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Neptune Stations and the New Moon in Scorpio

Posted by Lauren on November 16, 2017 at 2:40 PM

November 17th ~ 24th

A military band marches noisily on through the city streets. (the Sabian Symbol for 27 Scorpio)

Tonight or tomorrow, depending on where you are living in the world, we welcome in the New Moon in Scorpio. There is a lot of noise in the degree of Scorpio in which this New Moon lands. It might have something to do with posturing, and aggression and displays of attitude. Scorpio is a sign of Power, and sometimes Force. It usually simmers quietly, but in this degree there is a bit of pompous display. This can be further aggravated by the exact square between the Scorpio co-ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, within the same hour of the New Moon. When the Lord of Anger, Aggression and War comes up against the Lord of the Underworld, there’s no telling what will be forced up to the surface. And force is a signature word here.

Scorpio is a sign having to do with Sex, death and Taxes; and every time I turn on the television that is all that we are hearing about these days! At the very crux and core of these stories resonates another story about power: men abusing their positions of power in order to coerce or force women into sexually abusive situations; a new tax package being pushed through the government aimed to benefit the powerful at the expense of everyone else; out of control serial abusers with guns on shooting sprees. Part of this has to do with Jupiter traveling here, expanding, revealing, foretelling. But now we have this New Moon here as well, along with the Scorpio ruling planets of Mars and Pluto sparring with and jabbing one another.

Scorpio is a sign of volcanoes and pressure cookers; but it is also a sign of deep transformation and healing. There can be the potential for anger and wounding here; but there is also potential for achieving a commonality of perception. It just might require a little creative diplomacy in order to do so. This New Moon is trine Chiron which is currently traveling in compassionate Pisces. And with this connection we come to accept our human experience for what it is, recognizing that we still have a lot of work to do on ourselves, and on society as a whole. Despite the posturing, despite the agitation and deep woundedness of the Mars/Pluto square, wholeness and healing can be achieved through understanding and acceptance. When we are then able to come together through this commonality of perception, we can overcome even the darkest, and deepest, and most embedded problems and challenges facing us in our lives and in society.

Unfortunately, there will be those who will resonate with the more negative aspects of Mars/Pluto which include things like: resentment; hostility; ruthless aggression; and a forceful attitude. Mars/Pluto can also be associated with out-right cruelty and violence. Realizing that people could be set off; avoid confrontations this week. Use creative diplomatic approaches, and avoid antagonizing potentially explosive situations. Be mindful of your own motives as well. Are you harboring any anger or resentment before going into negotiations? Is your intention to try and coerce others in ways that might be at their expense? Are you respecting appropriate boundaries? What about your own boundaries and limits? Are you pushing yourself beyond your own limits, to the point of exhaustion?

This transit can also be used in positive ways, provided we don’t try to force things (or overstep our boundaries). It is a powerful transit, made all the more so by its proximity to the New Moon. You might want to ask yourself: what negative habits would I like to change or transform? What goals have I been avoiding, because they seemed too strenuous or difficult? Is there a strength-training or rehabilitative program that I’ve been planning to embark on? Is there a renovation project that I wanted to get done? Move furniture. Lift weights. Strengthen and tone. You don’t want to push yourself (or others!) to the point of anger, exhaustion or injury; but this transit can also be a strong motivator for restorative change and transformation, even if it does take a certain amount of pain and exertion to do so.

Neptune Stations Direct

Charity; Human Rights Causes; Animal Rights; the Environment; Compassion; Big Dreams; Hope; Huge and Epic works of Art; Surrendering to your muse; surrendering to your Art; Transcendence; Finding a Spiritual Community of Friends

Planets are always stronger when they station and linger on a single degree. With Neptune you might want to pay attention to your dreams; we are also more prone to intuitive flashes of insight; or an increase in sensory perception; as well as an increase in sensitivity, compassion and understanding. Neptune can also be all wonky, bringing confusion, delirium, intoxication and deception. So you will want to watch out for that nonsense as well. However, for the past 5 months that Neptune has been retrograde, hopefully we’ve been getting in touch with our own inner higher vibrational Neptune: our ‘Higher Self’; that which we associate with Spirit; those things that make our lives most meaningful; our imagination and ideals; our dreams. Through Neptune we cultivate these ideals and dreams; and then try to allow them to permeate our daily lives. And that’s what the Direct station of Neptune is about: putting some of those higher ideals and inspirations into practice and application.

As Neptune stations Direct this year it will also be trine magnificent and magnanimous Jupiter. Jupiter makes things even larger, more expansive, and invested with potential. In this weather we are being asked to pay attention to our dreams; make our ideals a closer reality; and have faith in our core beliefs and values. There is a sense of spiritual destiny when these two collude. They resonate with: spiritual ideals and spiritual communities; causes; concerns for those who are otherwise silenced, disenfranchised or abandoned. What does it mean to live a life of compassion? of meaning? This transit will repeat again in May and August of 2018, so there are several windows here that we can take advantage of. Great strides can be made with this transit to cultivate insight, intuition, the imagination or to further develop any spiritual, intuitive, healing or artistic gift. It can also be an opportunity to connect with those things and people that make our lives more meaningful and give them a deeper purpose.

The above image of a marching band is by Daniel Merriam

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