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A New Year and a Super Full Moon

Posted by Lauren on December 28, 2017 at 11:05 PM

December 29th ~ January 5th

The significant fact is that all the really great changes have come from the inside out. They are born of the inner nature of the organism itself. They must have lain there, inherent as a possibility, more as an irrepressible necessity, in the first Adamite organism, just as a tall pine is potential in a soft pinyon seed no larger than a child’s tooth. ~ Peattie (The Flowering Earth)

An asian woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher.


All Full Moons are revelatory to some degree. But the Sabian Symbol for the degree of this Moon takes this even further to the revelation that there is deep potential in even the smallest of seeds planted within the ambit of this Moon. It is a Moon of great potential and beauty. It is the second of 3 Super Moons in a row, meaning that the Full Moon on January 1st (or 2nd in Europe and East of that) occurs simultaneously when the Moon is Perigee, or at its closest point to the Earth. This makes it appear larger than usual in the night sky, illuminating all, and encompassing all, everywhere on the planet. It is a fabulous Moon for sending messages, and seeding wishes and heartfelt intentions, knowing that the Moon that you see on one side of the planet will eventually be seen, or has already been seen everywhere else as well.

Tying into the Solstice from last week, strengthened and emboldened by a cazimi Saturn, recognize that the season of Capricorn is a time of commitment, resoluteness and planning, hence the ideal time to create positive, realistic and achievable goals or resolutions for ourselves. The Full Moon at this time of year is in the sign of Cancer, opposite the Sun (and also opposite Venus this year) in the sign of Capricorn. The Cancer Full Moon arrives either at the end of the Old Year, or the beginning of the New Year, weaving together elements of the past and future, of endings and new beginnings. And with Venus in this position of objectivity and contrast, we are being asked to clarify for ourselves, and discriminate between those things that we want and desire, and those things that we truly intrinsically value, and will bring us where we need to go.

The potency of this Full Moon is further intensified in its profound capacity for visualization this year, for the Full Moon is also trine magical and mystical Neptune. The month of January is named for the Roman god Janus, the two-faced god who presided over the doorways and gates of the city. Portrayed with two faces, where one face looks to the past, while the other looks to the future, he is the god of beginnings, endings, transition and time. So we stand here at this liminal time between the year that was (2017), and the year to come (2018), and are being asked to create a vision for the future that is in keeping with our highest ideals and aspirations. Neptune in its highest expression is the planet of altruism, of compassion, of our divine potential. And through the concrete practicality of the sign Capricorn we are being given the capacity to channel this divine potential through to the physical plane.

We all contain seeds within. The question is, which seeds would you like to continue to nurture and cultivate? What is the potential that you would like to achieve in 2018?

It is not for nothing that Uranus, the planet of revelation, is also stationing direct at the time of the Full Moon. Like a rising Birth of Consciousness, solutions and realizations are born like lightning flashes of intuition and comprehension with this station. This Full Moon creates a doorway through which we can actualize creative ideas that have been simmering on the back burner while Uranus has been retrograde these past 5 months. Uranus is associated with ingenuity, innovation, and alternatives. Allow your mind to bend a little in the light of this glorious Full Moon, just enough to allow some of this Uranian brilliance, and Neptunian heart-felt compassion to take root. So, may we all make resolutions towards the fulfillment of Universal Compassion, Kindness, and Good Works to be cultivated and nurtured in the Year ahead. So may it be.

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