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The Shadow and the Light

Posted by Lauren on November 23, 2017 at 1:55 PM

November 24th ~ December 1st

Until philosophers are kings, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, cities will never harvest from their evils, no nor the human race… ~ Plato

In his “Republic”, Plato suggested that in an ideal society, the rulers, or Guardians, would of necessity need to be philosopher/idealists who would be beyond reproach. Due to their love of learning and truth, they would govern transparently, guided by virtue and justice. Because they would not own property, or have money or possessions, or even families, they would be devoid of vice, excess and partisanship. The rulers in this case would be incorruptible, and uninfluenced by greed or self-interest.

Because people want more and more possessions, they start wanting more money, and thus honor money more and excellence less. Accordingly, the wealthy become more honored and the people of excellence less honored. With the majority now money-loving businessmen instead of lovers of victory and honor, the admirable rich men will be put into office, and the poor will be dishonored. ~ Plato (The Republic)

What would Plato say of our modern societies where billionaires and their allies control government, and where those in power abuse that power for their own ends? Plato would be quaking in his sandals! When Jupiter first entered Scorpio in October, a landslide of sexual abuse accusations rolled out in succession (and the list just keeps growing!). How Scorpio is this? This week as we approach the first of 3 exact trines between Jupiter and Neptune we are being offered a window of opportunity to live our lives according to a higher standard.

Scorpio is where we hide all the stuff that is not socially acceptable. The things that we are ashamed of, and fear being disclosed. But for some reason we do them any way. Jupiter then comes along and tosses all of the dirty linen into the street. Nothing remains long hidden for long when Jupiter comes to call. And that can actually be a good thing. All festering sores lurking beneath the surface need to be opened up in order to effect a healing. Slapping on a bandaid will only make it worse!

This week let us celebrate those who do live up to a higher, more moral and ethical code, who take their roles as leaders, teachers and guardians seriously. Let us celebrate those who inspire us to excel, and to be better individuals, friends, and citizens. There are junctures in time when we are given the opportunity to make breakthroughs in the evolution of our society. We are at one of those junctures. May we make the most of it while we can.

In the mean time, Mercury is in its shadow, slowing to a stop for its retrograde station on December 3rd. It does so in the sign of Sagittarius, in the same degree as Saturn. Because of Mercury’s station, it will spend an unusually lengthy period of time being conjunct Saturn: 2 weeks as opposed to the usual few days. Mercury/Saturn can make us feel like we are not making any progress; that we are censored; not being heard; ignored; or not believed. It is difficult to reach agreements or see eye to eye. The inclination is to judge; to criticize; to blame; and to close up for fear of saying the wrong thing. As miserable as they may seem on the surface, Mercury/Saturn transits can also be incredibly useful:

Mercury/Saturn times are good for projects that require a great deal of focus and organization. We tend to be more critical, and can use that in a positive way, perfecting our work, taking on tedious or technical jobs that need attention and concentration. It is more difficult to see the big picture; but it is a good time to take care of all the necessary details that are right in front of us. It is a good time to study; to organize; to make lists; do the research; and to prioritize. It is also a good time for us all to connect with our own core principles and beliefs, and ask whether we are living up to our own ethical and moral principles. There is always room for improvement in our lives. This week we are all being asked to think in terms of what we would like to know more about; practice more; or just generally improve, whether that be a health regimen; to make ourselves more knowledgable; or to perfect a skill.

And then there’s that tricky Mars/Uranus opposition next week. Uh-oh! These can be treacherous! Mars can be a catalyst for pent up energies, resulting in accidents and regrettable decisions. People could be confrontational in this weather, and even explosive, so it requires a certain amount of diplomatic dexterity. Things tend to move very quickly: plans change unexpectedly; you are required to drop everything; change course. It could be exhausting. I’m almost thankful for the Mercury/Saturn conjunction! As Mercury stations this week, it will also be negotiating this opposition, asking us to slow down, step back, and not get dragged into the general chaos. Positively Mars/Uranus brings the courage and willingness to try new things and meet new people. There is an element of adventure and daring here. Just do so with wisdom and patience!

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