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The Tides of Humanity and Moons

Posted by Lauren on November 2, 2017 at 5:55 PM

November 3rd ~ 10th

I am the secret queen, Persephone. All tides are mine, and answer unto me. Tides of the airs, tides of the inner earth the silent secret tides of death and birth ~ Tides of men’s souls and dreams, and destiny ~ Isis veiled and Rhea, Binah, Ge. ~ Dion Fortune

Tonight’s (Friday) Full Moon in Taurus is a magical and mystical Moon of great potential. There are ancient truths woven into the tapestry of the thinning veil between the worlds with this Moon. As a result, we are able to channel meaning and understanding into our waking conscious lives. How can we take this magical wisdom that we call insight and intuition, and apply it to our everyday, mundane lives? It is possible to do so with this Moon. Full Moons are times of fruition, a time of receiving, and realization. Where New Moons are about seeding intentions, and new beginnings, Full Moons bring about the results of intentions and seeds planted in the past. Taurus is generally about practical things, with practical results. This is a Moon of common sense, and straightening out our priorities.

This Full Moon is exactly sextile Neptune, which is lurking in the hidden and mysterious sign of Pisces. Through Neptune combined with the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio, we should be able to channel sacred wisdom and personal insights handed down from ages long past. Jupiter still conjunct the Sun in Scorpio is showing us a better way, a better path to self-improvement and understanding. The answers are there, just waiting to be discovered. But in order to hear the messages we need, we are being asked to turn down the noise, not only in our environment, but in our own minds. This is because while Taurus is a sign of practical instinct and survival, Neptune often speaks to us softly in whispers, through our intuition, our hunches and our dreams. Therefore in order to receive your own practical message, turn down the noise, and tune in.

Taurus is a Venus sign. Venus, exactly opposite Uranus today, dares us to step outside of our usual ways of doing things, and recognize that you don’t have to keep doing things the way you have in the past. This understanding could arise through the example of others, or through some sort of unexpected surprise, that allows you to see things in this different light. Full Moons are times of fruition, and whatever you have been working on in order to promote more peace, security, serenity, or spirituality in your life; any habits that you have been trying to address; you should begin to see some results for those efforts. And what benefits you do receive now, should be an inspiration to stay the course.

What did you sow at the New Moon, and what seeds would you like to see brought to fruition Friday night? Venus, the ruling planet of the Taurus Full Moon, and the Libra New Moon of October 19th, is at the same degree of the New Moon, opposing creative, and illuminating Uranus. On October 19th, our New Moon Salon picked Inspirational Cards by Dr. Pinks. Here is the card I chose. May it come to fruition under the rays of this luminous Super Full Moon.

Let me touch

The depth of my soul

Now, God

~ Dr. Patricia Pinks

We must overcome.. all forms of racism. The problem of intolerance should be dealt with as a whole: every time a minority is persecuted and marginalized.. the good of the whole society is in danger. ~ Pope Francis

On Thursday Saturn made an exact square to Chiron. I’ve written about this transit in previous posts. Saturn in Sagittarius brings up issues concerning travel, with immigration, with religions, with beliefs, and also about deeply held prejudices and fears of the ‘other’. Chiron through the square undermines these even further by sowing divisiveness, marginalization and scapegoating. Squares show us the things that we need to work on. They show us the consequences of destructive and self-defeating actions and behaviors. Squares show us that something needs to change.On Tuesday afternoon both the Sun and Moon were shining a light on this transit. 

Positively Saturn in Sagittarius challenges us to stand by our core beliefs and live up to our own moral standards, even under severe pressure to do otherwise. Chiron can also show us the ways that we can bridge the divide by sowing compassion and understanding, and realizing the truth that we are all interdependently united: that there truly is no “other”. New York expresses this so beautifully, with its various nationalities, prisms of color and voices. Everyone of every sort of background rubs elbows here, in the stores, on the streets, in the subways. We will never stoop so low as to demonize an entire group because of the actions of an individual. It simply cannot be. And so may it always be the way here.

As the Saturn/Chiron square is now going to be gradually separating, the Saturn/Uranus trine becomes stronger. Through this upcoming transit which is exact on November 11th, we hope to find resolution, insight and the solutions to our problems. It is a transit of practical change and adaptation. It is a transit that is associated with technological and innovative breakthroughs. It is also a transit that has to do with breakthroughs in society. This means daring to bring our goals, and our lives, more in alignment with our ideals, particularly those ideals that benefit a greater cause, whether that be for humanity, for civil rights, for earth justice or animal rights. It dares us to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. And so may it be.

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