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Mercury Cazimi

Posted by Lauren on December 7, 2017 at 5:55 PM

December 8th ~ 15th

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast ~ you also miss the sense of where you are going and why. ~ Eddie Cantor

On Tuesday, we reach the next phase of the Mercury Retrograde cycle. This will be when the Sun Mercury and the Earth are lined up for the inferior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun. When Mercury comes within the Sun’s rays, it becomes invisible. When it is exactly conjunct the Sun, it is called Cazimi. When Mercury parts for the Sun and it does become visible again, it will emerge as a morning star. Like a new dawn, this inferior conjunction is like the new moon phase of Mercury, when seed ideas are being planted that will set the tone for the next several months.

This is probably the most introspective phase of the Mercury retrograde period, which continues until its direct station on the 23rd of December. This is when Mercury speaks to us in whispers, and flashes of inspiration, which often will not become manifest until Mercury is direct again. It is a time when we would most benefit from silent meditation and reflection, provided we make it a priority to do so.

For the first part of the retrograde phase, Mercury was conjunct Saturn, the combination of which manifested as a large Stop Sign. Racing into the month of December on the Mercury in Sagittarius wings of enthusiasm and vigor, it was all we could do to pull in the reins. However, not heeding the warning, many found themselves crashing into the Great Wall of Saturn. There is something to be said for slowing down and regaining our bearings. We will want to do so, for something brilliant is coming this week, and you won’t want to miss it. And that is because, as Mercury enters the sacred Solar throne room on Tuesday, both Mercury and the Sun will also trine illuminating and revelatory Uranus.

Thoughts, like seeds, are being planted within our mind stream, beginning a whole new phase of awareness, that if cultivated, can lead to mental development and growth. The days when Mercury engages Uranus, as it will this week, can be fleeting and pass quickly. However, they can also be full of illuminating insights and flashes of genius which could lead us in a whole new and inspiring direction. Here’s some homework: Every evening before you go to sleep between the 7th and the 13th of this month, ask for insights into your current circumstances; or if you have a problem, ask for signs to a solution. There is no telling what might arise out of the ether in this weather.

And take some time around the Inferior Conjunction of Mercury on Tuesday, to tune in with yourself. This is an excellent time to seed better mental habits and routines that will lead to a healthier outlook. Things you might want to ask yourself are: What sorts of mental states would you like to see developed? Would you want to cultivate more Patience? Generosity? Kindness? Compassion? What better routines would you like to see yourself establishing? What better habits? In what ways would you wish to improve your mind, your perspective and your life?

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