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Horoscopes: January 5th thru 12th

Posted by Lauren on January 4, 2018 at 5:00 PM

For the week of January 5th thru the 12th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


While all these opportunities for a larger vision is emerging on the broader landscape (thanks to a Jupiter/Pluto sextile), in our own personal lives we might want to explore how invested we are in our own vision for the future. Are you ready? Are there things that must be put in place in order to assure yourself of a secure future? Also, how invested are you in things turning out a specific way? We can be very passionate about our vision, and what we want to be true. As a result it can also blind us to the fact that there might be an even better way of achieving our goals. You are getting a glimpse of a much broader horizon with greater possibilities, and the courage to pursue those possibilities. Aim to do your best, and the rest will follow.


Cool, calm and usually reticent Taurus is being drawn out on to the stage of life this week, as ruling planet Venus continues to bask within the limelight of the Sun. However, it’s not just the Sun that Venus is basking in, for Pluto is in the mix as well. Deep emotions, both positive and negative can be stirred up with this combination. And there is a compelling and urgent quality to these feelings that are rising to the surface, which could keep you preoccupied for a good part of the week. This could be intense, except that there are also elements of joy, and perhaps even celebration being brought into this picture too. Someone, or something is trying to motivate you. Allow yourself to be inspired.


Ideas can come like flashes of brilliance this weekend. Dare to think creatively: look for alternatives; welcome diversions. Changes of plans could also prove to be fortuitous. There is something to be said for doing things differently now and then. The change of perspective it brings can be illuminating. By the end of the week, your ruling planet Mercury is going to be moving into Capricorn, and joining the bevy of planets already congregating in this sign. At that point it will be more about getting down to business, even if that simply means having to be more organized and focussed on the immediate tasks at hand. With all of this Capricorn energy, we’ll all be a lot more reality centered over the next few weeks.


There is something to be said for stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, but not if it makes you so uncomfortable that you are riddled with anxiety. Therefore there is also something to be said for familiarity, grounding, planning, and finding your footing. This is one of those times. This goes for the people in your life as well. It is good to know who are the people that you can truly depend on to be there for you. Especially if there are other situations in your life that are proving to be unreliable. When it comes to relationships these days, there is something to be said for quality, responsibility and loyalty. And simply having a shoulder to lean on occasionally, and an ear to hear you out. That can be a good thing.


Powerful Mars comes to join Jupiter at the bending of the Nodes this week. The reason this is important to Leo is because the North Node which marks the passage of the Eclipses is in your sign. Mars/Jupiter energy can be self-righteous. It can also be agitating. This could be particularly so on the home front. But Mars/Jupiter energy can also be about having the courage to take some sort of decisive action, the result of which could have a significant effect on your destiny. Don’t allow disharmony or petty quarrels to distract you from your true path and lead you off course. The qualities of Leo that are here to seize the day have more to do with dignity, the courage to be yourself, and what it means to set the example for others to follow.


Virgo is not to be undaunted this week. Not only are you able to reap the rewards of this strong Jupiter/Pluto sextile, (especially due to its placement in Virgo-friendly signs Scorpio and Capricorn), your ruler, Mercury, is just filled with creative insight and ingenuity. A lot can therefore be done towards achieving your goals. Your mind is sharp and attentive to details, as only a Virgo can be with the utmost of precision. And neither will you be thwarted by the prospect that this could prove to be a very busy week. Virgo can juggle with the best of them, and do it with amazing skill. Therefore this is a great week to learn even more skills, implement a new idea, and focus on seeing a project brought to completion. The tide is with you. See if you can roll with that tide.


Having your ruler, Venus, now traveling in Capricorn, brings its own set of responsibilities and obligations. This could mean having something weigh heavily on your shoulders these days, as the depth of your responsibility becomes more apparent each day. But there is also something very rewarding and transformative occurring here. And as you are being asked to step up to the plate, and serve as a bulwark of strength and rectitude, you may find yourself having to dig down and find wells of strength and courage, that you might not even know you had. This does take Libra a little outside their comfort zone, but it’s a zone that has its own rewards. In order to find balance, and keep your equilibrium, there is something to be said for remembering that it’s even more about the journey, than it is about arriving at the journey’s end.


When faced with an awesome challenge, Scorpio is there, ready to pick up the gauntlet. And besides, you have Jupiter, the planet of justice, luck and expansion, on your side this year. With Scorpio ruler Mars strong and powerful in its own sign, and working in tandem with co-ruler Pluto next week, an opportunity to do what you really want can present itself. Mars/Jupiter/Pluto is about rebuilding rebirthing, reinventing yourself in some magnificent fashion. Therefore this is a good time to pause, and ask yourself, what does it mean for you to be the change that you would like to see? Scorpio needs to be passionate about what they do, in order to put their whole hearts in it. And if you do know what you want to do, and you have a goal that you wish to achieve, harness the energy of Mars/Jupiter/Pluto this week: ride that chariot, and you can and will make significant progress up ahead.


It almost feels like something is imminent, and just about to unfold. But before you can even go there, you are going to have to first tie up some loose ends. It may become a little more apparent this week, just what those loose ends might be. There can be a bit of impatience here. But this is not really the time for action. Not quite yet. It can, however, be a time of preparation and reflection. See if you can conserve your energy for now (you will need it later on). However, do think in terms of paying attention to your current needs and resources, and figuring out how these fit into any plans that you may have for the months ahead. Any anticipation balanced with conservative and realistic planning, will be more likely to meet with success.


There are currently 4 planets in Capricorn (that's a lot!). Next week, Mercury will make it 5. This puts a lot of weight on the qualities that Capricorn carries so well: such as responsibility, foresight, planning, and organization. This could be particularly so this week, with the current Jupiter/Pluto sextile being emphasized: it reminds you to pay attention to your vision for the future, and see what actions you might want to take to implement some of the ideas or goals that you have been setting for yourself. If you are true to your goals, and aspirations, and these are truly in alignment with what is right for you, then you could find yourself tremendously motivated this week to create a plan for the future that you know you can live with.


This week you are being asked to honestly and realistically assess what is and is not working in your life. This may mean having to dig deep down, and be totally honest with yourself. Do pay attention to what sorts of goals you would like to set for yourself. We are at the beginning of the year, when we are hot on the tail of New Year’s Resolutions! But also pay attention to those things that are holding you back and preventing you from achieving those goals. And rather than looking without, look within: are you struggling with avoidance? fear? reluctance? Use the current energy to get yourself motivated, and courageously tackle any self-defeating obstacles. It’s out with the old and in with the new. You’ve got this!


There is a certain element of self-righteous indignation that can also be a catalyst for getting you motivated and taking the initiative. At times like this you may feel the necessity to defend your ideas or beliefs. But what can also happen is that through certain experiences, conversations, environments, you also could have the opportunity to stretch your mind a little. Conflict can also lead to affirmation. And one of the positive expressions of the current Jupiter/Pluto sextile that looms large this week, is what it means to you to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk. What does it mean to apply what you know to be true and believe in your heart? And what does it mean for you, to use your skills and knowledge to be an instrument for the greater good?

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