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Horoscopes: December 1st thru 8th

Posted by Lauren on November 30, 2017 at 9:45 AM

For the week of December 1st thru the 8th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


When Mars is in Libra, as it is now, Aries is often compelled to rely on the initiatives of others, which doesn’t always sit well with Aries who prefers their independent ways. However, there are times when this works in your favor, especially when you realize that you are actually working on the same team. This is a good reminder, especially when things are moving very quickly, and there are a lot of changes happening. Best to be flexible and go with the flow, while also being able to make decisions as you go. There is also something to be said for being challenged sometimes. During the upcoming Mercury retrograde period from Dec. 3rd ~ 23rd, reexamine your beliefs, what you do or do not know, what are your core values. It may be that you decide to reeducate yourself, brush up on your knowledge or connect with your principle ethics and values.


Our hearts grow 3 sizes when Venus enters Sagittarius. Generosity thrives as we approach this giving time of year. There are different ways to give: giving of material things; giving of knowledge; giving of the heart and giving of spirit. All of these thrive when Venus is traveling in this expansive and generous sign. However, during the upcoming Mercury retrograde period from Dec. 3rd ~ 23rd, make sure that you are aware of your available resources. Also check to make sure that you are getting full value when you purchase. Other things this retrograde period are good for, are exploring those obligations that you’ve taken on, that are proving to be more trouble than they are worth. This is your time to step back and reexamine. Sometimes (not always) secrets, or things that had been previously hidden, forgotten or ignored, come to light. This could feel like your skeletons are being tossed from the closet. It could also be a resounding moment of enlightenment.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is beginning its quarterly retrograde phase which lasts from Dec. 3rd ~ 23rd. The usual difficulties and strictures apply with Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius: making sure that you are understood; difficulty getting your point across to others; having to renegotiate agreements and commitments. If having to make an important decision, make sure that you have all the information. This is especially so around the Full Moon in Gemini this weekend. Double check if you can. Be aware that you have the right to say no when you need to. Probably not the best time to make new commitments as it may prove to be more involved than you had anticipated. What this time is good for is reevaluating boundaries with others, seeing where you need to set more appropriate limits, and also where you have been creating too many boundaries with others. It is also a good time to revisit and revise your relationships, reaffirming which relationships you really do want to invest your time and energy on.


The Full Moon this weekend could be both revealing and confusing. Feelings are often amplified during the Full Moon phase, this Moon is all the more so for Cancer. The Full Moon in Gemini can often be a time of illumination, and deeper understanding. However, this Moon is veiled in mystery, confusion, and mixed messages which are hard to parse out. Therefore this is probably not the best time to be making important decisions, if you can at all help it. Best to wait the period out until you have greater clarity. On the other hand, this can be an incredibly creative Moon. And with the insightful Jupiter/Neptune trine this week, it is especially beneficial to be present, focusing on those things, people and activities that bring you a greater sense of purpose and meaning. Listen to what your heart is telling you. It may be confounded by what others are saying, especially if what they are saying seems so contradictory. But the more you connect with that heart center, the more grounded you will be.


Rather than focusing on what you are not accomplishing, focus on what you have accomplished thus far. If you feel like you have gotten off track, pause and consider what changes might be best in order to bring your life more in alignment with your hopes and aspirations, and the things and people that you love. This Full Moon could either feel overwhelming or underwhelming, but it would not be unusual to also feel put out, and/or confused. The more detached you are around the Full Moon, the easier this time will be. Take all information you receive with a grain of salt, knowing that there may be much more to the story than you know. What this week is good for are: connecting with those people, things and activities that bring you joy; creating more time to do the things you love to do; and allowing yourself to be inspired. Sometimes the things that we think are the distractions, are actually the things we are needing to do right now.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is beginning its quarterly retrograde phase this week, which lasts from Dec. 3rd ~ 23rd. It is not unusual to reflect on the past when Mercury is retrograde, and that would likely be the case with this particular period, which draws Virgo back to the past, childhood, parents, family and some of your earliest emotional memories. There is a rhyme and reason for this. Such as making sense of why you do the things you do; and where that all came from. It can also be a time in which you reconnect with family history and traditions. Another thing this phase is good for is reorganization and decluttering your personal space; especially those things that you’ve been putting off; such as that overstuffed closet; that basement that you’ve been ignoring; or perhaps reorganizing (yet again) your drawers. There is a certain zen experience to simplifying and organizing your life in this way that can be quite soothing and liberating.


