. This could be due to some change in your life or some decision you feel you need to make. However it could asl be that through some sort of radical shift in perception, you see yourself and your current situation in a whole new light. Of course this Eclipse will be particularly strong for those Aquarians who have a birthday coming up next week around the eclipse, or who have 25-29º of Aquarius Rising. But all Aquarians should brace themselves for some sort of renewal once the Eclipse has passed. In the mean time, prepare yourself by keeping an open mind, and allowing yourself to take things in. There is no telling what you might discover when you dare to look at things from another perspective.


One of the things you may want to caution yourself about this week is over-doing things. This goes across the board. The Solar Eclipse next week is preceded by a burst of enthusiasm, which could incline many people to be less cautious than usual. Be mindful in order to avoid any excesses, or exaggerating a situation out of proportion. The truth is, eclipses can sometimes be draining, and with Mars square Neptune this week as well, it will only drain us all even more so. However, with Venus entering your sign this weekend, what this week is good for are: creative ventures; going to the movies; dancing; singing; mind/body exercises; yoga; and inspired walks by the sea. It may feel like something is fading as we move towards the eclipse. Sometimes we have to let go in order to move on. Allow yourself to be inspired by the past; and use your capacity for visualization to envision the future that you would like to see unfold.

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