As Mercury stations retrograde this week, there will be the desire to withdraw and step back. However, the real world doesn’t always afford us that luxury. And this may be one of those weeks in which you are being asked to be more pro-active and take the initiative, or you recognize the necessity to step in where needed. This could come from left field, so you are going to have to be ready. Circumstances could change quite quickly this week, requiring patience and flexibility. All the more reason to also create some space in your day to day activities in order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. Do the magic trick that Libra does in order to stay in the center of the storm. Focus on one thing at a time, no matter how busy you may be feeling. If you can manage this, you could find that this could be a fruitful time in which it is possible to sort out many aspects of your life and your mind. But time management (including down time) will be key.


One of the difficulties with having Mars in Libra, as it is now, is that Scorpio often feels like things are out of their control. This might be particularly so this week, as there could be a few changes, twists and turns that have you leaping through hoops, and disturbing your equilibrium. If you can manage to go with the flow, however, there could also be some incredible insights. Mercury entering its retrograde phase is asking all of us to retreat to some degree. It is a time for reflecting and sorting things out. For Scorpio this would include sorting out your priorities and making sure that you are channeling all of your resources, time and energy on those things that bring you the most rewards. It also cannot be repeated often enough, that with Jupiter presently traveling in your sign that you are being asked to continue to look for ways to grow, enhance and improve yourself, the conditions in your life and your aspirations. Something compelling and meaningful has been brewing here.


With Mercury stationing retrograde in your sign this month, you could easily see yourself reflecting on and reexamining every facet of your life. This is important to do, especially as the planet Saturn has been traveling in Sagittarius these past few years and is about to depart later this month. It continues to be helpful at this time to look at all the events, choices and conditions that have led you to where you are now. Much wisdom can be gained, as well as an appreciation for what you have accomplished, and where you would like to go from here. It was mentioned last week as well, but it cannot be stressed enough that some sort of vision is emerging for the future. And the more you bring yourself in alignment with what that looks like for you, the more meaningful your life will feel. So you might ask yourself this week: what would a life of meaningful purpose look like for me? And what can I do to make that a closer reality?


We all tend to go into reflective mode when Mercury stations retrograde. This will be all the more so for Capricorn this month. This will only be the more so if you are reminded of an incident from the past, or you become aware of something that you had not known before; or something of necessity is coming to an end. Beware of dwelling too much on the past, where the should haves and the would haves overwhelm your mind. Those are not useful. However, quiet reflection can lead to deeper understanding. There could be a few distractions this week, so it may be difficult to do so, but see if you can create some time for yourself this week to reconnect with yourself. This is a period of self-exploration, and you will need to eliminate some of the distractions that are preventing you from doing so. This will be essential, in order to make sense of everything that has been going on lately.


In the process of finding your place in the world, and feeling confident about boldly moving towards fulfilling your goals and aspirations, occasionally you need to step back in order to reassess what you have accomplished, and where you want to go from here. As a result it could become more apparent what and who is serving you well, and leading you in the direction that you wish to go; as opposed to those things, experiences and affiliations that you are outgrowing. Mercury will be retrograde from Dec. 3rd ~ 23rd, and this will be a good time to reassess your goals as well as your connections. Do realize that Mercury retrograde periods are rife with misunderstandings, so don’t make any assumptions yet. Just step back, reassess your goals, your hopes and wishes… and then ask yourself: Where do I see myself going from here? and What are the things that are holding me back?


There are a lot of things going on this week, so it could get lost in the mix; however it is well worth noting that Chiron, the wounded Centaur, is stationing direct this week in your sign of Pisces. Chiron weeps deeply as it travels here, becoming all too closely connected with the suffering in the world. What also becomes apparent through the auspices of Chiron, is that much of the suffering in the world could be alleviated if we recognized our interconnection with one another. Chiron aims to show us the way and bring us the tools to help to alleviate some of that suffering. The station Direct is a reminder to apply some of that inner wisdom in our lives. Not to be undone the Jupiter/Neptune trine is also a window of opportunity for Pisces to bring their lives more in alignment with their highest values and aspirations. Sometimes that merely means walking the walk, as well as talking the talk. But there is also something here about valuing and understanding the tremendous gift of compassion, and its impact on people’s lives.

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